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Health and Safety is the story about how you can create transformation for your business, employees, customers, clients and visitors.

As a business owner you know deep down that you’re different and yet you still have a hard time making those changes that you desire in your business. In this problem you are not alone. One of the biggest challenges facing every business owner is understanding how to create change in your business culture and make and embed ideas that resonate with your employees, customers, and clients . We have no shortage of ideas and plans, but we often struggle to find the time, the resources and perhaps are not quite sure just where to start.

The difference between a good H&S culture and a successful H&S culture is context—the understanding about who your H&S processes and strategies are for, what you and your employees really want deep down and why they will care about this more than that. We spend most of our time trying to make people care about a company’s systems and processes, when we should be trying to create systems & processes that people will want to use.

I’m Sandra J and I lead Health and Safety organisational change in a holistic manner and I will assist you to tap into the core of your business, to uncover you and your employees’ unique abilities to create change and to show you how that translates to value for your business and your people. I want to illustrate to you how to make H&S something that your people will value so that you don’t have to work so hard to try and make your people value your business and health and safety.

I work with clients who want to make a change and stand out to their employees, customers and clients —the kind of people who care enough to create ideas, innovations and businesses that people want to work for and believe in.

If you are a company or business leader that wants to excel and who believes that their employees are their most important resource then I can help you create a healthier and safer workplace that makes a difference. Together we’re going to give your employees, clients and customers a reason to care and build your reputation in industry.

People often ask me as to why I am so passionate about people and their wellbeing. Well it has always been there, but it was certainly magnified during my time as a Paramedic…and yes I did see some horrible things. But what has stuck with me over all these years is how deeply people are affected by trauma and accidents and how so many of the accidents that I attended could have been avoided. I can’t even count the number of times I was tending to a patient in the back of the ambulance who said that they had undertaken a certain activity in a certain way for the last 10 years and “nothing has ever happened” …well it is in that instant , that “one” time that your life changes, forever. Those previous 10 years disappear and you only have the NOW to face up to. Maybe you won’t even be there to face the future but will leave reminders for your loved ones.

My desire to see a halt to these senseless accidents pushed my career into the direction of Occupational Health and Safety and I was lucky enough to spend a number of years as a Senior Inspector with WorkSafe (the OSH regulatory agency in WA) where I had exposure to Heavy haulage, Logistics, Aviation, Rail, Maritime ,Wholesale, Retail, various Manufacturing and Construction Industries and other industries.

It was interesting to see the other side of the coin and provided me with a unique set of skills. Instead of saving lives I was managing, coordinating and undertake highly sensitive and complex investigations of fatalities, traumatic accidents and serious incidents and preparing prosecution reports. Instead of medical advice I was providing high quality advice and complex regulatory and technical information, in respect of OSH legislation and relevant standards.

Instead of attending workplaces, sites and homes to attend to the injured and ill, I was attending workplaces to conduct inspections and identifying issues to improve OSH performance and applying these findings to businesses and industry sectors.

Following my time at WorkSafe I then had the desire to use my knowledge and skills to lead and implement changes in the Private sector. I was able to achieve this through holding senior Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) leadership positions within large multinational organisations.

I now advise, consult with and speak to companies, start-ups, business leaders, business owners and employees helping them to build their H&S capability and vision, one that helps them to matter to their employees , clients and customers and gain recognition in their market.

I believe that great businesses are founded on respect and the truth and that good leadership is the art of creating a culture that moves people to act. Health and safety strategies, systems and processes should no longer be used as a tactic used to sell compliance. It should be about finding ways to create understanding, connectedness and meaning and making people feel something, rather than making them do what you want them to do in the short term.

You could spend your time working out how to make people act in any given moment or you could think about how you would like to make them feel about your business, their co-workers and themselves in the long run. This will create change.

The way I work is about listening , respecting, connecting and understanding people first and understanding the symbiotic relationship between the body, mind and business. Flip180 was brought about to provide holistic Health, Safety and Wellness services to businesses and my team of Holistic H&S Partners will care about the quality of your Work Life: Your Body, Mind & Business .

How we can work together

If you are starting a new project, growing your business or need someone to assist you to stay relevant in a shifting marketplace then please get in touch




Steve Rhodes

Steve is one of our Safety Partners and has previously worked with Sandra at WorkSafe WA, originally in the role of Inspector, Senior Inspector and for the final three years as the Manager of the Transport, Wholesale & Retail team. With a background in the heavy transport industry he was engaged in 2002 to manage the introduction of fatigue management regulations under Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) legislation, although the role also encompassed the duties of an Inspector As a Senior Inspector he was responsible for investigating complex issues, serious accidents and fatalities, and experienced the exasperation of dealing with the legal process relating to breaches of legislation.

Prior to his move to WA Government, Steve became involved in workplace safety during a 21 year career with Air BP, which is the aviation wing of BP Australia. During the last six years with Air BP he was responsible for conducting Health Safety & Environment (HSE) audits and providing training at country airports and mine sites throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Steve’s relationship with the Heavy Vehicle Transport Industry was re-ignited a few years ago when he ventured into the Safety Consultancy field and focused on Safety Management within that industry. His knowledge of the industry and the many associated problems was further advanced whilst working with an Eastern states Company with extensive experience with Chain of Responsibility legislation, including the problems encountered over the past ten years.

As a result Steve has combined his understanding of Workplace Safety in the Transport Industry with his awareness what the forthcoming Chain of Responsibility Regulations will mean for the industry in Western Australia. If your business is associated in anyway with transport, either as a consignor or receiver of goods, transport operator or sub-contractor he will be able to assist you with compliance with the OSH Act and the WA Road Transport Act.

Claire Kennedy

Claire has extensive practical knowledge and skills that have developed as a result of varied experience working in construction, mining, oil and gas and related safety and training fields.

With over 20 years’ experience, Claire brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the safety and training sector with employment experience both nationally and internationally within the resources sector and other high-risk industries. Claire’s ‘hands on’ experience is complemented by her background as a Health, Safety and Environmental Regulator.

Claire’s expertise stems from a practical knowledge around the psychology of why people engage in risk-taking behaviours, the critical nature of effective supervision and engagement with a workforce to bring about positive change.

Claire’s skill as a consultant and training professional is adapted to any environment experiencing challenges, ones that require improvement or simply to enhance the progress that an organisation is already making in the safety and training field. Claire’s commitment to the safety and training industry, achievements and successes reflect her ability to work with all levels of an organisation and apt ability to bring about cultural change through effective design, development and implementation of safety and training programs.