“It’s like being wrapped in Source’s embrace” – Anandi Sano

 Each Prayer Shawl flows with Sano’s beautiful energy, and is personally infused to each individual. Perfect as a gift or to have for self, these are a beautiful way to restore, renew and envelop yourself in a divine embrace. Every shawl is unique to the person it is intended for, and Anandi only requires the name of the person and Source will do the rest. These Shawls can be used for children and adults, and have also been infused for dogs as part of their healing.

Prayer shawls can be worn over clothing, or draped across you as you lay down to create a deep sense of peace and calmness as the energy washes throughout your entire being. 

 Anandi sits deep in Source with your Shawl, receiving information in regards to the intended owner, and infuses it with your own healing rainbow. Your Shawl is infused with energy specific to your needs for the present, and for the future. 

These shawls may be lovingly hand washed in cold water. Dimensions 183cm x 113cm 

*Please allow up to 6 weeks for your personal shawl to arrive after purchase. 




I literally haven’t taken it off on my flight etc. I feel amazing, I slept well and so deeply on the plane, I was super calm during hours of turbulence which is something that normally sends me into a stress cycle, take off and landing…no worries….just complete peace and calm. Now here I am and while I woke up for a while at a weird hour of the night due to the time difference I feel bright as a button, no jetlag to speak of. I usually suffer terribly with jetlag flying over, not this time. I’m loving this shawl more and more every time I use it.


My almost 3 year old granddaughter has been sick with a rattly chest for about 2 weeks now. She has been on steroids, antibiotics etc and is still chesty. I have just gone in and draped my shawl over her 

Just an update, she has not coughed once since I laid the shawl on her. No coughing at all!


Our prayer shawls arrived . OMG thank you. Much gratitude. They are Divine. The energy is like being right with you. Incredible! I could even feel them sitting on the kitchen bench before I opened the parcel. Imagine the energy on their travels to Mackay. Everyone within cooee of them would have felt the beautiful energy of them. I gave Geoffrey his first & he said he could feel the energy from his. He also said they are very pretty & he loves the colour.
We laid out the back patio with them on us resting wowzers. Just beautiful.

Geoff is sitting in front of the TV now with it laid across his shoulders. He loves the feel of it he can feel it working on him. From a man that could never feel energy. Lol. Just feel them working on my body wowzers. Thank you so much Anandi. You will never know just how much appreciation we have for you. Thank you will never seem enough.




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