Deeply nurturing, incredibly powerful exploration into healing self and the sacredness of your spiritual journey. 
JULY 30TH and 31ST
8.30am - 4.30pm
Gloria's Place of Wellness
845 Campersic Road , Brigadoon
(Just in the Swan Valley about 25 min from Perth)

Join Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher Anandi Sano for an enriching and life changing two day retreat. Nestled in the Swan Valley is Gloria’s Place of Wellness- a stunning location set on sacred ground. 
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Over the two day workshop, you will experience connection unlike any other, and amplify your connection to Source and the flow of all that is.

Anandi Sano will guide you though the most sacred healing journey, where you will learn powerful tools to heal yourself and others.

Unlocking the sacred energy flow from Source, you are held in the divine of two incredibly powerful days of healing, exploring energy and understanding your greatest powers and healing gifts.

Learn how to access your own energetic layered system - and the powerful tools to shift yourself rapidly from a heightened state to a balanced state and calmness.

This sacred retreat is for those who wish to take their spiritual and healing journey to the next level, letting go of all past knowledge and experiences and being held in the divine flow of Anandi Sano’s sacred energy as you explore energy healing in it’s purest form.

As one starts to understand their own unique and divine connection to Source, that we truly start to heal.

Uncover the truth behind why healing needs to be gentle, and how honouring your own spiritual pathway is they key to unlocking your flow of abundance within this lifetime.

Two weeks prior to the event, you will gain access to the online coursework. This will take approx. 1-2 hours to complete.
This is a pre-requisite to attending the in person retreat, and must be completed before attending.

For those seeking a deeper connection to self, to source, and honouring the ebb and flow of life and all that is, then this is the space for you.
To be able to stand in a place to heal others, one must first understand how to heal self, and to honour their spiritual journey. 

"For the last month, I had been feeling anxious, depressed and had constant negative thoughts. I was spiraling downwards fast. I went to the Dr who wanted to put me on anti- depressants but my intuition knew this wasn’t the answer.
I was referred to a psychologist and that was going to take 6 weeks for the initial appointment. Anti-depressants would take four weeks to kick in and that’s if they were the right ones for me.
I decided to try something different. I had a peiec session, ONE session, and within 10 minutes I was back to myself. The anxiety and depression vanished and I instantly was able to think clearly again. TEN MINUTES! 
"I had many injuries from sporting, gut issues, low self esteem, overwhelm, borderline autoimmune- headed that way, eating 'disorder', bloating (so annoying!), kept myself at home all the time, chronic pain in all of my muscles and joints, saying no to life, apathy.
Peiec has helped me to shift ALL of it! The joy I have been able to experience with being able to access a broader range of emotions and shift myself from negative moods, sensations, sadness... well... It's everything!"  Erin
Over the two days you will receive:
Healing and transformation, a deeper understanding of the perfection of who you are, unlocking your unique gifts, how to use the powerful tools taught over the two days to heal self, and how to work on others (including your animals and the land)
How to live life being in the flow- without the fear.
How to become gentle with self, and with others, and how to shift generational, ancestral, childhood and emotional energetic blockages that hold us bound within our lifetime, stopping us from honouring our true reason for being.
Learning how to nurture yourself and find the beauty of who you are- gentle, selfless and compassionate.
This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Only 20 places available for this sacred healing experience.
Held in the divine, this is what you have been searching for. 

"My Peiec Energy Healing course was a wonderful experience. I’ve partaken in silent retreats in India and multiple energy courses, etc etc, but this was different.
Using Anandi ’s techniques, one simply arrives at a place which can take years, even a lifetime to find.
For me years of pancreatic pain and chest pain stopped by the end of the first day. On the first day I found my internal source of peace.
Upon placing myself at the source on one particular session, brought me to place I’ve never experienced before.
To just be, to feel like a body of water and to feel like a conduit of pure love was really indescribable.
This wonderful healing method came into my life when serious physical illness was starting to take hold, when my life was stale and bubbling with chronic stress.
The stressful events haven’t changed, I’ve simply found a way to move into the eye of the storm instead of being battered by the storm (of life). Thank you Anandi." Adam
"If you're like I was, feeling lost, depressed, not enough, not worthy, forever searching for that one thing that  really would fix me, then this is the best learning you could possibly do.  I'd tried so, so many ways to be happier, healthier, to feel more loved etc and some made a difference for a short time.
But those patterns of self sabotage, lack and overwhelm quickly returned. But learning peiec with Anandi Sano was life changing for me. I didn't need fixing. I wasn't broken. I learned that there was no need to look externally for my happiness, for peace, for calm, for love and so much more. I simply had to know how to work energetically within my own energy system. It was simple. It was profound. And it's healing of body, mind and spirit beyond anything I've experienced before. And unlike other methods I'd used, learning and using peiec continues to enhance my life in extraordinary ways, bringing clarity, calmness, peace, the ability to deal with "those' moments instantly, greater love, happiness, compassion, improved friendships and relationships and the list goes on. Truly has been the one most important learning I have done for myself." Jan
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