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 Level 1 Peiec Certification

Uncover the Hidden Depths of Healing: Embrace peiec® Healing, the Pathway for Intuition-Driven Practitioners.

Are you a person or therapist driven by a deeper intuition, sensing that there’s more to healing than conventional methods? Feel the call to transcend ordinary practice, to connect with something profound that resonates beyond words? Discover peiec® Healing, an innovative approach crafted for those who seek a true transformational experience.

What Is peiec® Healing?

peiec® Healing offers a transcendent connection with the essence of human nature. It’s more than techniques or theories; it’s a profound experience that speaks to those who recognize the power of energy work in their practice. With over 50 unique techniques, peiec® Healing provides transformative and life-changing results.

Why Choose peiec® Healing?

Intuition-Driven Healing for the Conscious Mind: Perfect for those who understand that healing transcends the conventional, peiec® Healing provides a profound and insightful path.
Rapid and Enduring Results: Help clients break free from past limitations quickly, without needing to revisit traumas, or relying on talk therapy.
Revitalizing for Practitioners: Connect with your clients in a way that nurtures your intuition and energy.
Holistic Approach for the Intuition-Driven Healer: Seamlessly align science with energy healing, providing a transformation that complements your current intuitive practice.

Benefits of peiec® Certification for Intuition-Driven Practitioners:

Elevate Your Client Outcomes: Enhance confidence, release limiting patterns, and move beyond constraints with an intuitive and compassionate approach.
Expand Your Thriving Practice: Improved client results lead to satisfaction and growth. Elevate your practice with this unique method.
Rekindle Your Healing Passion: Engage with a method that aligns with your intuition, avoiding the potential fatigue often linked with traditional modalities.




( MODULES 1-5)



( MODULES 1-5)


What Clients Say 

Personally peiec has helped me to overcome my anxiety and panic attacks.
I don’t have anxiety or panic attacks anymore!! For over two years now!!
I am sooo thankful for that as everyone knows who experiences panic attacks how that dictates your life!!
I am enjoying life and have my peace back.


Peiec is so eye-opening! I felt a perception of a level of inner calm and peace that I had previously not encountered in other modalities. It is a completely different way of seeing inside of yourself and bringing calm and balance to mind, body and spirit. Big thanks to Anandi and Krys and the other mentors that really help to engage and support you in your learning.
peiec helps you to see into the unknown and offers such powerful and yet gentle tools that anyone can use to heal the parts of self that may otherwise be subconscious, or locked away. The healing that happens in this space is also profound, and well worth the time just to come along and see what it is all about!
I have come away from this course wanting to know more!


Learning to sit in core and the gentle techniques to calm self are incredible gifts.
Since completing Module 1, I have found an increased connection to self and others and a deeper knowing.
Old habitual thought patterns and emotional reactions are falling away. My anxiety has lessened- as has a deep sadness that had plagued me, despite years of counselling and other therapies.
I highly recommend Peiec as a gentle and safe space for profound healing.”



Join the New Wave of Transformation

Are you ready to elevate your practice, create deeper and lasting changes in your clients, and transform lives with a method tailored for the intuition-driven practitioner? Dive into the extraordinary and transformative healing journey of peiec® Healing.

Become part of a movement that speaks to the extraordinary power of Peiec Healing.

Intuitive Insight

Heal Through Understanding: Connect to your intuitive understanding of your clients, recognizing underlying patterns and beliefs. This ability to deeply perceive allows for a targeted and effective healing process.

Energetic Alignment

Harmonize and Balance: Utilize energy-sensitive techniques that resonate with traditional practices. Find alignment with the energy of your clients, creating an environment for authentic and profound healing.

Spiritual Connection

Awaken Inner Wisdom: Foster a connection that goes beyond physical symptoms, awakening a deep sense of self and wisdom within both practitioner and client. Unlock doors to higher consciousness.

Transformative Growth

Evolve Through Healing: Experience growth not only in your clients but also in your practice. Peiec® Healing’s multifaceted approach enables both the healer and the healed to evolve, achieving wellness in all facets of life.

The Frustration of Surface-Level Healing

Do your clients return with the same issues, time and time again? Are you fatigued from treating symptoms without addressing the underlying causes? With peiec® Healing, you’ll learn to work at the core level, identifying and healing the root causes of pain, discomfort and disease.


The Power of Peiec® Healing

Holistic Approach: Incorporate over 30 distinctive techniques that address body, mind, and spirit.
Deeper Connection: Foster a profound connection with your clients, helping them break free from recurring pain and disease cycles.
Professional Growth: Enhance your skill set and differentiate your practice in a competitive field.
Personal Well-Being: Reduce therapist fatigue by channeling energy effectively and consciously.
Versatility: Easily integrate with existing bodywork methods for complementary healing.

Benefits for Your Practice
Increased Client Satisfaction: Achieve remarkable and rapid results that address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
Retention & Referrals: Build lasting relationships with clients who recognize and value your unique approach.
Revitalize Your Practice: Experience the joy and fulfilment of making deep and lasting changes in your clients’ lives.


What Clients Say 

My enthusiasm for writing this testimonial was to put a “shout out’ to anyone suffering depression, anxiety or any other mental health condition. I began with peiec healing being chronically tired from a thyroid condition, I also was feeling very depressed, this was a condition that had come and gone in my life since teenage years.
I was on antidepressants and had tried many natural healing methods, which had all worked up to a point. After my first session my “tiredness” disappeared, after needing to rest every afternoon, I was out walking miles in the bush with my horses, something I would have never attempted before as it would have just been too exhausting.
I also began to feel much calmer, something foreign to me, even though intellectually I had tried to achieve this state, it eluded me.
I had had an inbuilt expectation that the depression was something I would be living with forever, however since having three healing sessions and undertaking the peiec modules, I realise that it is possible to completely heal from depression.
I wake up laughing instead of crying.I do of course have to ” eat my peas” as Anandi says, ie Look after myself, eat well, exercise, be in positive company.
For me this is a miracle, my life can progress forward instead of treading water and feeling like I`m drowning most of the time.
So, I urge anyone stuck in the cycle of any mental illness to try it! You may well be surprised. “


My daughter (13 year old) was having kidney pain ( E-coli) and had a Urinary Tract Infection. She had it for 6 weeks, she wasn’t eating as it made her feel sick and sleepy all the time.The doctors couldn’t work out why she was still suffering after a course of antibiotics. So I went through her layers just calming them and the next morning she was up watching the sunrise and she has been eating again, healthy food as well.
I went through her layers again a couple of days later and calmed them, now she is wanting to go out and do things to improve her life.


I love that when I am doubting myself or the gift of peiec I get these little (or big) reminders of how absolutely amazing it actually is.
Just before I completed Module 1 for the first time in November last year, I had full blood work done, and my health was very poor. I had low vitamin D, deficient iron, and low vitamin B, my blood sugars were high and my cholesterol was 7.6 (which is extremely high for a 32 year old)
Well, I had the bloodwork re-done this week and am absolutely amazed!!
Although I haven’t made any significant dietary changes or been on any supplements my blood sugars are within normal ranges, as are my iron, vitamin D and B levels AND my cholesterol is now 5.4. Which is only just above the normal range .
The GP was in shock and had to double-check the results, then asked if I went on the cholesterol medication (which I did not) because cholesterol dropping by 2.2 without the help of medication is “basically unheard of”.I have lost 7kgs recently, but apparently this weight loss is not enough to impact my cholesterol levels by that amount, especially in less than 12 months.
The cholesterol result is super important to me as my Dad had triple bypass surgery 18 months ago and I was told I would likely need to be on cholesterol medication for the rest of my life.


Join the Movement

Embrace the universal language of healing that transcends physical manipulation. Embark on a transformative journey where your hands become instruments of healing, guided by intuition and wisdom.

Join us in reshaping not just individual lives, but the health and well-being of humanity. The path is open, vibrant, and alive with peiec® Healing.

Physical Integration

Heal Through Connection: Discover how to integrate energy work with physical techniques, enhancing the effectiveness of your treatments. Connect on a profound level with your clients’ physical and energetic bodies.

Emotional Resonance

Balance Mind and Body: Go beyond surface symptoms and reach underlying emotional imbalances. Achieve true harmony by resonating with your client’s energetic states, allowing for a complete healing experience.

Energetic Sustainability

Empower Yourself: Learn to work with energy in a way that sustains and invigorates your practice. Minimize fatigue, connect with joy, and bring new life to your work through the peiec® Healing method.

Transformative Impact

Evolve Your Practice: Embrace a comprehensive approach that brings your clients back to wellness and keeps them there. Evolve your practice by adding a powerful new dimension that resonates with both traditional and alternative therapies.

From Our Founder

A Personal Invitation from Anandi Sano

Peiec® Energy Healing is not merely a method, a theory, nor an amalgamation of any existing techniques. It is a living, breathing testament to the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Born from a profound experience with the consciousness of Source, peiec® unveiled itself to me as a revolutionary healing modality that transcends conventional boundaries.

With over 50 distinctive techniques, each resonating directly with the moment’s needs, this system extends beyond healing—it becomes an awakening, an evolution. Whether you are a mental health professional or bodyworker, peiec® offers an unexplored path to transformation that is as unique as it is universal. Join me on this journey, and unlock a world within yourself and your clients that you never knew existed.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is peiec® Healing?

peiec® Healing is a profound healing method revealed by Source to Anandi Sano. Comprising over 50 unique techniques, this method encourages the body, mind, and spirit to heal, offering a gentle yet rapid approach. Unlike other modalities, it’s not an amalgamation of different techniques but a new system focusing on energy work and consciousness transformation.

Who is this certification for?

The certification is designed for online and in-person: Online is for those with previous or current experience in the wellness space and the in-person is for those wishing to add Peiec certification to their current offerings or step into a new career, or  who seek to incorporate holistic healing into their practices.

What makes peiec® Healing different from other healing methods?

peiec® Healing stands out due to its unique origin, quick results, and the holistic approach that connects body, mind, and spirit. It’s not about exploring traumas but shifting the charge, making it less draining for practitioners and more empowering for clients.

How will this certification benefit my practice?

Incorporating peiec® Healing into your practice can lead to profound transformative client results, more sustainable work (less emotional drain), and a unique offering that differentiates you in the marketplace. It’s designed for those who sense there’s more to healing than conventional methods.

Are there prerequisites for taking the certification?

The prerequisites vary between the two tracks. The mental health track requires a background in therapy, counseling, or psychology, while the bodywork track is open to practitioners in fields like massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, etc.

How long does the certification take? What's the format?

The certification takes place over 9 months, with access for 12 months to integrate the work into your practice. The program is a blend of online instruction and group mentorship. Hands-on practice days are also available but separate from the program. The duration and format may also vary between the two different options to cater to the specific needs of each audience. 

How do I know if peiec® Healing is the right fit for me and my practice?

peiec® Healing is suited for practitioners who feel intuitively drawn to energy work, seek quicker healing outcomes, and want to explore beyond traditional boundaries. It offers a new perspective, especially for those attuned to the subtleties of energy.

What support is available during and after the certification process?

The program offers continuous support through a membership which includes fortnightly mentorship, community forums, and ongoing learning opportunities. Anandi’s teachings provide guidance, and the peiec® Healing community fosters collaboration and growth.

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