JULY 30TH and 31ST
8.30am - 4.30pm
Gloria's Place of Wellness
845 Campersic Road , Brigadoon
(Just in the Swan Valley about 25 min from Perth)

Module 1 - Peiec for Health and Inner Peace
Deeper Connection and Stillness
Designed for people who want to immediately dive deep into this extraordinary new practice and utilize Peiec's healing wisdom for their own and their client's mental, physical and emotional healing.
This course is perfect for those that are looking to heal themselves or for those that would like to add a powerful tool to their existing modalities such as Coaching, Bowen therapy, Massage, Emmett Technique, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Counsellors etc. 
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Get access to the 4 hour online Foundation Course 2 weeks before the in person seminar so the information is nice and fresh in your mind


Complete the 4 hour online Foundation Course


Attend the 2 day in person Seminar Days

Start your journey into peiec energy healing with the online basic course. This is an intimate e-learning experience with peiec founder Anandi Sano.
You will initially immerse yourself in the online coursework to understand the fundamental healing principles of peiec energy medicine, and open your energy field to the powerful healing capabilities that will enable you to experience life in a new way. You will learn the importance of healing self before working on others, and the importance of being in the purity of Source as you connect to everything and everyone around you.
This first course is presented in an online format and must be completed in order to gain access to the LIVE in -person 2 day seminar. This ensures you arrive prepared and ready to delve deeper into peiec energy medicine, and allows you to spend more time implementing the techniques on self and others. 
What is included in the Online Level 1 Course;
•    Understanding the flow of energy when connected to         Source
•    How energy works to heal our physical vessel
•    Instructional videos to access the Core of self
•    Additional worksheets and videos to understand how          important it is to be in Core, and how low vibrations affect our daily lives.
•    AFTER - You will join us LIVE, together with the peiec           international team, and Anandi Sano in person!

Under the personal guidance of Anandi Sano and Co-Instructor Krystle Lavorgna, you will experience an unforgettable weekend experience where you will enhance your healing capabilities as you learn the foundational techniques to transform your life.

If you are looking for that once in a lifetime experience to be held in the divine energy of Anandi Sano, in person as you learn how to heal self and others using powerful energy healing techniques, then this event is just for you!

PREREQUISITES: Have completed the 4 hour foundation course.

The focus of 2 practical days is to ACTIVATE THE CORE OF SELF, the healing connection to everything around you and the intelligence in the body. The training includes Peiec's wonderful work in the ENERGETIC LAYERED SYSTEM. A deep understanding of how Energy works and flows, how it becomes blocked, how our physical body responds, and of course, how to begin to shift these low vibrating energy blockages.

Peiec students are empowered with this study to start building a solid foundation of their own energy and learn how to start healing themselves and others.

Highlights of the 2 day seminar:

•    Access the Core of self together as one
•    Facilitate a peiec energy healing session on another, and experience receiving a session in return
•    Increase your energetic awareness and sensitivity and build confidence and self esteem as you release fears and self-limiting                  thoughts whilst learning how to manage your life and be in a balanced flow
•    Learn how to speak clearly and confidently in front of others
•    Learn to incorporate the techniques within your healthcare centre or wellness professions- or start taking clients
•    Insights into distance healing and working on yourself
•    Additional energy healing activities to experience energy in a different, powerful way
•    Uncover your innate abilities to heal self and others
•    Connection with your peers in a practical and live setting

After completion of Level 1 Online and completion of the 2 day immersive experience, you will then be able to continue with Peiec: Pathway to Peace. This 6 month program provides access to the course content for a period of 6 months, as well as ongoing regular support, Livecasts and so much more!

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