Welcome to Peiec® Energy Medicine

Discover the powerful energy healing method that people are calling the missing link which provides a unique approach to living a life filled with inner peace and stillness, regardless of changing conditions worldwide.

The peiec journey is for those that seek the deep healing of self, for those that have always known that they have a healing gift but don’t quite know what to do with it or for healers, coaches, allied health professionals and bodyworkers who want to amplify their healing power, calm the mind, quickly and easily releases physical & emotional pain, and raise energetic vibration and consciousness. Peiec transforms lives in order for us to live with good health, happiness, true fulfillment, deep peace and higher states of consciousness.


Designed for people who want to dive into this extraordinary new practice and utilize Peiec’s healing wisdom for their own and their client’s mental, physical and emotional healing.


Peiec® Energy Medicine is a revolutionary method that offers rapid and sustainable life-changing results.

Peiec® is an energy healing method that facilitates the quick, gentle and deeply effective release of emotional and physical difficulties arising from past experiences, resulting in long-lasting transformation of the body, mind and spirit.

By commencing your transformation journey with peiec® today, you will learn incredibly powerful yet simple techniques to shift your self and others into a more balanced and healthy state of being.

You will learn to shift and release the emotional and intellectual attachment to previous events, situations and trauma, creating increased peace and calm within your self and your life circumstances.

Anandi Sano teaches that we are all born with infinite abundance that is being held for us. However the unhealed energetic parts of us affect our ability to consistently access that abundance, causing difficulties and dissatisfaction in our everyday reality.

As challenging life experiences and associated responses occur, we shut ourselves down in an attempt to manage these, inadvertently losing touch with the health, happiness, success and peace that is our birthright.

Peiec® offers a path of healing those energetic parts, and allowing you to find and maintain deep peace, inner calm and gentleness within every aspect of your self and life.

No previous experience is required in order to start on your peiec® journey. 

With additional support and in-person or virtual training days available, all peiec® programs are designed to provide you with the highest quality learning experience and accessible guidance and support.

An ever-increasing number of professionals, coaches, business owners, healers, therapists and entrepreneurs are undertaking the peiec® journey, and recognising the opportunity to assist their family, friends, clients or patients to achieve greater success and meaning within both their personal and professional lives.

The accessibility and effectiveness of peiec® Energy Medicine has already created rapid and significant change for a wide range of individuals, including lawyers, nurses, accountants, business owners, teachers, tradespeople, CEOs, parents, and allied health professionals, such as social workers and physiotherapists.

Our program fulfils the standards, accreditation and membership required by the relevant association and professional insurance bodies


Whether you want to go on a journey of self healing,  train as a practitioner or turbocharge your existing practice, modalities or qualifications, Peiec® training provides you with a very powerful set of skills, allowing you to independently create life-changing results. With students around the world such as Australia, Scotland, UK, USA, Germany , Brazil, Malaysia and others, Peiec is establishing itself as the the missing link in healing and complements complementary and allied health modalities

Peiec® enables you to create significant transformation for you, other people and even animals, who also experience the five energetic layers of self.

Some of our students go on to undertake our peiec® practitioner Level 1 certification as a self-healing venture and some choose to become a certified peiec® practitioner in order for them to assist themselves others on their journey. Either way, peiec® Energy Medicine allows for the gentle release of negative attachments and past trauma associated with people, situations and events – without the need to delve into the ‘story’ of what has occurred.

Peiec® is truly unique in its ability to create balance, harmony and increasing awareness within the body, mind, and spirit.



Our powerhouse program for transformation. Our 6-month access program is a must for all those who are looking for the ultimate in your own healing and transformation or whether you want to train as a practitioner or turbocharge your existing practice or qualifications