Peiec is the discovery of self healing, taught by International Spiritual Teacher Anandi Sānō (Sandra J).

Over two days, you will connect to the Universal energy and let it flow through your whole body. You will be taught that energy knows no bounds and even race, clothing, sexual preference, age, gender or religious beliefs does not hinder what is given.

Peiec is pure connection that activates love and life and starts you on your journey to awaken to living with health, peace, presence and purpose. Stepping outside of what we think we know, and into a space of knowing beyond knowing, into a place of wisdom.

Course Content for Module 1:
We explore and discuss:
 “The disconnect to self and the disconnect of self’
 Explore the philosophy that is Peiec, along with an understanding of the energetic layers (Core, Energetic, Intellect, Emotional and Physical)
Exploration of how the layers affect healing and the life moments that affect our life and health.
You will be shown how to access the Core of self and your own layers
You will be shown the power of how to calm your own layers and the layers of others
We explore the place of the healer, the acceptance of healing for self, along with the purity and simplicity that is healing.

Sandra J’s unique energy flows to fill the venue, which supports every participant for the duration of the course. This energy is what brings the connection, and guided teachings, along with the profound healings that occur for many over the two days. Many can students can attest to the transformation that occurs just by sitting in the presence of Sandra J.