Belinda’s Testimonial

“Thank you, Anandi
What an absolutely EPIC day of healing and transformation – truly beyond all comprehension!! The energy was so beautiful, so gentle and spectacularly powerful – an absolute gift and joy for us all to receive..
I am feeling so deeply blessed – and profoundly appreciative of all that has been given…”

Jennifer’s Testimonial

Wow, what an incredible day so. So much came up and shifted so quickly. The body had been processing hard overnight.
Thank you Anandi and Source for the healing space, each of the session were beautiful.
Thank you Krys for your support to allow the flow of the day happen. Amazing !!!

Heidi’s Testimonial

Thank you so much Source, Anandi & Krys!! Incredible day… I was totally absorbed in the Beauty of everything given. Anandi your voice is so so beautiful & the energy so incredibly supportive, all consuming & nurturing. Thank you for a spectacular day

Catherine’s Testimonial

My first retreat and it was totally amazing, Thank you Source Anandi and Krys, tucked up in bed and feeling so blessed 

Claire’s Testimonial

Thank you Source, Anandi & Krys for putting together such a fantastic day.
Absolutely loved it.

Elaine’s Testimonial

Hooley Dooley guacamole shamoley!  what an epic day! It felt like I flew home on the freeway doing the speed limit of course . It felt like the wheels weren’t even touching the road. No anxiety driving home which lane to get into etc. 
Thank you so much for an amazing day!! So much rest and so much more rest to be had  Thank you Anandi for all you give and thank you Anandi and  Krystle for organising.

Erin’s Testimonial

This retreat was amazing! It was an absolute gift to be there with Anandi as deep, profound healing and release occurred for a full day of coming home to oneself!
I was sad to be leaving, it felt like being in another world. I thoroughly reccommend experiencing any of Anandi’s retreats and discovering the beauty of coming back into alignment with oneself

Erin’s Testimonial

Thank you, thank you Anandi, Source ! This retreat was Incredible and I am blown away again by all that is given in this space .
I am just loving my new prayer shawl and could feel the energy holding me as I drove away, already missing the beautiful energy held in that space. It is like stepping into another world for a day. Feeling so happy, held and calm . Grateful 


Tiana’s Testimonial

Thank you! A wonderful day! I still don’t know whether I’m coming or going  i was in bed and asleep at 5:30pm  I’m still frying now and it’s well after midnight. I am very very blessed and thankful that I could be part of this experience .
Thank you Anandi and Source for another amazing event

Regina’s Testimonial

Lying in bed feeling so relaxed and at peace. Woke up many times but instantly went back to sleep. Oh yes, I easily drank a litre of water overnight. Every time I woke up during the night I had to quench my thirst. I took home so much fro the event, loved the door, appreciated all that was given . It all is helping my healing journey.
Thank you Anandi  and Source for being there for us and all that you do.

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