How often have we considered the power of our words and the words of others?

For me words hold a beauty and synergy that is a joy to play with. As a writer, words are part of me, they express the inner me, the thoughts and beliefs of my characters, and drive the dialogue.

Within my business, words have the power to heal and to release, to build and create, to restore and rebuild.

Seven powerful words were spoken to me… ‘I am going to treat you …now’. These words changed my life, released years of illness, of pain and beliefs that held me bound in a place of ‘less than’. A place that was barren, alone, and without hope.

They also created something new.

A newness in me, and a business that is dynamic and built around the power of words and actions that bring healing and restoration.

Our words are powerful, they can resonate with life and the fullness of all that is, or they can take from us the very thing we desire.

The spoken word holds power. It is energetically connected to the one speaking and to the one being spoken to. The words and energy connect, to create, destroy, rebuild, tear down, or cause harm, and yet, the sound and tone of our words can encourage our body to health and healing.

Words can create ‘less than’ moments for ourselves and for those around us. So our words need to take us to a place of ‘greater than’, where we speak words that pull us above all that we see and believe or that hold us bound in a place that does not feed the inner self.

Physically, words heal and release the body, and from this place we can allow the body to truly live.

Emotionally, words carry the balm that soothes the fear and calms the uncertainty.

Intellectually, words hold truth and wisdom that equip us to walk in our purpose.

Energetically, words connect to all that is, entwining with all that we are.

From the essence of the inner you, words carry all of you.