A Night of Healing with Anandi Sano – November 6th


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Location : Mount Hawthorn Main Hall

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Please note: Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and water or a fold up chair for your comfort.

This event is a +16 only event, due to low lighting and the meditation space, children are not permitted. This event will also be live streamed to those that are overseas or in the eastern states of Australia. You will receive an email before the event with the Facebook group link
We welcome you to an evening with Spiritual Teacher and peiec Healing Founder Anandi Sano
This evening is an offering of a 90 minute group transmission, healing and sacred sound session , and the opportunity to personally connect with Anandi Sano .
As many students and clients of Anandi Sano can attest, the energy she continually flows is powerfully transformational and she impacts others through the power of her consciousness. While sharing Anandi Sano’s company people find their life moments can start to release and shift and the benefits of this may be felt within a person’s physical, emotional and energetic self. As Anandi Sano enters these moments of deep Core meditation, the flow of energy is amplified to encompass everyone in the room.
This experience can create a gentle flow, balance, and connection between a person’s energetic and physical self. Clients and students have reported being able to feel the energy throughout their own bodies as they sit in Anandi Sano’s company. A comment that is often made is how one is overtaken with feelings of peace and calm which last well beyond being in this expansive space.To be in her presence is to feel imbued with limitless love and deep serenity.
This is the space you are invited to experience, come and join us in an evening with Anandi Sano.
During the event Anandi Sano is often guided to work on the group or individuals. It is also possible to have a photo of a loved one near you that is in need of healing. Please make sure you have some water at the end of the session and take some time out for yourself as your body will need to process. For some the processing and shifts will continue for weeks.
PLEASE NOTE : Encounters with Anandi Sano are not related to any specific religion or a church. They are open to everybody equally, independent of religion, race or ideology.Anandi Sano makes no promise to heal; she does not give any diagnosis and does not provide any treatment. Participation in live sessions is not a replacement for medical consultation. Medical advice and/or prescribed therapies and treatments should be continued and followed before/after participation in live events.
It is NOT permitted to record (video or audio) or photograph any Live Session. No extracts please.