Let me tell you a little story. In 2017 , five years after Source gave me the gift of this energy that runs through me I read the name that Source gave to me in a guided message. Little One.

In the guided messages Source has always referred to me as Little One. During 2017 I was repeatedly told that my name would one day have to change, to match the place where I would need to stand. I never quite knew what that meant. In 2017 a name was uttered at a meeting and someone thought it sounded like Shamu, so that became my nickname. I knew it wasn’t ‘the name’ but it stuck.

All through the period from 2012 when my gift was given from Source, and to be honest, as far back as I can remember I have alway had this vision of standing on a mountain with a monastery behind me, somewhere what I felt was around Tibet.

So at one point, when Source said that a name change was needed I started ‘looking’. I knew Little one had something to do with it so I googled Little One in Tibetan, in Sanskrit, in Japanese…nothing revealed itself. So I let it go.

On this recent trip to Bali the urgency of finding the name descended on me again. I thought it was now going to be a Sanskrit name of some sort that a priest would be able to bestow on me and so we set off and met up with a priest. He told me I could use the name Anandi meaning mother of the universe but also joyful or happy. I loved the word but it did not feel right. It wasn’t complete. Something was missing.

After we went to the see the priest my two friends and I went to dinner and as we sat and ate, the words Little One kept being repeated over and over and over again. So much so that I could not focus on the dinner conversation.

When we returned to the retreat centre I sat on my bed and listened. Little One was repeated again, this time gently and then I was told to find the meaning of Little One in Nepali, the language of Nepal.

So I typed it into my phone and up came the translation and I nearly fell off my bed. The word that came up was Sānō, with the pronunciation being Sah -noo. So close to Shamu that we had heard 2 years prior.

I was then told to find the meaning of Sānō in Latin. Up came the meaning….to heal and to cure. Again, we were stunned.

As I sat with the word a flood of memories started to unravel infront of me . Memories of times long gone , of being in the mountains, of being a Buddhist monk. It felt like home.

So now, here I sit, looking at the words Anandi Sānō and wondering what will be laid out before me if I use these names. A new name to match the frequency and vibration that has been given, to match what lies ahead. A name given by Source in order to leave the old behind and to step even more fully into what has been given, the place where I stand now for myself and others, this place of peace and presence, of teaching and healing and what is to become.

May peace flood all that is within and all that is without. Blessings

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