I think one of the hardest things to do as a business owner, is to do what I teach others to do. For some reason it is easier to see what others need, and be blinded to what I need. I am truly blessed to have a business partner who is not afraid to ask the hard questions. To challenge when I need challenging and to gently guide and redirect when I need guidance and redirection.

The biggest challenge is to fully embrace the thought that I am my business, and my business is me. To consider what I believe, and that my values and my thoughts are reflected in my business is a little overwhelming.

The truth is, if I am standing in a place of ‘less than’, then, my business is in a place of ‘less than.’

If I am restricting my connection energetically, then all that I do is restricted energetically. If I am withholding what I need to nurture and care for me, I am doing the same to my business.

To begin to walk in the thought that you are your business, and your business is you, is the beginning of acceptance, and from that acceptance flows change. It is in the acceptance of the totality of self, all that we are, the skills the talents, the values and the beliefs, that we can begin to change and grow.

As we move in the total acceptance of self, significant change moves through our business.

We begin to see all that we do as an extension of self, a connection to all that we are, and the purpose we walk in. This flows in the way we connect and communicate, the engagement we have with those we work with. Emotionally there is balance, the highs and lows, the uncertainty, the feelings of ‘less than’ begin to release. Our thoughts are empowering, seeking understanding and knowledge that support what we do and who we are. Energetically our connection to all that is, is heightened, and our purpose flows through all that we do.

It is then our business reflects who we are, it is no longer ‘a thing’ we do, it becomes the expression of the ‘why’, the purpose that fills and feeds us.