Into the silence I step
For it is with choice I step into this place

A place of stillness
A place a beauty
A place of reverence
A place of wisdom
A place of knowing
A place filled with acceptance
A place filled with understanding
A place that holds me in its embrace
A place that soothes all of me

From this place of being I hold out my hand
There is no need
There is no want
There is no desire
There is no alone-ness
There is no lack

The ripples of life run through me
I feel the pulse of the earth
I am infused by the vibration of the wind

And as I wait
I feel the shift in the air around me
And as I am
It lands on my hand
Spreading its wings and adding its pulse to the energy that runs through me

I give to him
He gives to me
That is the energy of life
That is the beauty of life

And as we sit and watch the land rise and fall with its own breath
We become and meld with the new


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