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Peiec Module 1 – 12th/13th July Wembley, Western Australia or Livestream

This 2-Day Workshop is a foundation workshop for Peiec Healing. It is not a requirement in order to enroll in the 5-Day Intensive or Peiec Certification.

Peiec 5 Day Intensive -1st – 5th October – Wembley, Western Australia or Livestream

This 5 Day Intensive is for those interested in immersing themselves in self healing or as part of Peiec Certification

Peiec Healing Technique Certification – Become a Level 1 Peiec Practitioner

Are you interested in becoming a Peiec Practitioner? You may be eligible for a Part Scholarship

What is peiec® Energy Healing?

We’re thrilled to share! Peiec® Energy Healing is the culmination of intensive insight and application in the realm of energy and consciousness. Developed through years of teaching, transformation and healing success, it harnesses an innovative approach that taps into the body’s natural wisdom to heal. This method navigates beyond traditional energy systems, revealing over 90 unique techniques that awaken the mind, body and soul’s intrinsic healing potential.

”Within each of us lies the innate power to heal and thrive.”

Peiec Healing Certification Levels

With over 90 specific techniques and healing sequences, we have organized these into three certification levels. Each level has its own set of certification requirements.

Level 1 Peiec Practitioner

Successful Completion of our Primary Certification Program (Modules 1-5)

Level 2 Peiec Practitioner

Successful Completion of our Advanced Certification Program (Modules 6 & 7)

Level 3 Peiec Practitioner

Successful Completion of our Master Certification Program (Modules 8 -10)

Is peiec® Energy Healing for Everyone?

 Absolutely! You don’t need to be inherently gifted or possess ‘healing hands’ to master peiec® Energy Healing.

Our peiec® training courses provide you with a structured approach to understanding and applying the principles of peiec energy healing. They’re suitable for everyone, from holistic healthcare professionals, those that work with animals, trainers, therapists, support workers, massage therapists, coaches, midwives, doulas, teachers, holistic OTs and Psychologists, the list is endless, to those with a heartfelt wish to support healing in themselves and others.

Should You Explore peiec® Energy Healing?

Peiec® Energy Healing has been embraced by individuals dealing with a vast array of challenges, including:

• Persistent pain, discomfort and chronic ill-health
• Recurring migraines and tension headaches
• Fatigue syndromes that limit vitality
• Various digestive complexities
• Concerns around fertility and reproductive health
• States of anxiety and stress
• Emotional lows and depressive episodes
• Cancer support
• Injury Rehabilitation
• Post- Surgery
• Panic Attacks and Fear
• And a host of conditions that elude easy explanation
And many other conditions and issues

Consider peiec® if you’re drawn to the healing arts and wish to contribute to the well-being of others.

Where do I start…. The surgical transplant team is just blown away by how my husband is. He is doing so well and does not have to go on dialysis straight up. They have never had anyone come out at 100%. It can normally take a while to wake a transplanted kidney up, sometimes up to 6 months. He is fully functioning! My husband is a changed man; he is so different. So happy and looking forward to life. I really cannot express my gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you. Mega blessings.


Today marks 6 months antidepressant Medication free! and not just that, I have had ZERO panic attacks and ZERO “low” days during this time. This is a huge milestone for me, as it’s the longest period I have been medication free in my ENTIRE adult life. (I’m 33 years old) I have struggled with severe anxiety and bouts of depression since I was in my late teens, and then postnatal depression after having my daughter 2 years ago. Thank you peiec healing for literally turning my life around.


After suffering with the challenges of Encopresis for over 5 years, what a significant difference in how your healing method has worked compared to conventional medicine. Years of suffering and embarrassing experiences have completely disappeared. With no longer having the fear of leaving the house and having an accident or living with the symptoms of constant constipation and diarrhea, it has also changed my confidence and anxiety levels. Thank you for not just the knowledge gained during the training but for the constant and amazing shifts received.


What is it like to Study Peiec® Energy Healing? 

Embarking on the journey with peiec® Energy Healing, you’re welcomed into our vibrant community. As a student, you’ll find abundant support and guidance, ensuring your learning experience is enriching. Our ecosystem extends beyond course materials, offering community gatherings, student exchange sessions, an active online group, and much more. It’s a place where everyone, regardless of their prior study experience, is nurtured on their path to either healing themselves or becoming a peiec® practitioner.

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