For it is Peace you seek

Into me I see
The water ripples
The stillness shakes, it moves yet it holds

I look again, see the face that has held the sadness from memories past
When did you lose the joy of living the reflection asks
When did you decide to hold the sorrows of your world so close

So close that you cannot breathe
So close that you cannot see
So close that you cannot taste
So close that you cannot feel
So close that you cannot hear
The truth

See the beauty of self
Understand that you are perfect
Understand that this moment and in every moment given is the newness.

You can choose to accept or you can choose to deny.
To deny self
To deny your purpose
To deny what you were given before your first moment of touch
Before your first moment of acceptance of your life

I reach out and caress the reflection in the water
The old vanishes
And as I raise my eyes and see into the beyond I step into the beginning of who I am to become.


How long has your heart been closed amongst the flowers whose petals willingly open to receive the all that is. You will not be as once was. For it is in a moment, a speck of time that the illumination begins.

Desperate are we for change , desperate are we to find the energy of the truth. For it flows in waves and breaks upon your shores releasing that which has held you to be in that which is not.

For it is peace you seek and peace you shall have and may the joy of your tears water all that is being brought forth.