Sano – Little One

Sano – Little One

Let me tell you a little story. In 2017 , five years after Source gave me the gift of this energy that runs through me I read the name that Source gave to me in a guided message. Little One.

In the guided messages Source has always referred to me as Little One. During 2017 I was repeatedly told that my name would one day have to change, to match the place where I would need to stand. I never quite knew what that meant. In 2017 a name was uttered at a meeting and someone thought it sounded like Shamu, so that became my nickname. I knew it wasn’t ‘the name’ but it stuck.

All through the period from 2012 when my gift was given from Source, and to be honest, as far back as I can remember I have alway had this vision of standing on a mountain with a monastery behind me, somewhere what I felt was around Tibet.

So at one point, when Source said that a name change was needed I started ‘looking’. I knew Little one had something to do with it so I googled Little One in Tibetan, in Sanskrit, in Japanese…nothing revealed itself. So I let it go.

On this recent trip to Bali the urgency of finding the name descended on me again. I thought it was now going to be a Sanskrit name of some sort that a priest would be able to bestow on me and so we set off and met up with a priest. He told me I could use the name Anandi meaning mother of the universe but also joyful or happy. I loved the word but it did not feel right. It wasn’t complete. Something was missing.

After we went to the see the priest my two friends and I went to dinner and as we sat and ate, the words Little One kept being repeated over and over and over again. So much so that I could not focus on the dinner conversation.

When we returned to the retreat centre I sat on my bed and listened. Little One was repeated again, this time gently and then I was told to find the meaning of Little One in Nepali, the language of Nepal.

So I typed it into my phone and up came the translation and I nearly fell off my bed. The word that came up was Sānō, with the pronunciation being Sah -noo. So close to Shamu that we had heard 2 years prior.

I was then told to find the meaning of Sānō in Latin. Up came the meaning….to heal and to cure. Again, we were stunned.

As I sat with the word a flood of memories started to unravel infront of me . Memories of times long gone , of being in the mountains, of being a Buddhist monk. It felt like home.

So now, here I sit, looking at the words Anandi Sānō and wondering what will be laid out before me if I use these names. A new name to match the frequency and vibration that has been given, to match what lies ahead. A name given by Source in order to leave the old behind and to step even more fully into what has been given, the place where I stand now for myself and others, this place of peace and presence, of teaching and healing and what is to become.

May peace flood all that is within and all that is without. Blessings

How is it that you’re coping one minute and in the next you can barely control your mind?

How is it that you’re coping one minute and in the next you can barely control your mind?

How is it that you’re coping one minute and the next you can barely control your mind

Did you know that the street you live on has its own unique energy? It also has its own energetic life moments that will affect those that live on a particular street. So how you or your neighbours are adapting to the current global situation will affect you and your family, your health, your ability to cope with stress, your immune system, your thoughts and the list goes on.

In turn your inability to cope with the above will also affect all who live on your street. Even those behind you, which then ripples out to the suburb, to the next suburb and on it spreads.

How does this happen? How is it that you’re coping one minute and in the next you can barely control you mind , your breathing, the anxiety washing through you like a speeding train.

We all have energetic layers of Self. They vibrate on different frequencies but when all are aligned and calm there is peace. What creates the unrest, a turbulence that hits your physical vessel like a sudden blow?

The energetic life moments. But what are they? Energetic life moments are energetic clusters that fall onto the energetic layers of self. When we hear something, or see something, or experience something, or taste something, or touch something there is an energetic component of that experience that falls on the layers of self.

When it is positive it affects our layers in a positive way, when it is negative it affects our layers in a negative way, lowering our vibration and shifting our physical vessel and reality into a negative state.

When a negative thought , word, incident etc occurs the energetic component of that falls onto the layers. You may wonder why we respond so quickly and are triggered by people’s words and actions. What happens is that other life moments that are lying dormant in the layers will be activated by a similarity in the current situation. These will then instantly rise up to the top and attach to the current life moments in the layers.

This rush of lower vibrating energy will flow out to your physical vessel and display itself as anger, anxiety, pain, sore throat, irritability and the list goes on.

So, now imagine these life moments rising up in unison within your family, but also in your neighbours. The words, thought and actions that are falling onto your layers are also falling into the layers of your neighborhood, four suburbs away, the state you live in.

Your words, thoughts and actions and those of others are literally intertwining themselves by threads , weaving itself into a huge spiderweb of life moments.

So, not only are we being affected by our street, our state, by our country, but we are being affected by the global life moment that are activating life moments from any time in our human existence where there was disease, panic, starvation, pain, fear.

All these life moments from generations ago are coming or are added themselves to your current life moments. It is part of the reason that people are responding the way they are.

So your panic or fear may not have actually been yours to start with but your deep lying Life moments will have been triggered or will be triggered, creating emotional or physical responses that you can’t control.

What can you do? Find something that calms the body, emotions and thoughts. Take a warm bath, meditate, exercise, do breathing exercises, eat good food, cut down on the caffeine and alcohol, use sound healing, yoga, tai chi, qigong. You can even get my students to release these life moments energetically so that a peace settles in. It is quick and highly effective.

The energy videos that are on my YouTube channel are designed to bring healing and inner peace. Many people create a playlist and have them quietly playing in the background or sleep with them at night. They are finding that with these peace has returned.

It is important to self care at this time, more than ever before. Look after all of you and don’t disregard that energetic part of self.

Many blessings

But why be angry with them?

But why be angry with them?


I was speaking with someone yesterday and I asked them “Why are you so angry?” We had just walked past an aisle in the supermarket when her irritability started to rise. Her energy melded with the energy of her surroundings.

She had lost herself , the vibration of the supermarket pulling her out of calmness.As I asked the question again the anger bubbled up to the surface and she berated those that were panic buying.

I turned to her and asked her “But why be angry at them?” She replied “Because they shouldn’t be doing that”. Her anger was raw and was flowing from her filling the area around her.

I gently replied “One does strange things in fear. Often we are not even aware of what we are doing. These people are being affected by global energetic life moments of our current times, but what has also risen to the surface are those energetic life moments from epidemics from past generations. Where so many died. These life moments have attached themselves to what is in our current times and increased the strength of the fear, the anger, the panic.

The vibration of these life moments flows out into our physical vessels , consuming us in thoughts and emotions that won’t subside, because the life moments are active in the layers. They are not being given the opportunity to subside.

Now with the lack of food and other items on the shelves it has triggered deep global life moments from previous.wars. Where people went without, where we needed to stay at home during air raids. All this is also sitting in the layers, vibrating at a low vibration.

So how can you be angry at anyone? As one reacts, the energy snakes out and finds another. It activates their life moments in the layers and floods the physical vessel and reality. And on it goes. Like a series of dominoes. At these times most people are not able to be present. As I was talking, to her, held in presence and Source, I gently released the energetic life moments that were sitting in her layers and the calmness settled in again. As the life moments are released you are able to be more present again, a calmness washes through and your nervous system regulates.

So what I am saying is this. Fill your thoughts, action, words , your heart with compassion. Forgive them, for they do not know what they do.

I will hold you all in my prayers and in my work.

Many blessings

Allow the moment to be filled with presence

Allow the moment to be filled with presence

When you speak your words hold them out to another with gentleness
Hold them out to another with kindness
Hold them out to another with compassion
Hold them out to another with joy
Hold them out to another with calmness

For your words may be held closely to another’s chest as their truth
Binding them to moments of less than
Binding them to moments of fear
Binding them to moments of sadness
Binding them to moments of not being worthy
Binding them to moments of self loathing

When we choose to give to another from that place
We give from place of barrenness , a place of disconnect from ourselves and from the all that is.

Choose your words, your stories, your truths with care
And when you speak allow that moment to be filled with presence

For in presence gentleness flows
In presence the inner self will be given the words to rise from within
It is from this place that when you speak your words that you will guide and heal another.
Be still
Be present


I am infused by the vibration of the wind

I am infused by the vibration of the wind

Into the silence I step
For it is with choice I step into this place

A place of stillness
A place a beauty
A place of reverence
A place of wisdom
A place of knowing
A place filled with acceptance
A place filled with understanding
A place that holds me in its embrace
A place that soothes all of me

From this place of being I hold out my hand
There is no need
There is no want
There is no desire
There is no alone-ness
There is no lack

The ripples of life run through me
I feel the pulse of the earth
I am infused by the vibration of the wind

And as I wait
I feel the shift in the air around me
And as I am
It lands on my hand
Spreading its wings and adding its pulse to the energy that runs through me

I give to him
He gives to me
That is the energy of life
That is the beauty of life

And as we sit and watch the land rise and fall with its own breath
We become and meld with the new


For it is Peace you seek

Into me I see
The water ripples
The stillness shakes, it moves yet it holds

I look again, see the face that has held the sadness from memories past
When did you lose the joy of living the reflection asks
When did you decide to hold the sorrows of your world so close

So close that you cannot breathe
So close that you cannot see
So close that you cannot taste
So close that you cannot feel
So close that you cannot hear
The truth

See the beauty of self
Understand that you are perfect
Understand that this moment and in every moment given is the newness.

You can choose to accept or you can choose to deny.
To deny self
To deny your purpose
To deny what you were given before your first moment of touch
Before your first moment of acceptance of your life

I reach out and caress the reflection in the water
The old vanishes
And as I raise my eyes and see into the beyond I step into the beginning of who I am to become.


How long has your heart been closed amongst the flowers whose petals willingly open to receive the all that is. You will not be as once was. For it is in a moment, a speck of time that the illumination begins.

Desperate are we for change , desperate are we to find the energy of the truth. For it flows in waves and breaks upon your shores releasing that which has held you to be in that which is not.

For it is peace you seek and peace you shall have and may the joy of your tears water all that is being brought forth.