Anandi Sano, is a USA Today best-selling author and has had a diverse and highly successful career over the past twenty -five years, originating in the design field, then medical field and later progressing to a corporate environment.

Following an unexpected encounter with the energy and consciousness of Source as she connected with her father on his death-bed in 2012, Anandi ultimately became a teacher of Spiritual transformation, Master healer, successful Entrepreneur and the founder of peiec® Energy Medicine and the peiec® Approach for Business. After many years of her own spiritual exploration, Anandi received dramatic shifts in consciousness in 2016 as Source/God started to reveal to her a way of healing in the most profound manner, quickly and gently.

Anandi applied this method to herself, healing long-standing, complex PTSD, pain, anxiety and fatigue within months and allowing her body, mind and spirit to heal. Although Anandi describes this period as deeply painful and highly challenging, it was the beginning of a process of Self-realization for her.

In 2017, Source/God asked that Anandi start teaching what she had been shown to others – and peiec® Energy Medicine was born.

Anandi continued applying the tools and techniques to herself, ultimately stepping into the purest state of peace and presence in 2019, where she now resides. From this pure state, Anandi emanates a powerful and expansive energy field, with innumerable people reporting spontaneous healing and rapid shifts in consciousness whilst in her presence.

Anandi’s incredible energy, which flows directly from Source, is held within everything that she offers, including her peiec® programs, certification courses, retreats, podcasts, YouTube channel, mystical poetry and music.

Anandi’s Divine mission is to accelerate global consciousness by teaching others the fast track path to inner peace, awakened states of consciousness, deep physical healing, greater fulfillment and abundance.

Anandi  also works closely with conscious multi six figure, seven and eight figure clients who want to stay on top of their success but yearn to be able step away from their hyperdrive state of being. 

As a result, her clients are able to rediscover their inner brilliance and recalibrate their nervous system so they can experience calm, clarity and the power to align their inner self with the practical steps to create sustainable high results with ease.


I want you to imagine being in the presence of one of the great spiritual masters of our age. Then imagine that that master opens a doorway on your behalf and you find yourself having a conversation with God/Source/the Universe. Not only that but the master acts as a translator so you are 100% clear on the message. That is in a nutshell what “Walking with Anandi” was all about for me.

When Anandi opened the Source doorway, so that the Divine energy flowed through my body, I felt like I was being electrocuted and had no idea how I’d make it through the night. This is powerful stuff that puts you on the healing superhighway. Imagine many nights of no sleep while Anandi partners with Source to heal you 24/7. Anandi, in core, surrenders her life to enable the most profound transformational healing for you. It doesn’t end when the program finishes either.

Anandi assisted me to heal many long standing issues, which had been holding me back, involving my career, romantic relationship, parents, creativity, recognition, the ability to be seen and heard and abundance, to name a few.

Through Anandi’s program, my vibration rose higher and higher. First, I was able to spend a whole day in core and then 3 days. I could never have dreamt of this possibility. Life in core is an experience so sublime – energy, presence, clarity and infinite possibility. When I popped out of Core, I didn’t surrender back into the lower vibrations of pain, anger and sadness. Anandi coached me to thank the Universe for another opportunity for healing. I jumped back into my layers and went for my life.

The experience of doing my layers also transformed through the program. I now take a moment to become present to the issue I want to work on, go to Core and raise my hand ready for entry into the layers. Then it feels like Anandi/Source is guiding my hand from life moment to life moment. I don’t need to slow down to feel for threads. No thought or effort is necessary. It just happens naturally, effortlessly and the layers “reveal” all of the life moments that want to be dissolved.

There are no words sufficient to express my appreciation for all that Anandi has done for me.

If you have a chance to work with Anandi, jump.

Alexandra Letham


These weeks and the  sessions I received were next level to anything I have been through before. One of the reasons I have left other teachers behind is because they talk the talk, but there is no walking the walk. Many feel they have arrived at a complete awakening and at their capacity of wholeness, I am in constant awe of the inspiring journey that Anandi continues to take. Anandi’s path shows us all the depth of what is possible and what is available to those who are willing to work for it.

I am yet to hear of anyone else who works as Anandi does, during a simple conversation with her healing takes place. When that space is directed towards you with intention it is truly the most profound and beautiful space you will ever encounter. I believe every person deserves to be free of the burdens gained through life. Without a doubt, Anandi offers the fastest way to awaken your higher consciousness. I will be forever grateful for her offerings, guidance, work and standing in the place she does. Many blessing Anandi and Source, thank you is just not a big enough word!

Jen Cumins


Just in case the opportunity arises for you to go Walking with Anandi, I thoroughly recommend that you jump in and take that opportunity.

My experience is one that I am and will be forever grateful for to Anandi and Source, and to myself for stepping up into greater wholeness of being. Journeys with Anandi are never ‘easy’ as such, and why would you want them to be when you have such a great opportunity for growth and healing?

During my first session with Anandi, she took me on a journey of discovery, of healing, of remembering and connecting to self and to Source culminating in a profound, beautiful loving connection of coming Home that words cannot adequately express. I felt the core connection to Source so powerfully, the tears flowed with Oneness and love – just so much love. If I gained nothing else in the twelve weeks, I would still have been happy and so very grateful.

I feel so much more expansive and many things continue to reveal themselves as time continues. I’ve made long needed changes in my business; I feel a greater personal power that shines gently in many areas; family complexities are more in flow; I have a voice and use it confidently, speaking up when it matters. I share more of self with a willingness to be vulnerable and accepting of self just as I am. I see the beauty of self and others even more clearly coming from a place of love easily.

I’m so grateful for the changes that occur when in the energy and Source space with Anandi, (and for who knows how long afterwards as well). 

Jannette Moran


How To Get Started


If you’re ready to take the the next step and would like to find out for yourself how you can create dynamic and profound shifts for yourself and others then join me for my Inner Healing Program training,  join me for a retreat or apply work with me in a different way

Thank you so much for connecting with me. I look forward to walking on this journey with you and watch as you step into all that is being held for you.

Many blessings

Anandi Sano

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