In this new video, Anandi talks about anger and how we react at any given moment. Does your anger and annoyance cause a disconnect within yourself? Are you able to be gentle with yourself to help your spiritual growth? When was the last time you became present and gentle with yourself and your very being that is the creation of Source? Your body. Your spiritual growth needs to come from a place of gentleness for you to heal and thrive.

Transcript of the Video

How often do you get angry in a day

How often do you get annoyed by the slightest thing

What is it within self that causes you to react

Is it truly the other person that didn’t fold the washing properly. Is it the other person that took too long to go out to the car?

What is it within us that we have such disdain at times for the people around us that we supposedly love. And yet when you are by yourself and it’s in the moments that you feel the quiet within you and you allow a gentleness to come to the fore

That is the moment that you start being you

It is how we touch the moment, it is how we breathe into the next moment, it is how we step into the next moment that counts

And it must be a place of gentleness because, in gentleness it speaks from the inner self

It doesn’t mean that you can’t be fair but firm

But you can have a gentle firmness

When was the last time you were gentle on self

When was the last time that you gently touched your body

When was the last time you became aware that you have a body that is a miracle

Or are you just constantly striving and lost in the next moment

When was the last time that you recognized that your hands is the most amazing things that have ever been designed

They move they feel they see

They bring to life the internal expression of self about what you create in this world

How do you touch life

Is it with Force or is it with gentleness

Do you touch life in a restrictive state maybe a couple of fingers. Or do you touch life instead with your whole hand

Touching life with your whole hand is an expression of self

I can touch a life with a gentleness knowing that at some point if I put my hand out I may get hurt

But I still do

I still touch with the gentleness because I understand the depth of who I am comes out in everything that I touch in everything that I see potentially everything that I feel

There’s a reason that we use different parts of our hand for different things and even the movement of the hand, movement of the hand can instill fear, or it can be a caress

How do you touch life

When was the last time that you actually touched this body of miracles and expressed your gratitude

This thing that carries you everywhere

This beautiful creation that was given to you as a gift in this lifetime

It carries you

Yet so many of us don’t want to because we think we have another day. I’ll do it when

I remember when I was working with the lady and she had damaged her hand. It was her left hand and she came to see me

I was just talking with her and she explained to me what had happened to her but she always sat with the one hand over the other

And we were talking for a while

And I said you do realize that you don’t like your hand right

She said what are you talking about

I said you’re hiding your hand from the world

You don’t want that hand to be a part of you because it is failing you in a sense

Every time that you hide your hand, every time that you cover it

You are telling yourself that you are not good enough. You’re telling part of Yourself part of the beauty of who you are that it’s not wanted.

She didn’t want people to see that she had an issue with her hand

And so part of her homework

I said you need to give your hand a pamper day

Don’t worry about your right hand you’re going to give your left hand a pamper day

So you’re going to do the nails, you’re going to do whatever you’re going to do whatever you need to do. Don’t worry about the right one just do the left one

And I remember this lady, she had issues holding thing,s she had numbness she had discoloration on her hand

And the next time that I saw her was probably about two or three weeks later

And her hand was probably like 80 percent improvement

And then she said to me I realized at some point I had to do the same thing for my other hand

It was as soon as she started to give thanks to the hand and literally, in a sense integrating it back into the whole is when her body started to heal

As soon as you push away part of who you are

As soon as you speak to yourself words that will only hurt

You will damage itselfAnd so many people say oh but we’re not the body we’re beyond that. Unfortunately this is the body that is allowing you to have this experience in this life

And so it’s important to go on this journey in life with a body that you respect and honor.

When was the last time you felt what your body feels like and with that comes a knowing and understanding of who you are

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