Virtual retreat Anandi Sano


Join Anandi on a three day virtual retreat in the comfort of your own home. Sit in the powerful energy that flows through Anandi for 12 whole days – 7 days before the retreat, during the 3 days of the retreat and for 48 hours after the retreat as you continue to be granted access to the content of all the live healings, sound healings Q&As and activities within a closed Facebook group. Enjoy incredibly unique tasks and activities given by Source for your healing. No retreats are alike or planned. Anandi remains open and brings through the guidance needed for all in the group. It is an amazing and incredibly sacred experience.

Please note : This will the last virtual retreat of its kind so please book your place early as numbers will be limited. We would request that only those that are able to work in the layers of Self attend this retreat as healing is intense and very deep. Thank you


Healing night with Anandi – 4th June

Join Anandi in her Sacred Space as she takes you on a journey deep within. You will be given access to a closed Facebook group where you will be able to replay the live for a period of 48 hours to deepen and accelerate your healing and awakening. You will be sent an email with the link to the Facebook group the day before and will be added in to the closed group a few hours before the event. Please be aware that the unique energy will already flow consistently to you7 days prior to the event, so we request that you take time to look after yourself to prepare yourself for the night.

$200.00 $159.00

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