I was speaking with someone yesterday and I asked them “Why are you so angry?” We had just walked past an aisle in the supermarket when her irritability started to rise. Her energy melded with the energy of her surroundings.

She had lost herself , the vibration of the supermarket pulling her out of calmness.As I asked the question again the anger bubbled up to the surface and she berated those that were panic buying.

I turned to her and asked her “But why be angry at them?” She replied “Because they shouldn’t be doing that”. Her anger was raw and was flowing from her filling the area around her.

I gently replied “One does strange things in fear. Often we are not even aware of what we are doing. These people are being affected by global energetic life moments of our current times, but what has also risen to the surface are those energetic life moments from epidemics from past generations. Where so many died. These life moments have attached themselves to what is in our current times and increased the strength of the fear, the anger, the panic.

The vibration of these life moments flows out into our physical vessels , consuming us in thoughts and emotions that won’t subside, because the life moments are active in the layers. They are not being given the opportunity to subside.

Now with the lack of food and other items on the shelves it has triggered deep global life moments from previous.wars. Where people went without, where we needed to stay at home during air raids. All this is also sitting in the layers, vibrating at a low vibration.

So how can you be angry at anyone? As one reacts, the energy snakes out and finds another. It activates their life moments in the layers and floods the physical vessel and reality. And on it goes. Like a series of dominoes. At these times most people are not able to be present. As I was talking, to her, held in presence and Source, I gently released the energetic life moments that were sitting in her layers and the calmness settled in again. As the life moments are released you are able to be more present again, a calmness washes through and your nervous system regulates.

So what I am saying is this. Fill your thoughts, action, words , your heart with compassion. Forgive them, for they do not know what they do.

I will hold you all in my prayers and in my work.

Many blessings

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