That is a question I often ask myself when I look at our business.

What is it that makes a business unique?

You do.

It is all that you are, all that you know, and all that you will become, which moves you from different to unique.

Different brings with it a negative thought and energy at times. Different is not always seen as something to strive for. To be the same as, to be comparative to, is often the place we seek in business. This is a ‘less than’ place. It is a thought or belief that can constrict and withhold, keeping you and all you desire to be, held in ‘less than’.

Embracing the totality of who we are, and walking in the uniqueness of who we are is not always easy. It brings with it its own challenges. Often these are the words and actions of others. Questioning, prodding and poking, making assumptions and judgements, based on their own fears and unwillingness to embrace the uniqueness of who they are.

It may be that you are not unique in the actions you perform, however, your uniqueness comes from the reason why you do what you do, all that you are, the beauty that is in you. It is what sets you apart from everyone else who is in the same business or providing the same product or service.

At times we can feel a push pull between the who we are when we are not ‘doing business’, and the professional person we become when we step into our business persona. Aligning both brings balance, calmness and direction, moving you to a place of acceptance, a place of understanding and openness to be truly in and on purpose.

Unique is beautiful.

Unique is filled with the energetic purpose of who you are.

Unique is not swayed by the words or actions of others.

Unique is creative, empowered, and carried on empowered thought.

To be unique is to honour self, and to value all that you are.

To be unique in your business space is to allow all of who you are to be seen.