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Peiec Healing is the new way of Healing
Peiec Healing Certification 
The Peiec Healing Certification Academy is a unique and profound educational program that teaches the wisdom of Anandi Sano and Peiec Healing. The Peiec Healing Training is fully accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies. Successful completion leads to certification as a Level 1 Peiec Practitioner.
 Certification can be either completed Online or in a Hybrid format
Students must Submit a Practitioner Portfolio to Gain Certification
 Our Peiec Energy Healing Certification course is facilitated by Anandi Sano, Krystle and her co-practitioner team. This experience will make you rethink everything you know about energy, and is carefully designed to create an inclusive environment that celebrates compassion, diversity, kindness and boundaries.

Our unique and revolutionary energy-based healing modality provides a practical, effective, drug-free solution that offers rapid and sustainable life-changing results, assisting in relieving stress, pain, and illness to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Using our system to dive deeper into the underlying causes of pain and dis-ease, you and your clients will experience lasting relief, creating a more balanced and vibrant life.

Suitable for current and aspiring practitioners, who would like to expand their skills for one-on-one offerings, and those just interested in learning more about Peiec Healing and how to heal themselves and their family.

You do not need any mystical talents,– only a dedication to use the innate wisdom that you have within you to make a difference in your own and other people’s lives

Unlock the potential of a brighter future today! 
Learn the tools and techniques to become a powerful and successful healer that can transform lives in the  most amazing of ways. LEARN MORE
Learn 25 different techniques including the 7 part series of the powerful releasing Life moments sequence
Step by step what you need to grow your business and become booked out and abundant
Videos, PDFs and support for your Peiec Healing Journey
Join our incredible healing community with like minded students
Transform your Career with a powerful and unique Method 
Join our wonderful community and experience what it's like to transform yourself and your clients’ lives with Peiec® Energy Healing. 
No Unique Talent Required. Peiec Healing is a well rounded certification that gives practitioners the tools, knowledge and support to create their own path towards a satisfying career and abundance. 
What can I expect from this Program? 
Create an amazing life on your terms and train in a rewarding career where you can 
It doesn’t take years of university study, with most students taking 6-12 months to certify. Many carry on the opportunity to join our professional Peiec Association, which offers business development and continued learning opportunities.
  • Choose the freedom to work from home or while travelling the world.
  • Work your own hours - You decide your hours, when, where, and with whom you work.
  • Get very well paid (Currently our practitioners charge between $150 - $250 per client) 
  • Create a totally meaningful, purpose-filled and abundant lifestyle that suits you, your family and the lifestyle YOU deserve!! We will assist you in how to build a successful and thriving practice
  • Immerse yourself in an environment where people "get you" and support your passion to fulfil your DREAMS.
  • Challenge yourself to be best you were born to be.
  • Build a network with people who are on a similar path to you, who want more and know they can have more.
  • To grow in confidence of what you can achieve, and to celebrate with you as your competence grows and you KNOW you've got what it takes.
  • We will teach you how to embody the teachings so you can achieve lifelong success.
  • We will support you to heal the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • We will guide you on a powerful journey that will transform your inner and outer worlds so that you can achieve success
What is the method that Anandi teaches?
Peiec Healing -  Extraordinary Transformation
What is Peiec Healing - the Basic principles
Peiec Healing Modules Outline 
Our training is IICT-certified, offering insurance and hands-on support to launch your practitioner career. 
  • Foundation of Healing
  • Understanding peiec
  • The flow of energy when in Core
  • Why peiec is so important to use in your daily life
  • Healing through generations
  • Understanding your Truth & the perfection of who you are
  • Exploring how you feel or sense the energy shifts
  • The Power of thoughts and words and how it affects us
  • Guided Messages for Healing
  • How to access Core
  • Feeling the energy
  • Understanding your energetic layers
  • Exploring your own layers
  • How to calm your layers
  • How to work with animals/others/land etc
  • Work within the layers of others
  • Open someone up energetically when they are shut down
  • Release whole sections of the body through ‘Brushing’
  • Work on and within the body with the Hand X-Over technique
  • Combine Brushing and Hand X-Over and Increase the intensity
  • Allow the energy to flow in a Head Calm
  • Pulling someone into Core
  • Balance the Body Left/Right
  • Learn the Head Balance move
  • Learn the 7 part series on how to Release Life Moments
  • What to do after working on some one else
  • Pulling energetically and Doors
  • Raising your Energetic and Physical Vibrations
  • How to work with another person sequence
  • The art of conversation
  • Feet energy Technique
  • Body Movement flow sequence
  • Satellite Technique
  • Peiec Hugs
  • How to get a client off a massage table safely
  • Gifts of Life
  • Threads Sequence
  • Body Squeeze Sequence
  • Calming the system Sequence
  • Pelvis and Abdominal Sequence
  • Finger X-Over
  • Three Fingers - Shoulder/hip/knees
  • Circular Energy Flow
  • Entrainment Sequence
Business Modules 
Our business program is a comprehensive online program assisting you to build a successful and thriving business and seeing yourself as a business owner 
We cover topics such as 
  • Your ideal client
  • Finding your why
  • Pricing your product or service
  • Goal setting
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Business excuses
  • How to create a subscription program or mastermind
  • How to market your events
  • Email sequence
  • Lead generation
  • How to create an opt-in
  • How to create and/or grow a business
  • How to grow your business organically
  • The do’s (and don’ts) of growing your business
  • How to stay focused and on track
  • How to build your brand
  • Tools to build your business
  • Tips to ensure business longevity
  • How to be “seen” on social media
  • And more… 
I’m interested in doing this course for personal study but, I don’t want to be a Practitioner. Can I still do this course?  
 Yes, this course is suitable for those just wanting to immerse in the study of Peiec Healing, and those interested in becoming a Practitioner of Peiec Healing 
Will I be a Practitioner of Peiec Healing once I complete the course?  
 Qualification is determined on a case-by-case basis. Upon successful completion of the course and completion of a Practitioner Portfolio, you will be provided with a certificate, allowing you to offer one-on-one sessions. 
Can I teach Peiec Healing to others after this course?  
 No, this course does not cover the skills required to teach any part of Peiec Healing to others.  
Where is the course located?  
 We offer courses in Australia, and globally. 
What languages are the courses taught in?  
 We facilitate the courses in English. 
Are you coming to my country?  
 All locations and dates for 2023 will be released over the next 6 months.

Please keep an eye on our website to check for further location announcements.

Due to the high volume of enquiries we receive, we are unable to respond to questions regarding future locations. Thank you for understanding.
Are payment plans available?  
 We prefer you to settle your fee in full with one payment. Full fees are due 3 weeks prior to the start date of your Intensive.

However, payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis.

Detailed payment information will be provided during your enrollment process if your application is successful. 
I applied but haven't received a response?  
 We reply to applications within 10 business days of receiving them. If you have not heard back from us after this timeframe, please email us to confirm your application was received:

Friendly reminder to check your ‘Spam’ inbox before contacting us.
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What people are saying
Discover how just a few of our students have successfully unlocked the secrets to healing and deep inner peace
Spontaneous Healing of Crohn's
Cassie had been hospitalized
Daughter is off all medication for Mastocytosis
Vet could not detect heart murmur in cat anymore
Neck and Shoulder Injury
Fay had decreased vision out of one of her eyes and had pressure
 Suffering with the challenges of Encopresis for over 5 years
Chronic Pain from Back Issues
Spontaneous disappearance of rash and no depression and anxiety
Amanda had not been able to walk properly since having surgery
Louise was struggling to breathe due to Covid 19
No need for crutches for balance for MS
Peiec helped Elaine change her entire life
Andrea's whole life has changed
Shifting of body pain, anxiety, overwhelm, eating disorder
From Mental health issues to Inner peace
Maureen talks about her online experience
Diana talks about her online experience
Heidi talks about her online experience
Michelle has done a lot of modalities and has been blown away by the depth of peiec
 The online learning is great-I easily get overwhelmed in groups and having viewed and practiced everything and questions answered are actually a much better way of learning .
The in person experience after having learned and practiced is an amazing opportunity but not absolutely necessary.
Thank you for all your teachings and support throughout your program
 Online learning is amazing. I love that I can go back and re-watch. What I love even more, is the amazing connection between students when in different parts of the country or world and the beautiful healing that happens in this deeply connected space. Peiec is like nothing I've done or experienced before in it's simplicity and effectiveness for deep healing on all levels for me, for my family and for clients. I'm a peiec-er for life. 
 The online courses have been such a game changer in learning. It's been amazing to go through the courses online, after having initially learned in person. The fact that you can rewind and watch it again and again is invaluable. 
 I love your online programs. I love being able to re watch the videos and then go back over previous modules as your understanding goes deeper the more you heal. Your videos in the programs also pack a punch with energy. It’s amazing to feel the energy through all of your videos.  
What people are saying
 Where do I start…. The surgical transplant team is just blown away by how my husband is. He is doing so well and does not have to go on dialysis straight up. They have never had anyone come out at 100%.
It can normally take a while to wake a transplanted kidney up, sometimes up to 6 months. He is fully functioning!

My husband is a changed man, he is so different. So happy and looking forward to life. I really cannot express my gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you. Mega blessings.
 Good morning, just wanted to give you an update. About 5/6 years ago (from memory) I was diagnosed with 80% hearing loss in my right ear. I coped but really struggled at times when someone spoke softly. I started to hear things louder in the first day of the course…in fact little things were impacting and distracting me ( noises from the kitchen and noises from outside). I didn’t actually work it out until late last night that I think that I may have regained some of my hearing. I have also had vertigo for the last six weeks. I have been able to function but was really dizzy when laid down or sat up. I think (fingers crossed) my vertigo has gone too. 
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 Peiec has become my greatest parenting tool.

Each step I’ve taken forward for myself has created powerful change in my children. The past 12 months both of my kids have become more empowered and confident, and more able to stand up for themselves in the face of great adversity.

They have both experienced huge changes in school work and their ability. Dyslexia plagued my learning through schooling and Ethan particularly experienced these difficulties. I have experienced huge improvement with dyslexia, sensory overwhelm, and audio processing issues. This has also flows to both kids who have also had massive improvements in the same areas.

Healing flows from parents to kids in the most profound and powerful ways.
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 “I was almost crippled by fear driving on wet roads and the stronger the rain the worse it got. This came from an accident I had about 7 years ago where I aqua planed on a wet road and crashed into a huge boulder. Every time the road was wet I’d break into cold sweats, crying, pulling over and not driving more than 70kmh (far from ideal driving behaviour on a wet road) which is far cry of what I am normally like on the roads, confident.
Then last winter I noticed that I was no longer reacting that, all of a sudden I was back to my usual cautious (as you do) but confident driving on wet roads, rain or no rain.
I know that I lost control of my car, skidded this way then that and ended up in a huge broad slide hard against a massive rock but all of a sudden it’s just a memory.
It no longer triggers fear, nervousness, anxiety and panic in me. I can speak about it and I am not affected where I used to not even mention it as it used to play through my head while driving again and again like a movie bringing all the emotions and fear with. Poof…..gone….like magic! I love peiec.’
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What people are saying
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