Higher states of consciousness,
expansion of awareness

Greater direction, clarity,
awareness and a deeper
connection to your true pupose

A shift to calmness, happiness, a
sense of well-being and joy.
Awaken to health, peace,
presence and purpose

Meet Anandi Sano

Anandi Sano is the founder of peiec healing, the peiec approach and peiec bodywork and is both teacher and spiritual leader whose purpose is to create a worldwide community that can transition to higher levels of consciousness, quickly and gently and live in health, peace, presence and true fulfillment. Anandi Sano has been shown that this is truly possible.

After spending a year healing herself from pain, anxiety and PTSD using what she had been shown by Source/God, Anandi Sano was instructed to teach others what had been given. Anandi continues to receive guided teachings and messages and as her understanding deepens so do the teachings.

Anandi Sano brings the possibility of Self-realization into the here and now. She provides you with an invitation to move into presence, and ultimately, to liberation. The most important benefits you will receive from her is her state of peace and presence and exposure to the light of Source/God.

It is found in Anandi’s teachings, videos, music and emanates from her human form. Through exposure to the divine light, your system learns how to attune with it. Through her events, courses, retreats, music, healings, teachings and sessions, Anandi Sano brings a raised consciousness, awareness and activation of healing and personal transformation.

She is able to transmit and bring clarity, healing, peace, focus, direction, alignment and the integration of the totality of Self, creating deep and profound quantum shifts in those around her.

Read Anandi’s Story

“To truly walk in purpose you must first show empathy to self, to allow forgiveness to flow and to accept the beauty that is you.”



Anandi Sano records her sacred vocal sound healing music for the enlightenment of all beings. Every track created is purely her voice as she sits deep within Source space allowing whatever needs to come  through to flood the divine light of Source out into the world. You can use this recording daily allowing the energy of the piece to carry you beyond your usual boundaries to a space of silence and inner peace. You can also just leave it playing softly in the background of daily life and before sleep, purifying the energy in your space, infusing it with the sacred sound vibration. The sounds and energy will wash through your being transforming us on all levels. This mp3 is a 30 minute  track.


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