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Prerequisite –  2 Day Foundation course or online foundation course

Commences 23rd January 2021 and access to online component is 4 weeks which includes live webinars

This online immersion program is designed for those who wish to go on a journey of self healing, learning tools to assist their loved ones and themselves. The online immersion program covers Modules 2 & 3 and covers 32 hours of practical and theoretical experience.

*The online immersion program does not allow you to become a certified peiec practitioner, or apply for insurance.

Course Content for Modules 2 & 3 online

A deeper understanding of the philosophy that is peiec, along with a greater understanding of the energetic layers (Core, Energetic, Intellect, Emotional and Physical)
Explore and release the energetic life moments from the layers that affect our life and health to create healing

Hands on bodywork techniques to release muscles physically and release life moments held within those areas

Discuss how to heal through the family layers to work on generational issues

Learn how to open up and balance out others energetically,

Learn how to energetically raise your vibration to decrease fatigue and increase mental alertness

Simple techniques to stop others from “pulling” on you energetically

Hands-on and interactive learning environment with online modules and webinars

Increased awareness & energetic sensitivity

And so much more