Sacred Moments is an 30min mp3 track. PLEASE NOTE: Once you have purchased the product you will be taken to another page where there will be a DOWNLOAD button. Click on that and an audio player will come up on the screen and will start to play the track. Please click on the THREE DOTS and it will give you the option to download the mp3 . Please download it to your laptop. From there you can share it to your other devices. Thank you. PRICES ARE IN AUD



Anandi Sano records her sacred vocal sound healing music for the enlightenment of all beings. Every track created is purely her voice as she sits deep within Source space allowing whatever needs to come  through to flood the divine light of Source out into the world. You can use this recording daily allowing the energy of the piece to carry you beyond your usual boundaries to a space of silence and inner peace. You can also just leave it playing softly in the background of daily life and before sleep, purifying the energy in your space, infusing it with the sacred sound vibration. The sounds and energy will wash through your being transforming us on all levels.

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