I think one of the loneliest and self-confronting places you can stand in is your own business. The drive, the urgency, the things that must be done, are never ending. It has been one of those weeks for me, where overwhelm and urgency has been strong and demanding. Moments where, if you were looking for me, check the lost and found. If you find me, slap a ‘return to sender’ sticker on my forehead.

Overwhelm is not a healthy space to remain in. It feeds stress, challenges the emotions, disconnects us from the energetic creative space, and we shut down from those who support and care. It is then we feel the pain, the tiredness, and the heaviness in the body.

It is those moments of overwhelm, that the reason why we do and holding tightly to staying in and on purpose sustains us. It is a place that moves past the intellect, the beliefs, thoughts and understanding that we hold, to the deep inner place of the core of who we are. From that place we rest in the ‘why’, easing the urgency and bringing balance to what we do.

Often the doing, the busyness, the demands of others becomes greater than the truth of what needs to be done. To remind ourselves of the reason for all the ‘doing’ can calm the urgency. It does not remove all that must be done, it bathes all of self, calming the emotions, stilling the thoughts, and connecting energetically. The emotional swings, the tiredness that consumes, the creative thoughts and the urgency to do, are measured against the reason for why we are doing what we are doing.

If we are true to who we uniquely are, to the inner purpose that is greater than the intellectual thought or belief around what we do, there is clarity and focus.

It is then we see the light that has cast the shadows, and we can change our focus and do all that we do in the purity of the purpose that flows though us and sustains us.