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Peiec healing is a unique transformation and energy healing method pioneered by , spiritual leader, teacher, author, speaker and intuitive healer, Sandra J.

Peiec offers a uniquely potent set of tools for awakening and healing across the totality of Self. People have reported experiencing: Higher states of Consciousness , expansion of awareness,release from pain, sickness and illness. Direction, clarity, awareness and a deeper connection to their true purpose and an understanding of the beauty of who they are held in the deepest part of self. People have also had significant shifts in beliefs and thoughts by removing the ‘stuck’ feelings. People have reported a shift to calmness, happiness, a sense of well-being and joy.  The transformation in people are rapid and astounding. Allow yourself to experience health, peace, presence and purpose today.

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Peiec Healing is creating extraordinary transformation in people’s lives. Watch the videos now and find out how it can help you too.

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We are an organisation whose intent is to show others how to heal across all of self which in turn allows them to assist others to heal, including our four legged friends. Teaching techniques that are easy to use and learn and presented in a professional yet relaxed manner, our courses cater for people looking to delve deeply into their journey of healing and for those that are seeking to step into a professional space assist people to achieve health, peace, presence and purpose worldwide.


"I had burning in my lungs...It felt like my skull was moving." Jennifer talks about her experience that she had with our founder Sandra J.

Join us on the following dates and change your life in 2 days !

10th and 11th AUGUST PERTH
24th and 25th AUGUST BRISBANE

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Peiec Healing International
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Peiec Healing International

The guidance that SandraJ J receives is not just about healing...Those of us that have been around SandraJ, as her journey has unfolded, have seen how she receives guidance. Not only within the teaching and healing space, but within the business space, for herself and others that work with her.

On this journey she receives chaneled guided messages as to how to move forward, is sometimes gently reminded to come back to what has been given, and now stands fully in that space of being guided. It is just amazing to watch.

We have asked SandraJ if we could share a snippet of one of the chaneled messages.

Here is part of one of the many received.

"The unfolding of all that will be will be in stages, each stage crafted to support the needs of those who stand with and to ensure that the needs are met and the desires held begin to unfold.

The giving of this information will be fluid and will be carried on other words and direction. What is to be seen is known and held in the abundance of all that is and will unfold as needed to unfold.

The deepening of your connection to and the willingness to open all of self to All that is carries the unfolding of what is to come.

The foundational stage of the business has begun and as such will continue to become as needed.

First there is the healings, in this there is understanding of how all works and flows, of the energy as it moves and carries all that is needed.

Now the Transformation Journeys have begun, this is a time of learning and understanding of the holding of the energy for others and the release, calm and healing that you walk in.

Of this understanding is given.

From this place the newness will begin to unfold.

What will grow will grow on the flow of the energy and the guidance given. Each step will be guided. If some say I have seen this, or I have been told that this shall be, heed the words with caution testing and measuring against what has been given and what is known. There will be some who will say they hear and see what must be, yet it is a yearning to do so, the hearing and seeing flow from the known experience of what was. Others will say I have seen and will be given in part a knowing of what will be. It will be in part as it is the actions and the becoming that is held for them in that moment of the business. Others will speak for the sake of speaking, for the wanting to be seen in that space of seeing and knowing.

In all things measure against what has been given to you and let it be in the agreement or rejection within self of what has been given by others.

Words and pictures and a flow of what will be has been given. Your asking for such has been heard.

When building and growing, the desire to pull people to be part of will be great. Wait for this to happen in the energetic. They will come to you, you do not need to seek them. They will be sent when the season is right and the skills and talents needed. You will know, trust that knowing.

It is the way that the structure of the business will reflect the layers in all that is created. As such those who work with will become part of the layering of the business, each holding a vibration that will resonate across all and with each."

For us, reading these reminds us that we too must learn to be open and ready so we are able to hear the guidance that we will be given for our own lives. We look forward to what lies ahead for all of us.

Many blessings
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If you had a choice, would you heal yourself from your limitations and step into your abundance?

An abundance that will bring a peace and presence? SandraJ will teach you how to change your inner world and help you connect to the future you desire.

Perth 10th and 11th August
Brisbane 24th and 25th August
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Peiec Healing International
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