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Peiec healing is a unique transformation and energy healing method pioneered by , spiritual leader, teacher, author, speaker and intuitive healer, Sandra J.

Peiec offers a uniquely potent set of tools for awakening and healing across the totality of Self. People have reported experiencing: Higher states of Consciousness , expansion of awareness,release from pain, sickness and illness. Direction, clarity, awareness and a deeper connection to their true purpose and an understanding of the beauty of who they are held in the deepest part of self. People have also had significant shifts in beliefs and thoughts by removing the ‘stuck’ feelings. People have reported a shift to calmness, happiness, a sense of well-being and joy.  The transformation in people are rapid and astounding. Allow yourself to experience health, peace, presence and purpose today.

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Peiec Healing is creating extraordinary transformation in people’s lives. Watch the videos now and find out how it can help you too.

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We are an organisation whose intent is to show others how to heal across all of self which in turn allows them to assist others to heal, including our four legged friends. Teaching techniques that are easy to use and learn and presented in a professional yet relaxed manner, our courses cater for people looking to delve deeply into their journey of healing and for those that are seeking to step into a professional space assist people to achieve health, peace, presence and purpose worldwide.


8 hours ago

Peiec Healing International

So much has happened since this video was recorded. So much healing has taken place. Krystle Lavorgna and Sandra J have changed so much. Krystle was the first person ever to be 'layered. She went to see Sandra J for some muscle release due to back pain from a chest infection and left without the cough... you gotta be happy with that 🙂

Peiec Healing International
Chest infection...gone
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11 hours ago

Peiec Healing International

Sandra J talks about the next FREE healing event and what happens in that space. She also talks about her global vision ... See MoreSee Less

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One of the things that we love about our student group is our closed Facebook group. It is where students can ask questions and put shout outs for support or help when it is needed. No matter where you are located help is only one phone or Skype or zoom call away. No matter where you are in the world , you are not alone on your journey of healing and awakening.

Recently one of our students asked for assistance with her 96 old mother who was going into surgery for a mastectomy. She put a shout out for assistance and many students answered her call.

In these times we seem to have lost our sense of community and connection and what we have found is that there is, more so than ever before, a deep desire and such a need for support, understanding, nurturing and compassion from others that understand you. That hold you in a gentle embrace without judgment.

The more we heal , the more we desire to give to others. But it is not from a place of a need for ourselves but from a place of wisdom that we will assist others to walk the path to wholeness.

Fay writes..

"My family including my mum wish to thank Sandra, Krystle & all the Rockhampton group for your love, support & healing with my mum going through her breast cancer. She had a mastectomy last Wednesday at the ripe old age of almost 96.

My family, friends & relatives are blown away at how mum has come through her operation.. doctors & staff are gob smacked (as my sister put it)how positive mum is & how well she has come through the op & is recuperating.

Jan as well, for doing her layers as she was going into surgery. Mum said she had no fear and she was so calm even when she was laying on the table.

Doctor said the surgery was straight forward one breast & one lymph node removed & used light anesthetic.. results came back yesterday... lymph node has no cancer & it was all contained within the breast taken.

To be a part of the Peiec family & see how loved ones can be helped & healed is a God send.
Thank you "

If you would like to learn how to start taking your first steps into the newness then head over to the website and watch some of the videos testimonials.

Our 2 day immersion into peace,presence and purpose are on the following dates and locations

Scotland 22nd and 23rd June
Perth 10th and 11th Aug
Brisbane 25th and 25th Aug

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14 hours ago

Peiec Healing International

SandraJ tries to put it into words...what a journeyI often get asked..what do you feel, what do you experience..so I've tried to put it into words...

Here I sit ...at 1.30 in the morning....heat coursing through my body which then rapidly shifts to cold. It keeps switching as energy pours through me like I'm being held under a waterfall. It's like I can feel every cell in my body. The vibration running along every nerve and into my brain. My body twitches as different areas open to receive what is being given. My breathing..well...it's there..somewhere...

I am held in an upright position , yet I do not feel myself to be sitting. I feel a pressure in my eyes. It builds until it spreads to the spot between my eyebrows where my gaze has been directed. The pressure dissipates as the expansion increases. I am told to become more aware as I write.

I am the walls, yet I am not. I am the chair, yet I am not. I am the moth, yet I am not. I am the trees , yet I am not , I am the wind , yet I am not. I am the hill, yet I am not . I am the fox, yet I am not.

I am the stillness and the silence, I am the essence of the breath of life. As it all expands I feel the familiar pulse, the pulse of the earth. It is a comfort. It is as though the earth speaks , a deep resonance that fills all that choose to hear.

I do not feel my body , yet I write. I feel an expansiveness , an electricity that shoots upwards. It flows out and up and I know where the flow is heading. It has work to do. To bring healing and awakening to others. To those that have connected and are walking the same path. To those that think they are not enough. To those that think they are less than. To those that think they are not heard. To those that stand in the background. It flows to all and to all it will flow.

I am not sure how long it has been but I return with an awareness of my body. The all too familiar vibration and electrical charge. There is such a peace , such a beauty and stillness that it brings me to tears. I wish I was able to show people what they receive in this space. What is being given. That they are cherished and loved and held in reverence. That our connection , our becoming whole is not a hobby, a favourite past time , that when things get hard we lay it down and come back to it later.

We are being held in every moment and in every moment we are being given an opportunity to become whole. To unlock it within you. All you need to do is open your eyes. It is right infront of you. It is being held out in an open hand filled with grace.

And as I sit , shivering, as the body absorbs and adjusts I pray that more will see and understand. That more will bring their divine connection to this world that holds so much sadness, fear , hurt and anger. For we do not have time. What has been given has been give to us to heal now, so that we can be the change.

I give thanks for all that I have been given, for all that I am to be given. At times the loneliness is great. To take every day as shown with little acknowledgment or thanks is at times tough. Not that I need it , but at times it feels like I can't do enough. More so when the body is tired or when I am asked to do just one more thing and then another and then another

But every day I am asked to take the next step and give more and so I do. And on days when it gets too much and I just want to walk away and become a monk I think of all of you and why we all are here and why I am here. That it's not about me , it's about the all of us. As one.

And as my body starts to settle from the shivering the room fills with a white light and I am held in an embrace and I hear the voice.....

"Little one, it is in this moment that all is given , it is in the next that all will be given. To stand in the space of not knowing is the space of being, where wisdom flows, where the hand of grace touches your cheek. Another day dawns, a new breath is given. See into the beyond and now take the next step."

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For Registration forms and further information please visit www.peiecinternational.com
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