You are the grace that follows. These words were spoken to me after the death of my partner. Words that had little meaning at the time, words that were consumed in the pain and sorrow of the moment. Earlier this month they were said again. A reminder of a ‘life moment’ where the words were lost.

So this week I took time to consider the words, to seek understanding of the deeper meaning.

The word Grace holds its own energy and vibration, it is filled with beauty, carrying a message of inner peace, of substance of actions and thoughts empowered with a gentle giving and receiving. When I considered this thought in relation to what we teach in our business, the emotion began to rise. We teach people to heal and accept the totality of self. In healing it is all of self that is healed. So often we consider healing to be a physical need, yet it goes deeper and involves our emotion and intellect, the energetic part of who we are the very core of self.

To become the grace that follows the life moment that has moved you to a place of sorrow or despair, fear or loss, is to live in a moment of total acceptance. Of healing and release, of embracing all that has been and letting it go so that you can step into all that is being held for you.

That moment of understanding empowers the thoughts, actions and words with an energy that is gentle and filled with a compassionate purpose that flows from the core of you. The essence of you, the beauty that is you, the total energetic being of all that is you connected to all that is outside of you. That, is the grace that follows.

It is being afraid, yet not walking in fear.

It is knowing weakness, yet, allowing that weakness to become your strength.

It is feeling alone, yet never walking in a place of isolation.

It is the tears and the sorrow, wrapped in compassion and freely allowed to flow to another.

It is the belief that you are all that you need to be in any moment.

The standing in the trueness of self, allowing the raw emotions to flow, so that healing can begin.

Grace is a subtle strength wrapped in beauty and carried in all that you are. It is beyond words, a knowing, a seeing, a touch, a look that carries the beauty that is within you.

To become the grace that follows, is to become greater than the life moment that threatens to take from you all that is you.