Flip180life facilitates change and transformation so that you can walk in your purpose, your ‘why’. This is the purpose that sustains you, and allows you to live freely in all that is uniquely you.

Sandra J and Rochelle facilitate healing, restoration and rebuilding that leads to change and transformation, personally and professionally.

Key Areas;

Understanding your purpose personally and/or professionally;

Knowing your purpose, the reason why you do what you do, can be life changing. It is purpose that feeds the inner you, fuels your passion, and directs your actions. When you can recognise and accept your purpose, you are able to step into a place that truly supports the uniqueness of who you are. This is liberating and exciting, and gives you the ‘why’ that can change your business, your relationships, and your life.

Development and Growth;

In understanding the way you personally interpret information, situations, words, and experiences, and how they affect you on the five layers – physical, emotion, intellect, energetic (or intuitive) and core – will give you insight, and a practical tool you can apply to bring change and growth.

Some of the key areas we support in are, communication, relationships and connections and overcoming a particular life stress moment or trauma.

Working In Your Creative Energetic Space;

Sandra J and Rochelle offer one-on-one sessions to help you understand your energetic connection or intuitiveness, and how to fine tune, work with, and allow that connection to flow in your personal and business life.

Energy Healing

If you would like to meet with Sandra J and Rochelle for a healing session, please contact info@flip180.com.au


Flip180life offers TPA Mentor Program  for, start-ups, small business owners, managers, executives and entrepreneurs. Assisting, educating and supporting you with defining and understanding your vision, stepping into your purpose, and strategies for change and transformation, both personally and professionally.

How do we do this?

To explain ‘the how’ this is achieved we need to take some time to understand why flip180life was created and the two people behind its creation.

It could be said that the way Sandra J and Rochelle met, was a random chance meeting. A couple of weeks after their first meeting, Sandra J spoke these words ‘I am going to treat you…now’.

Those words changed everything.

For Rochelle it was the release of years of pain and chronic fatigue, sadness, grief, and the sense of loss that settled so deeply, and the breaking through of the resistance that clouded her purpose.

For Sandra J, it was the beginning of stepping into her true purpose and embracing fully the energetic connection that she walked in.

Their meeting was no random chance; it was the catalyst for the new, for both to truly walk in the creative energetic space that is uniquely theirs. The desire to connect, to be in touch with a greater power had been a constant for both, however it had been a constant that was hidden from others and at times from themselves. It is in the surrendering and opening to receive all that is to receive; healing, knowledge, understanding, direction, light, love, purity and truth; flow the essence of the flip180life.

Sandra J is an energy intuitive healer, she has intuitiveness and an energetic connection that guides and flows to release, to heal and restore, and to bring balance and direction.

Rochelle has intuitiveness and ability to see and understand what is holding someone bound or ‘stuck’ in the place they are in.

Together the connection is intense and one that heals, restores and rebuilds.

Together they have written several books. The process for writing has been unique, and cannot be compared to what we would consider ‘channelling’. It has been a collaborative process where one or both have received ‘downloads’ of information, words or understanding. Typically Sandra J ‘holds’ the energy and runs the flow of energy to Rochelle, who then writes what is released to her. The writing part, is quick, and words flow without thought and effort when Rochelle opens to the energy and the ‘download’.

What they have learned and continue to learn is that healing, restoration and rebuilding of self is needed across the whole of self. That is; physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic/intuitive, and the core of self. In each ‘layer’ we hold pain, suffering, trauma, beliefs and thoughts, and those things that restrict and restrain from being true to who we are and expressing our true self in the creative energetic space. Once we release, calm or change those thoughts and beliefs on the layers, there is a dynamic shift that allows healing, growth and transformation.

Sandra J and Rochelle work one-on-one, in group workshops , seminars and provide motivational speaking.