Your life and business connected to the purity of all

that is you and Source.

Calmness, Happiness, Release, Purpose, Success, Prosperity, Health and Wholeness


The messages we receive from Source are clear

You don’t need to stay ‘stuck’

Everything you need you already have

Live without the struggle

Release thoughts and beliefs that lower your vibration

Create the abundance and prosperity that you desire.

Deepen your connection to Source.

Create the future where you get to be, do and have whatever you desire.

Be in Silence and Stillness and the energy that flows from Source. This is where prosperity and abundance lives.



Staying stuck robs you of truly living.

‘Life flows from Source, it is held in the abundance of all that is, it is beyond understanding. Life is the pure exchange of energy, the holding of energy in the physical, the expression of energy in all that is done, felt, thought, and believed.Life is Source flowing freely, without restraint’. (Messages from Source).

You could say, staying ‘stuck’ costs you life.

What We Offer

Rochelle & SandraJ, linking hands with you and Source will walk beside you on this journey, deepening your connection to Source and the abundance that is being held for you.

There are several stepping stones available for your business or personal journey, each are tailored to whatever you need to come home to all that is you.

One-on-one healings for a specific ailment or immediate release from pain or the need for clarity and direction, are available as part of your journey.

It is important to note, to continue your journey and to awaken and embrace all of who you are and connect fully to Source, it is recommended that you consider the three month program.

Your Personal Journey

You deserve to have all that you desire. This program is tailored to give you clarity, healing, direction, a reconnection to all that is you and a deeper connection to Source, and to ignite the joy of living and of life.

This program requires a significant investment. Serious enquiries only.


Your Business Journey

is crafted to not only connect with all that is you, and to create a deeper connection to Source. It is also to ignite the joy of life and living, and to bring to your business a clear purpose, direction, clarity and excitement creating infinite possibilities.

This program requires a significant investment. Serious enquiries only.


 Live Events Courses Workshops and Retreats

Be a part of the Global Consciousness of Awakening, experience your personal awakening in live events, workshops, and retreats.Sit in the flow of energy that carries healing, teaching, guidance, direction, and words of truth, and experience an awakening that brings your healing, change, and transformation.


Start and continue your Journey of Awakening with online courses that carry healing, teaching, guidance, direction, and words of truth and Messages From Source.


The energy that flows in and from the connection Rochelle & SandraJ have with Source; guides, teaches, and carries transformation and change.

In a guided message from Source they were told….

‘The space you stand is one of guide and teacher. It is the holding of all that is to be given to the one who stands before you with an openness to receive. It is a place of healing, of giving and receiving of all that is being held until the one is ready to give to self.’


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