Prerequisite – 7 DAY Intensive

This 3 day program is designed for those who have previously attended the 7 day intensive program and covers 24 hours of practical and theoretical experience.

*Module 5 students should be a Practitioner or close to achieving their Practitioner certification and receiving regular transformation sessions, along with daily incorporated practice.

Course Content for Module 5

A greater understanding of the philosophy of Peiec, and a deeper connection to core and Source.
Explore the connection to others and the threads that connect us all

Learn how to energetically release threads to others to create an instantaneous shift in our lives

Enhanced learning of crossover techniques to work on specific organs in the body

Extra Hands on bodywork techniques to release muscles physically and release life moments held within those areas

Energetically open the chest, head, shoulder, hip

Learn techniques to calm the central nervous system

Learn powerful peiec bodywork techniques to open and relax the body

Spend 3 days in the energy that flows to bring the teachings of peiec, creating significant healing across the layers of self

Hands-on and interactive learning environment

Enhanced awareness & energetic sensitivity

Amplified gentle healing and release in a supportive environment.

Sandra J’s unique energy flows to fill the venue, which supports every participant for the duration of the course. This energy is what brings the connection, and guided teachings, along with the profound healing that occur for many over the 3 days. Many can students can attest to the transformation that occurs just by sitting in the presence of Sandra J.



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