ANANDI SANO brings the possibility of Self-realization into the here and now. Her communication is simple, direct and immediate. An invitation to move into presence , and ultimately, to liberation. The most important benefit you receive from her is exposure to the light of Source/God. It is found in Anandi’s teachings and emanates from her human form. Through exposure to the divine light, your system learns how to attune with it. Then when you are not in the presence of Anandi, you can connect with Source on your own. This is a direct spiritual path that will enable you to make tremendous spiritual progress in this lifetime 

In 2012, Source gifted Anandi Sano (Sandra J)  with an energy that flows through her 24/7.

She cannot switch it off, turn it down or ask it to come back at a more convenient time. The energy works on people globally, sending and creating healing at all times of the day and night.

Five years after Source gave her the gift of the energy, Anandi Sano started to receive guided messages and teachings from Source. In those messages, Source always referred to Sandra as ‘Little One.’

During 2017, Anandi Sano kept being ‘told’ that her name would one day have to change, to match the place where she would need to stand. As far back as she can remember, Anandi Sano has had a constant vision of standing on a mountain with a monastery behind her, somewhere that she felt was Tibet. When Source said that a name change was required, Anandi Sano started her search for this new spiritual name she would take as her journey unfolded.

In 2019, Anandi Sano ran a healing retreat in Bali, Indonesia and the urgency to find a name descended upon her again. She searched for the name ‘Little One’ in Tibetan, Sanskrit and Japanese, yet couldn’t find anything. She decided to seek the assistance of a Balinese Priest so that he could bestow a name upon her. The Priest advised that SAnandi Sano could use the name Anandi, which translated to Mother of the Universe, and Joyful or Happy. Anandi was great, however it felt incomplete.

It was that night, Anandi Sano sat and listened as the name Little One was repeated again, and she was told to find the meaning of Little One in Nepali- the language of Nepal.

The word that was presented was Sānō, pronounced Sah-noo, which means to heal and cure.

As Anandi Sano sat with the word Sānō, a flood of memories started to unravel in her mind. Memories of times long gone, of being in the mountains, of being a Buddhist Monk. It felt like home.

Anandi Sānō- a new name to match the frequency and vibration that has been given, to match what lies ahead. A name given by Source in order to leave the old behind and to step even more fully into what has been given, this place of peace and presence, of teaching and healing and what is to become.

Anandi Sānō works tirelessly to raise awareness and heal humanity, her energy flowing out to create healing across the globe. Her mission is to teach others that healing is meant to be simple, and that enlightenment is there for all to achieve.

May peace flood all that is within and all that is without.




A lady who runs a dog rescue in Spain played one of the energy videos for her rescue dogs. This is what she recorded when she woke up. She had never experienced this before with the dogs.

A student needed help.

Live recording of a phone conversation. Please note that there are profanities used by the owner of the horse

Kathy talks about the shift in her life


Anandi Sano’s Vision

Every person has the opportunity to gain spiritual understanding so that they may live in peace and joy .

To encourage others to live from a place of compassion and peace and to understand the power of global community and where no one lives in poverty, homelessness, loneliness, hunger or fear.

Every person has an equal opportunity  to be healed and cared for when they are unwell.

Every child is able to grow up and allowed to achieve their potential in a safe, loving accepting and supportive environment.

To assist and provide the tools and understanding  for every person to pass in peace from this world in a supportive environment.

Every animal is respected as a sentient being.

All that surrounds us ,whether  mountain, forest, plant, ocean is protected and revered.


Anandi Sano’s Mission

To provide the opportunity for people around the globe to awaken their divine connection.

To contribute to the spiritual, mental and physical wellness of all sentient beings.

To teach people the tools so that they are empowered heal themselves and others so that every person on this planet  has the opportunity to be healed spititually, physically, emotionally and mentally 

To raise the vibration of the planet to achieve  peace and happiness for every being.

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