“My life’s purpose is to encourage everyone to live from a place of compassion and peace.

Every human and animal is respected as a sentient being and all that surrounds us, whether it

be a mountain, forest, plant, or ocean is protected and revered.”


Anandi Sano has been shown by Source how to fast track our spiritual evolution. Having been on her own spiritual journey for a long time and having practiced meditation and buddhism, she experienced significant shifts within herself during those times but it did not completely remove the stress, physical pain, PTSD, and emotions that would still bubble up on a daily basis. She was left wondering if true awakening was actually possible for the average person.

“Following my cancer diagnosis in 2012 I decided to take time out for myself upon completing treatment. I felt that the universe had been trying to speak to me and I had not been listening. I had previously battled severe chronic fatigue for years and finally came to the realization that perhaps the universe was trying to let me know that things had to change. My careers had always been full of stress as a paramedic, H&S inspector with a regulatory agency and working in a corporate environment in H&S and it had taken its toll. 

Over the period of 6 months, following the completion of treatment, I delved deeply within myself trying to find the person that had been lost for so many years. I immersed myself further into Buddhism and meditation, Buddha chanting and qigong. I completed body work modalities, energy work and sound healing certifications and began to treat clients and do sound healings for groups. Changes started to occur in my life and I became calmer but still the flashbacks and emotions continued.

There was always an underlying anxiety that dominated my life.

I had previously had 4 significant spiritual shifts in 1996, 2007, 2012 and 2016 which saw me walking in a bliss state for a month to a few months but these all subsided as life took over again. I didn’t really know what  these periods were as I was totally wrapped up in the experiences that I was feeling. It did leave me wanting to find that space again. That nothingness, that peace that was so foreign to me.”



“During the period between 2012 and 2016 life started to change and in particular after that life changing day in 2012 when I gave my father an energy session as he lay in a hospital bed in Malaysia. I had not had contact with him for over 20 years. In a moment of connection between us, Source clearly decided it was time, and flooded me with an energy that I can only describe as absolute bliss. At the time I was unaware that what I had experienced was also a spontaneous kundalini awakening.

Following this experience I observed an energy flowing through and around me which continues to get stronger and stronger. Then In 2016 I started to receive information from Source as to how to heal across all of Self  and in doing so step into enlightenment.

2017 however, was a dark struggle as I tried to understand what was happening to me as I was shown how to heal. Every day life moments came up to heal and  there were times when I thought I was losing my  mind. What was happening was that I was losing ego and ego wasn’t liking it.”

The struggle continued for nearly a year and during this time Source asked

Anandi Sano to start teaching what she had been shown.


“Through doing the work for myself and clients and teaching what was shown to me by Source, another deep and profound shift occurred in 2018 and an expansiveness, peace and presence filled my life. It had been sitting under the surface for a while, I could feel it there,  but it was like there were some life moments remaining that were stopping that presence from being there permanently.”

Anandi Sano has now stepped into the space of a spiritual teacher and healer who is able to teach people how to heal self so that they can fast track their spiritual evolution.

Her presence and the strong energy that emanates from her affects people in profound ways and changes people’s lives. She is able to transmit the Satori state to people simply by being in her presence. The space of pure bliss and peace. The space that we all search for.

As she always says..”If I was able to do it..Me…the person that I thought was so broken..well so can you”.




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Thank you so much for connecting with me. I look forward to walking on this journey with you and watch as you step into all that is being held for you.

Many blessings

Anandi Sano

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