A few months ago, my business partner said to me; ‘speak your truth’. The conflicting emotions at the time I heard those words ranged from anger, to confusion, to surprise, followed by thoughts that were far from supportive.

The words cut deeply, and it has taken some time for them to settle and for me to see them in their purity.

The truth we speak is so often the words of others. It is their beliefs, thoughts, and ideals about who we are and how we should be.

The speaking of your truth is found in the essence of who you are. The inner you, untouched by the actions or words of others, or smothered in the disappointment or restricted beliefs of what is in the moment.

And yet, it is in those moments when we need comfort, to be held and hold, to feel encouraged and bathed in the acceptance of another, that the words we speak to our-self do not hold the truth. They become a weapon, used to inflict pain, to reinforce the lack, the desire, the need, and continue to withhold the healing and release craved.

To speak your truth is to speak the truth of who you in those moments. It is the understanding that you are more than all that is felt, that you are greater than the moment stealing from you what you desire.

The speaking of your truth is the beauty of the inner you, perfect, without flaw, not held to account by the actions or words of others.

The purity of truth is held in the purity of you, and the depth of all that is you.

It is the words spoken when your heart is broken and the tears threaten to consume. It is the gentle whisper of hope that wraps around you when disappointment steals the joy. Your truth is the thought that sustains you when all other thoughts conflict and confuse. It is the comfort, the hope, the belief, the fullness of you without restraint or contradiction.

It is the truth of your purpose, you why, your reason for being, not your reason for doing.

The purity of speaking your truth.

How beautiful are those words.