Discover The Powerful Energy Healing Method That Calms

the Mind, Raises Your Vibration, Releases Physical &

Emotional Pain And Opens You To Happiness, True

Fulfillment, Health and Deep Peace

 Peiec is the only energy healing program of its kind, and provides real-

world, hands – on healing experience at this entry level.

The peiec  foundation program with acclaimed teacher and energy healer Anandi Sano guides you through an intuitive step-by-step process which is designed to create life-changing experiences for you. Peiec is the most remarkable way to awaken the mind , body and spirit to the truth of your life purpose.

The beauty and power of this process rests in its simplicity.  You don’t need any specific gifts, talents or energy healing experience. Instead, you just let Anandi  guide you through the process that she was shown by Source, and allow her to assist you to systematically awaken your true nature and potential.

The Peiec Foundation program is packed with enjoyable, easy-to-learn tools that instantly align you with your energetic nature, raises your consciousness , and in turn elevates every area of your life, to create lasting and positive change.

Peiec has been called “the missing link” in creating rapid transformation within people’s lives and accelerating their spiritual growth. It allows you to live a life where you are the best version of yourself, where fear, anger, regret or hurt are replaced by peace, joy and true fulfillment

In just 4 short weeks, you’ll become  attuned to your most true nature.  You will experience abilities  you never knew you had, and begin to feel a sense of wholeness and oneness that cannot be explained in words.

Who is this for?

This is for people who want to move to…

Higher states of consciousness, Expansion of awareness




Greater clarity, direction, and a deepening connection to self and others


A state of well-being and joy, with an immense underlying sense of calm. Awaken to health, true fulfillment, peace, presence and purpose


Meet your Teacher

Anandi Sano has had a diverse and highly successful career over the past thirty years, originating in the medical field and later progressing to a corporate environment.

 Following an unexpected encounter with the energy and consciousness of Source as she connected with her father on his death-bed in 2012, Anandi ultimately became an energy healer, spiritual teacher and the founder of peiec Energy Medicine.

 After many years of her own spiritual exploration, Anandi received dramatic shifts in consciousness in 2016 as Source/God started to reveal to her a way of healing in the most profound manner, quickly and gently.

 Anandi applied this method to herself, healing long-standing, complex PTSD within months and allowing her body, mind and spirit to heal.

 Although Anandi describes this period as deeply painful and highly challenging, it was the beginning of a process of enlightenment for her.

 In 2017, Source/God asked that Anandi started teaching what she had been shown to others – and peiec Energy Medicine was born.

 Anandi continued applying the tools and techniques to herself, ultimately stepping into the purest state of peace and presence in 2018, where she now resides.

 From this pure state, Anandi emanates a powerful and expansive energy field, with innumerable people reporting spontaneous healing and rapid shifts in consciousness whilst in her presence.

 Anandi’s incredible energy, which flows directly from Source, is held within everything that she offers, including her online peiec programs, podcasts, YouTube channel, mystical poetry and music.

 Anandi’s Divine mission is to accelerate global consciousness by teaching others to health themselves, following on her own path towards self-realisation.


Anandi Sano teaching about healing and what she was shown

Anandi carrying out group healings with her presence and sacred vocal sound healing

Student Stories 

The foundation program has allowed me to connect with many other like-minded people on a similar journey to me, and upon accessing the online support group, I found a beautiful new family of kind, caring and supportive people. I feel peiec healing has really amplified my healing and given me the direction and particular type of healing I had been searching for. I feel like my life has taken a positive shift in so many ways, I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to heal any aspect of their lives, body mind and/or soul.


Emergency Dep Nurse

“peiec is so eye opening! I felt a perception of a level of inner calm and peace that I had previously not encountered in other modalities. It is a completely different way of seeing inside of yourself and bringing calm and balance to mind, body and spirit. Big thanks to Anandi and Krys and the other mentors that really help to engage and support you in your learning. peiec helps you to see into the unknown and offers such powerful and yet gentle tools that anyone can use to heal the parts of self that may otherwise be subconscious, or locked away. The healing that happens in this space is also profound, and well worth the time just to come along and see what it is all about!
I have come away from this course wanting to know more!”
Erin N.

Body Therapist

The foundation course for me was full of surprises and immense healing. Being able to feel the flow of energy and the changes in myself right from the first moment was amazing. Even though not everyone ‘feels’ energy, there is definitely something there that can be felt and can’t be denied. The foundation course opened me up energetically and set me on the path back to myself. Learning to trust and recognise the energetic flow and being taught powerful tools was life changing.

Andrea W.

Massage Therapist

The Curriculum

The peiec foundation program is a 4 -week online journey guiding you towards awakening your personal layered energetic system.

Through a thoughtfully designed curriculum of information and guided exercises, Anandi Sano will guide you to awaken your energetic abilities. You will start to strengthen your intuition,  tap into the energy that can flow through you, become more present, dissipate and calm dense energy in your energetic layers, heal yourself and others, connect with  Source, and accelerate your spiritual growth.

By the end of your foundation program, you’ll understand what it means to truly start to heal yourself and others and you will be able to work within your layered energetic system, create greater clarity, healing, abundance, peace and love in both your inner and outer world.

PART 1 - Understanding Healing and Energy

Topics Include

  • Understanding healing and the principles of peiec
  • The flow of energy when in the deepest part of Self
  • Understanding the concepts of why peiec is so important in your daily life
  • Healing through Generations
PART 2 - Beginning the Healing and Transformation

Topics Include

  • Guided Messages for your healing and awakening
  • Understanding the Truth and the perfection of who you truly are
  • Exploring how you feel and sense energy shifts
  • The  power of thoughts and words and how they affect us
PART 3 - How to access the Deepest part of Self
  • Topics Include
    • Explanation of how to access the Deepest part of Self
    • Accessing Core
    • Feeling the Energy
    • Experience the power of thoughts and words whilst in Core
PART 4 - Access and work in the Layers of Self

Topics Include

  • Understanding your energetic layers
  • Exploring your own layers of Self
  • How to Calm your layers
  • How to work with animals/ other people/land

What You Get:

    The complete peiec foundation program ‘ Step into Peace’

    3 Weeks access to the recorded sessions with Anandi Sano

    Anandi’s complete curriculum of tools  and information that she was given during the beginning of her intense healing and awakening journey

    Attend 1 x  Workshop day (Either in person or Livestreamed. This includes interaction and practice with others)

    BONUS – Monthly  Student support group webinars 

    BONUS – Meditation Mp3 to raise your vibration

    BONUS – Access to Closed Peiec Student Facebook Group


 Get access to the entire program



Prices in Australian Dollars 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any energy healing experience to learn peiec healing ?

None whatsoever. The peiec foundation program is designed for anyone who has never done energy work before and for those who have.

Energy work is an integral and incredibly efficient vehicle to achieving significant shifts in your life, and as you’ll soon see for yourself, anyone is capable of doing it. You already have everything you need to do the work and Anandi will show you exactly how to either reveal those gifts to you or to further enhance them.

Is there scientific proof behind the idea of energy work?

The concept that everything is energy is based modern scientific proof to support its claims. A variety of major universities and professors have researched and verified both the existence of the validity of the flow of energy from our bodies and our ability to influence them. 

Just as important as the scientific evidence is the experiential evidence. Do an online search and you’ll find countless people who swear by the effectiveness of Energy Work. 

How long does it take to see results?

There are many variables that influence the speed of your success with energy work. Personal circumstances, the current state of your energy and your frequency of practice are all factors that can affect this.

Some people experience results straight away. For others, it may take longer. If your are doubting yourself you may not see noteworthy results until after completing a few of the sessions. What we can promise is that as long as you stay committed to working with your energy at least a few times a week, you will see improvements. And by the end of the program, you will feel  comfortable in your ability to work with your energy and the layers.

Can I study at my own pace?

It’s perfectly fine to also study the curriculum at your own pace. We would just ask that you endeavour to connect with others in your online community, practice with others, attend the workshop day and commit to the support group Zoom calls. What’s most important is your commitment and consistency in completing the entire process. 

What if I run out of time?

We understand that life sometines get in the way. If you find yourself running out of time to complete the program please email us and we will try to accomodate you for an extension.

Is the peiec program only online?

We know  how people love to learn face to face within groups but many people don't have 2 days to take out of their busy schedule to come to a weekend course so we are excited to announce that our peiec healing foundation workshop is only one day. We also wanted to make this unique and powerful curriculum available for anyone around the world and to do that it needed to be online. We do however have in person workshops as you progress through the levels.

Can I gain certification in Peiec Healing?

You certainly can. Once you have completed Module 4, the 4 day workshop and the certification requirements you will be awarded the Level 1 Practitioner Certificate. You will then be able to gain certification through the IICT ( International Institute of Complemntary Therapies ) and apply for insurance .

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