PauseDid you know that Stress is the second most common cause of workplace compensation claims in Australia, after manual handling?Again and again, I’m amazed by our culture’s obsession with how much we can do, and how quickly we can get it all done. It’s not only stressing us out, but it’s affecting our health on every level. From heart disease and hypothyroidism to Type 2 diabetes and plain old fatigue, stress can play a huge role in disease.

More and more healthcare practitioners are encouraging patients to slow down, hit the “pause” button, or to have a little fun because these breaks are essential to good health. Taking a moment to pause can change heart rhythms, relax muscles, and improve immunity, to name a few benefits. What I find so amazing is that the body can and will respond favourably to the moments we find in life to pause. Taking a deep breath, stopping to listen to a favourite song, or just lying flat on the grass to check in with your body are all ways to send your mind and body the message to restore. And I promise these moments will pay off for your health and wellness.

Have a wonderful and safe day.