A Night with Anandi
Join Anandi on Saturday 11th March from 6.30pm - 8.30 pm AWST
Venue : Livestream Online


Join us for an unforgettable evening with the renowned energy healer, founder of peiec healing, and spiritual teacher, Anandi Sano. Anandi is known for her deep state of presence and her ability to effortlessly connect with others, creating an environment of peace, calm, healing and rejuvenation, and allowing them to tap into their own inner power and experience profound healing, deep inner stillness and transformation.

Book your spot now for the Night with Anandi Sano and take the first step towards your own personal journey of self-discovery and healing. Immerse yourself in the energy of Source/God, experience an expansion of awareness, a raised vibration, and witness the incredible stillness held in the group consciousness that creates healing of the body, mind and spirit.

One of the incredible experiences of being at this event is that nothing is planned prior. Anandi will be guided on the evening in regard to what information will be shared and given in order for those present to heal, and receive all that is being held for them. This in itself is an incredible experience to witness as Anandi receives information relevant to all participants.

Due to the nature of this event, limited places are available. From the moment you purchase your ticket, and in the 7 days prior to the event taking place, you will be integrated within the divine energy that flows through Anandi as it creates an expansion of awareness and prepares your energetic system to receive all that is being held for you.

We ask that in the 7 days leading up to the event that you support your body. We suggest that you eat light, nutritious meals, and decrease alcohol consumption. No alcohol is to be consumed the day/evening of the event.

This special event will bring stillness, healing and awareness, along with a deeper connection to all. You will realise that everything you have been searching for outside of yourself already exists within you. It is time to come back to who you are, to come home.

"Such a beautiful space to be apart off. It is so different each time. The waves of energy washing through and over me were amazing. I could barely keep my head up or eyes open.I am so grateful for your presence and gift and your willingness to share the rich beauty of what you do"
"Thank you Anandi, for yet another utterly magical event. The incredible insights and teachings you shared were once again a potent but gentle reminder of how important our role of being a part of everything is. I am always mindblown at the depth of the connection and oneness you share with us and enable us to experience. Thank you!"
"Such an incredibly sacred evening. Feeling the shift of people dropping deeper and deeper was beautiful. I loved hearing what you spoke about. Poignant reminders of how to see and live the beauty of life. Thank you for showing us that exquisite peace state."
"My brain hasn't felt that calm and uncluttered for-ever! Thank you for holding that space for us Anandi Sano. It was beautiful"
"Oh my goodness it was sooooooooooooo amazing!!!! I still have the no breath state this morning, and such an emptiness within my body and my mind.
I can’t even begin to understand what was given last night in terms of healing, I just know it was profound.
To be part of a room full of people who all disappeared into the deep rest state of no breath was absolutely stunning.
Thankyou Anandi. What an exquisite evening."
"Thankyou so much Anandi for sending us off to never never land.
I have a little story....at 8pm when you asked us to focus on the liver, I also asked for my good friend's liver to be energetically there as well (as she has issues currently with her liver & suffers fatigue), anyhow this morning I was talking to my friend who told me that at exactly 8 pm (when you asked us to do this) she all of a sudden had this rush of energy and got up from bed and cleaned the fridge and her bedroom for about 45 mins, then slept soundly for the rest of the night...I have no doubt she received this divine energy and how friggin amazing this is - thankyou Anandi"
I have attended many of your inperson events over the years, this was even more profound and beautiful. The energy that I felt was incredible. As I sat and listened to your beautiful words and breathed through my body as guided I started to see the frequency and energy waves.
The deep stillness and the feeling of been wrapped in the warmth of energy was a beautiful experience. At times I drifted off not hearing your words, and been totally absorbed in the space.
This event will take a long time to process all that was given, I know from past experience your events are a long term gift, that continue to heal at such a deep cellular level.
Your ability to hold the room and everyone attending for not just the evening but in the lead up is a very profound and unique gift. The flow through you from Source is greatly appreciated, accepted and just WOW!!!
What a bountiful evening and lead-up and after-state! My body and life energy well and truly alive and pulsing during the evening. The shifts were palpable from the get-go.

A deep bow of appreciation to you, Anandi Sano, for passing on what you receive so unconditionally, and with such care. Yes to those words that came through: that we really do matter. Every single one of us. Yes!
Thank You so much for such a special healing last night that eradicated all the back/body pain I was experiecing. It was a perfect end to a perfect self loving self caring day of connection..
"This night was absolutely incredible Anandi!! Thank you for sharing with us this incredible way of being, of living of breathing, of finding our connection to all that is (God/Source/Universe)
Last night was such a powerful reminder that everything we are searching for is inside of us, and it is the most beautiful and important thing that we could ever do for ourselves in this lifetime. It really is such a sacred gift that you share with us! Thank you so much for helping us to find the way to creating true and lasting peace within. "
"Thank you. It was a beautiful experience made extra special as I took my daughter along. She was blown away."
"Oh. My. Word. A deep bow of appreciation Anandi for such a powerfully soft and profoundly transformative evening. Energy pulsing, heart alive, head... who-knows-where. Soooo still and alive. Reminded of and so respectful of this incredible state of being, containing nothing yet everything. It is precious."
"Wow what a night! From the lead up into the event, to the start of the event to the end wow. Everyone in that room was so still and in such a deep state of stillness. It was so exquisite, quiet and deep. Your words helped me to understand a little more about how energy works and how you see it which I find so intriguing. Thank you Anandi for an incredible life changing experience. "
"As I settled I could feel really strong energy building & running through my body.. I felt a lot of work being done on my throat opening & clearing also in my jaw & my ears then it started to ease off.
On the second time the energy came back again I felt my tummy & chest area being worked on as I have had a lot of digestive problems lately & that has now shifted.
Third time it was my eye that was being worked on.
My vision has been terrible with my right eye as I have been going through a bit of stress in the last couple of weeks & that has shifted now as well.
Towards the end of the healing my body was smiling.. it was a beautiful experience.. my eye is really good again now with clear vision again & my digestive system is back to normal with all the bloating shifted & my body has reduced in size again.
Thank you so much Anandi for the healing it was fantastic."
Thank you for an incredibly deep and healing evening! Words are not enough to express what I feel within, and the place that you help us find within. That pure nothingness and connection to Self and Source. It is exquisite. I still feel so empty within and I know that I'll be processing for a long time! Thank you for everything you do to share with us this way of life, Anandi. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it all.
Thank you, Anandi
It was incredibly special to come together to receive such Divine healing and the gift of inner stillness.
The purity of your presence was a joy and a privilege to experience.
Although we may never comprehend the nature and extent of what is given by Source, the expansive, love-filled stillness within remains, reminding us that we are ever transformed on the deepest level…
Words will not do any justice to the experience of the night nor to the healing/blessings given but want to give my deepest gratitude to Source and Anandima. Thank you
Respect, honour and touch…loving how gentle this experience is and still mind blown of the shift that has now occurred from this night!! So grateful…what a magnificent ride this journey has become
Anandi Sano is USA Today and International best selling Author, Speaker, a gifted Healer and Spiritual Teacher who has dedicated her life to helping others find peace, happiness, and fulfillment. With a unique approach to energy healing and personal growth, Anandi's teachings are not rooted in ancient practices but are a direct result of her own self-healing journey. It was during this journey that Anandi received divine guidance and all the teachings of Peiec Energy Healing from God.

With a deep state of presence and a connection to the divine, Anandi has the ability to help others experience healing and transformation simply by being in her presence. Her teachings are not limited to just energy work, but also focus on self-discovery and personal growth, helping individuals reach new levels of understanding and self-awareness.

Anandi's passion for helping others, combined with her unwavering commitment to personal growth and spiritual development, make her an exceptional teacher and guide. Whether you're looking to start your own self-healing journey, accelerate your own path or to learn energy work, Anandi Sano is a wise choice as a teacher and guide.

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