Anandi Sano is an inspiring teacher of spiritual transformation, speaker, author, master healer and sacred musician who offers others the opportunity to experience both abundance and profound inner peace through her presence and her energy medicine method known as peiec®️. Her profound yet simple teachings, programs and retreats have helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace, self-healing, awakened states of consciousness, greater fulfillment, and abundance within their lives.

Anandi Sano has extensive corporate, business and health skills, knowledge and experience, and has worked for the regulatory agency for OSH in Australia and also in senior management roles within private industry. She was also a paramedic for over a decade.




Anandi Sano is available for interviews for podcasts, media, print media and video. She is also avaialble for workshops , retreats, conferences and speaking engagements.

Her favourite topics include Spiritual awakening and enlightenment,  Intuition in business, Conscious leadership, The power of our thoughts, words and actions , Mindfulness, and Wellness.

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Photo : Kelly Pilgrim – Byrne

Photo : Kelly Pilgrim – Byrne

Photo : Kelly Pilgrim – Byrne

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