True confession time.

Over the past months I have let go all that is familiar, expected and comfortable. In doing that, my life has taken some dramatic turns, and I am experiencing something new every day. I had one of those ‘new experiences’, a moment of clarity and understanding.

A moment of truth …. the more I tried to be what others expected and believed was right for me, the more I lied.

I lied to myself, and to the purpose that is uniquely mine to work in.

I have to say this realisation was not pleasant. It was not comfortable or easy to accept. Yet the more time I gave the thought to settle, the more I began to understand that, that when we stand in a place where all we do is done to placate the needs or expectations of others, we lie to our self. We withhold the truth of who we are, and the beauty of who we are. We do not honour who we are, or the purpose that is ours to walk in.

It is a place of ‘less than.’

We walk in ‘less than’ who we are.

When we walk in a ‘less than’ place in regard to who we are, the acceptance or recognition of others becomes ‘greater than’ the purpose we walk in. From this place we walk in a lie. We use words to justify, calming the inner turmoil, so that we walk the day with some ease and sense of purpose and clarity.

In doing this, we lie to our truth, the truth of who we are, and the purpose we hold, holding on to the belief that what we are doing is necessary. Needful, in that, we must do what we must do, and accept what we must accept.

It is in this place of action and belief, we stand in ‘less than.’

The abundance that is held for us becomes ‘less than.’ We cannot see past the moment we are in, and we cannot see what is being held for us.

To step from that place, to recognise the lie, and the ‘trying’ that holds us in the ‘less than’ place frees us to move in our purpose. When we move in purpose, free from the expectations and beliefs and constraints of others, we being to release all that is being held in that energetic space.

It is in that moment, when we stop trying, still our thoughts and actions, and accept the totality of who we are, that we begin to move in all that we are.