The Santi Community is based on Anandi’s dream of creating an all-inclusive environment where people from across the world can live harmoniously with one another and be of service to humanity. 


Finding inner stillness as we access the core of self is the foundation to all that we do. As each student walks the pathway to peace, it is a gradual and individual approach to attaining full realization. The basic principle of being in Core continually allows for the acceptance of self, the awareness of what is beyond this moment, and allows for pure connection to the divine which creates harmony and inner stillness in every given moment.


As you progress on your pathway to peace and inner stillness, you begin to understand your unique divine connection to Source, and expansion of your awareness. Our pathway allows for the rapid acceleration of human consciousness, raised vibrational frequency, and deeper shifts to allow the activation and expansion of your creative energetic potential.


As part of our programs, we focus on insights of divine messages and teachings from Source, along with the philosophy of life itself. As you embark on this type of study, you will shift into a deeper state of being, with the acceptance of who you are, why you are here, and the understanding of the depth of humanity itself.


Experience energy transmissions, accelerated spiritual awakening and liberation through the divine presence of Anandi Sano.

Each Sacred Santi retreat is unique, providing participants with what they require within those sacred moments as given by Source and delivered by Anandi with purity and compassion.

“Allow what is given to flow. For in this flow there is more than any healing you could ever imagine. Blessings”


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Upon rising every morning, we give thanks to Source for the opportunity for another day. Gently stretch the body to awaken your muscles, then get out of bed and have a glass of water. Find a quiet place to sit and be present, spending time in morning prayer and meditation.

Next, we wash our bodies to start the day with a fresh start, allowing us time to be present and give thanks to our body for being our vessel through life. Awaken your body and mind to the beginning of a new day.


We are not present enough in every moment. We mindlessly drink our cups of tea without giving it much thought. It becomes routine and done out of habit. Practicing Tea and mindfulness is a great way to become aware of the moment we are in. If you share your tea with a friend or loved one, sit there and be in silence together. Enjoy the fresh morning air and listen to the sounds you hear whilst being in the moment together. Relax and do not bring your focus to your worries or demands of the day. Allow yourself to enjoy the moments of mindfulness and stillness that your tea brings.


People crave connection. It is part of our DNA that we are meant to live in villages and communities where we can support one another. In modern day society, there has become a disconnect between people where neighbors do not know one another, and people are hesitant to help others they do not know. By sharing your time connecting with others within the community, you can build friendships and bonds with other like-minded people within the community. Creating your own events to connect those who walk the journey with you is a great way to stay in touch and to share time together.


It is important that you start to bring your awareness to what you put into your body as it affects your energy, your vibration and your physical vessel. Eating nourishing whole foods, reducing processed foods and foods filled with sugar will assist to reduce inflammation within the body and help to raise your vibration. Heavy, dense foods can make you feel sluggish, and you may struggle to function effectively with things such as brain fog, aches and pains, and illness from your body having to process the food. Fresh fruit and vegetables from farmers’ markets and filtered water are a great way to look after the body you are in and ensure it gives you longevity of life.


Too often we fill our minds with shows, information and gossip that creates unrest and unease within our lives. Taking time to research and educate ourselves on things that will bring us more peace, happiness, fulfilment or mindfulness is a great way to enhance the mind.

It is in those moments of quiet contemplation that we start to understand the need to distance ourselves from those things that seek to deplete our energy and cause unrest.

Spending time reading the teachings from Anandi or the great leaders of the world, along with researching and studying things that bring happiness and joy is a great way to practice the expansion of the mind


As a child we spend time exploring nature and creating. The older we become, the less time we tend to spend picking flowers, admiring the beauty that surrounds us and unleashing our creative side. Drawing, painting, singing, dancing and allowing the free expression of who you are to unfold is important on your journey through life. When we create, we do it with mindfulness, and there is an energy that flows with this. It allows us to express who we are within those moments of creating and gives us a freedom to discover more about ourselves. Finding time once a week to spend time creating is an important part of our journey.


Within every given moment we have the ability to choose words that are filled with love and compassion, or to choose words filled with anger and hate. It is our responsibility to allow our thoughts to become more positive, and to expand on the richness of all that life offers, and not to focus on the worries or woes that bring us down. We cannot change situations that arise; however, we can change the way that we deal with them by not allowing them to create unrest within our lives.

When our community get together, we allow each other space to shift the negativity- using the process of rapid release to allow a new positive state of mind to unfold. As we learn to accept the help and support of another, we quickly realize that if we only focus on the negativity, then that is all we will continue to see. When we shift the worries and trauma, a new positive state of being is presented, and life flows as it should.


Gentle daily movement is required to keep it in optimal health. Allowing the body, the freedom to move as it wishes without restriction or constraint allows the body to relax and unwind. Do not force the body or push it to extremes or place unnecessary demands on it physically. As with everything in life, our movement should have freedom and gentleness to it. Pushing yourself to extremes is going to cause imbalance to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Take your time to move, being present with your body and becoming aware of the sensations of everything as it unfolds. Focus on your breathing and ensure you are breathing deeply into your lungs as you move.


No matter where you are on your journey, once you have found core, you are home.  As we walk the pathway to peace and inner stillness, we create lasting peace within every moment. There becomes less need for words, our anger dissipates and our irritability melts into a new, vibrant state of being that is filled with compassion and love. We practice this act of coming home until it becomes a part of who we are, and the stillness that we experience deepens. Our presence creates healing for others, and our awareness expands to allow for a deeper connection to all that surrounds us as we breathe in life and walk with gentleness.

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