About Us

Sandra Junckerstorff –  “Sandra J”

“I have always been aware of my creative energetic space, but laid it aside to pursue what was expected in regards to working and earning a living. The desire to step fully into that space, and walk in the true me, has been ignited. After meeting with Rochelle, I realised that together we could create a business that not only allowed me to work in that creative energetic space, but also help others to step into that space, on a personal and business level.” Sandra J

Sandra J has extensive corporate, business and health skills, knowledge and experience, and has worked for the state regulatory agency for OSH and also in senior management roles within private industry. With a long history of teaching and training throughout her career she is also an Instructor & Practitioner of the EMMETT Technique. With a passion for health and wellness, meditation, and Qigong and along with her scholastic pursuits, music, art and creative expression, Sandra J is a skilled, dynamic and intuitive practitioner, teacher and instructor, who embraces her creative energetic space to create a balanced and purpose filled life.

Rochelle McDonnell

“For so long I have pushed aside and shut down the creative energetic part of my life. After writing The Weaving, and releasing it to the world, I realised I that had created something unique and filled with an energetic message. I was not expecting the responses and reactions that I got from people who read the book. It was at that point, and, after meeting with Sandra J, I decided it was time to step into my true creative self, and work together to create a business that was focused on showing others how to step into that space and build a life and business that was truly on purpose’.

Rochelle has worked in corporate, local government, and not for profit organisations in various management roles. Skilled in business development, change management, and creating new business initiatives, she works intuitively in her creative space. Rochelle has lectured and taught at TAFE, and delivered and developed numerous workshops and seminars over the years in the roles she has held. Author of several books, music is her other creative expression. She has an intuitive and creative energetic approach to business, teaching and creative expression.