Peiec Energy Method is a quick, gentle energy medicine method to accelerate healing, awaken the deepest connection to oneself and reach higher states of consciousness.. Based on the science of energy, it provides very powerful techniques that greatly enhance all aspects of life.

Peiec Energy Medicine teaches you how to access and work in the energetic layers of Self to help the flow of energy and remove blocks. Improving the flow of energy can assist in relaxation, reduction in pain, increase healing, and can create quick and dynamic positive changes to your life, and that of your family.

We keep getting asked…”How can this be so simple?”

Peiec has been given for these times. Our need for change and our need to accelerate our healing and spiritual evolution is of paramount importance. With peiec there is no need for knowledge or previous experience in anything, it just is. What is taught is simple, quick and gentle.



The Story of Peiec

The first teachings that were given by Source to Anandi focused on the understanding of healing self through what Source calls the Layers of Self. Anandi was taught how to recognise these and then was shown what lay within them.

Her own journey of healing allowed for more information and teachings to be given. Over 80 teachings have been given so far, and many assist the deeper healing of the physical vessel.

The primary reason peiec has been given is to accelerate our spiritual evolution but the understanding that the physical vessel needed to accommodate the higher energies and healing, brought forth the teachings that assist the healing of the body, mind, emotions and our environment.

Peiec can be used for ourselves and others, including our pets and the environment that we live in.

For those that wish to add Peiec as a modality to their current work or wish to work with others, peiec is registered and accredited through the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.


Many other methods have been passed down through the generations via lineage to masters, from teacher to student, year after year, for centuries. Peiec is the purest form of practice as given by Source, untainted by interpretation or centuries of lineage. Taught directly by Anandi Sano, it is through her divine connection that she can energetically connects with each of her students across the globe, shining her own divine light into the essence of those who seek the truth.

Peiec provides the unique pathway to accelerate your healing and achieve rapid transformation with breathtaking results. Peiec provides the powerful processes to self-transformation and advanced personal growth.

Peiec is not an amalgamation of previous teachings or knowledge. Peiec remains in its purity as given from Source through messages for humanity to heal.

Who Should practice Peiec?

Peiec is for those that are seeking-

Assistance to manage

The effects of Panic attacks

Body Image and reduce weight

Anxiety and stress

Insomnia and sleeplessness

Phobias and fears

Support through a grieving process

Physical symptoms and body aches and pain

Headaches or migraine

Post-traumatic stress and the effects on the body (PTS)

Procrastination to get more done

 …and more

Assistance to improve

Business growth and profitability

Increase your personal wealth

Leadership skills, at work and in your personal life

Increasing your confidence levels

Improve your relationship with  partners, children, parents, family and friends, work team

Improve sporting performance

Personal self-esteem and self-worth

Your body image and self-perception

Your abundance by removing your blocks

Raise your consciousness and accelerate your spiritual evolution

Increase your intuition

…and more

Assistance to Relieve

Stage and public speaking nerves whether for  artists, public speaking or at work

Effects of  trauma

Parental issues such as abandonment or neglect

The effects of Hyperdrive and Burnout


Limiting beliefs that limit your enjoyment of life

…and more


Peiec is a practice that has helped change the lives of many across the globe including Yoga Teachers, Lawyers, Accountants, Ex-Service Men and Women, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Laborers, and aspiring householders. Peiec is a powerful practice that accelerates the healing journey and advancement into oneness.

As humans we have lost ourselves in the mix of what we see, experience and hear, fed by power hungry corporations who create more disconnect. Our mission is to lead everyone home to the most sacred part of self, whilst understanding why we are here and how to live life in harmony with everything. When we embark on our journey of healing through peiec, there comes an inner stillness and a connected space where we become mindful and fully present of ourselves, and not just whilst in contemplation. This floods out to all that we touch, eat, breathe and do, as we create a harmonious energy that flows throughout our being, creating healing in others.


Watch the 8 part series about the principles of peiec and understanding healing.

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