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Peiec healing is a unique transformation and energy healing method pioneered by , spiritual leader, teacher, author, speaker and intuitive healer, Sandra J.

Peiec offers a uniquely potent set of tools for awakening and healing across the totality of Self. People have reported experiencing: Higher states of Consciousness , expansion of awareness,release from pain, sickness and illness. Direction, clarity, awareness and a deeper connection to their true purpose and an understanding of the beauty of who they are held in the deepest part of self. People have also had significant shifts in beliefs and thoughts by removing the ‘stuck’ feelings. People have reported a shift to calmness, happiness, a sense of well-being and joy.  The transformation in people are rapid and astounding. Allow yourself to experience health, peace, presence and purpose today.

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Peiec Healing is creating extraordinary transformation in people’s lives. Watch the videos now and find out how it can help you too.

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We are an organisation whose intent is to show others how to heal across all of self which in turn allows them to assist others to heal, including our four legged friends. Teaching techniques that are easy to use and learn and presented in a professional yet relaxed manner, our courses cater for people looking to delve deeply into their journey of healing and for those that are seeking to step into a professional space assist people to achieve health, peace, presence and purpose worldwide.


Perth 10th and 11th August
Brisbane 24th and 25th August
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Unlock Your Natural Healing Abilities, Activate Your Intuition and Become Your Own Healer


For further information and to register please visit www.peiecinternational.com or email us on info@peiecinternational.com
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1 day ago

Peiec Healing International

Forever shall I be in your heart
Forever shall I be by your side
Forever shall I place my hand in yours
Forever shall I show you the path
Forever shall I lead you to that place of calm
Forever shall I show you your beauty
Forever shall I hold your tears gently
Forever shall I hold you when you cry
Forever shall I take the pain that holds you bound
Forever shall I whisper the words of wisdom
Forever shall I walk with you
Forever shall I sit with you in silence
Forever shall I be your stillness

It is not only in those moments that you think of me
It is not only in those moments when you cry out in the night
It is not only in those moments that you yearn for the newness
It is not only in those moments when you stand in silence before me

It is in each breath you take
That I stand with thee
In each moment of the Now
In each moment with Core
In silence
In stillness
Asking you to wear the mantle that is yours
For in that moment when you look within and see yourself and see the divine
It is in that moment that life begins
It is in that moment that the all that I am becomes one with the all that is

The blessings given are beyond measure
They become a soft single pure note that has no beginning and no end
It is the beginning of the purity of life
It is in all and in all it is
It is
You are
Held in
Gentle hands
Of acceptance
The divine embrace

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2 days ago

Peiec Healing International

The children's meditation is nearly here..

Sandra J
It's nearly here ..the kids meditation "Everything is perfect".... We're looking forward to releasing it soon. There will be many more in this series featuring Zolyoth and Little One.

If you would be interested in purchasing a copy when it is released please let us know.

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We always get our workshop participants to take selfies over the course of our workshops. Most are surprised to see the changes in their faces over a period of 2 days.

As you start to heal the physical responds.

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