Sacred Space with Anandi Sano – February 26th


Join Anandi to see in February for a new  healing and transmissions. Sit with Anandi in her powerful energy field as she sits deep in Source space. This Healing, transmission and blessing will be live streamed in a closed Facebook Group and will be available for 24hrs post event.

Please note: You receive an email a couple of days before the event so you can invite yourself tot he group. Access will be given a few hours before the vent.

Date 26th Feb2021

Time 6.30 pm AWST



What people are saying about these healing events

“The healing night was unbelievable.   The day of the healing i was surrounded with so much peace all day long.  It was in me and around me, and then i crashed around 6.30pm Qld time, just needed to sleep, heard the first half of the healing then slept again.  The next night i listened again to the healing, slept, woke at 2am and was told to listen again, slept just to wake again and be told to listen again.   I released so much, i was incredibly emotional up to yesterday whereas another shift happened and everything lifted from my shoulders to be replaced with peace again.” Jenny

“Thank you Anandi. It was so deep and wonderful. I feel the energy so freely moving in my body and feel like I have been filled with source, oneness. Feeling very blessed. Thank you” Elaine 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Anandi – that was exquisitely beautiful and such incredibly deep healing.” Belinda

“Not really sure what just happened, I know I was not asleep…but where did almost 2h go…wooooooow, Thank you so very much, Source and  Anandi Sano.” Nancy