Level 1 Peiec Energy Medicine
Join Anandi on Saturday 20th and 21st November from 8.30am -4.30pm
Venue TBA in a Central Location within Perth area

What will you Learn

The philosophy and foundations behind peiec
Recognising the importance of giving to yourself
Understanding the fundamentals of how healing occurs
Understanding how aspects of events/memories/words/thoughts play a part in our energetic blueprint
How traumatic events are “triggered” energetically and projected to our mind and body
Developing the right peiec terminology
An introduction to the Core techniques and secondary techniques for working with yourself and others
Getting to the core of issues
Managing/reducing pain and physical symptoms
Healing within generations
Understanding your energy connection to all things
Lesson 1
Foundation of Healing
Understanding peiec
The flow of energy when in Core
Why peiec is so important to use in your daily life
Healing through generations
Lesson 2
Understanding your Truth & the perfection of who you are
Exploring how you feel or sense the energy shifts
The Power of thoughts and words and how it affects us
Guided Messages for Healing

Lesson 3
How to access Core
Feeling the energy

Lesson 4
Understanding your energetic layers
Exploring your own layers
How to calm your layers
How to work with animals/others/land etc
Work within the layers of others
Real life results

You will also receive 2 weeks of access to our online Level 1 course so you can revise and practice what you have learned

Please book your spot early as places are limited
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