The 7 Everyday Struggles you can Encounter on Your Spiritual Path

In this episode, Anandi discusses the 7 everyday struggles people can encounter on their spiritual path. If you are on your path of spiritual growth, this will resonate with you and give you some insight into where you are on your journey, what roadblocks you have put in place for yourself and how you can move forward.


Welcome to the Anandi Sano podcast and welcome to this episode. Today I wanted to talk about the many common spiritual struggles that people can encounter on their spiritual path. And when I was writing these and reflecting on my journey, there was some things that became very, very apparent as to what I was looking for and what I was struggling with. So I wanted to go through what to me are like the seven main things that I struggled with. So maybe this will resonate with you and, and can give you some insight as to where you are on your journey and how you could possibly move forward.
So the first one is feeling disconnected. So this can refer to feeling disconnected from yourself, from others, from source, god, universe, a higher power, whatever you choose to call that. And it can manifest as a sense of emptiness, low loneliness, or perhaps even a lack of purpose or maybe all three. And I know that is something that I definitely found for myself that even though I was doing particular practices and I was doing meditation and I was doing Buddhism and yoga and [inaudible] and I was trying different things, I still felt disconnected from myself. I felt really shut down. I felt like I couldn’t open myself up to others and be vulnerable. I always felt like I was going to be attacked or hurt. And I always had this sense that I never had this true and pure connection to source God cuz potentially I wasn’t good enough or there was part of me that wasn’t pure enough.
I don’t even know if that’s the right word, but that’s what it sort of felt like. And that is what we are told in some way as we grow up or if we go to church or we’ve done other sort of practices, it’s bad of having to work on yourself because you’re not good enough. You’re not seen as good enough in the eyes of this higher power. And that really holds us bound it. It makes us feel lost, it makes us feel and become disconnected from the world and from that deep place within ourselves. So how can we ever become whole when we have this constant feeling of disconnect and that we can truly never really connect with someone because we’re always scared or worried that we are gonna come off second best? And that was something that was huge for me. And now the second thing is struggling with negative emotions.
Oh that was a biggie. And I know you know a lot of you either that are already on the path or have started out or you know a little way on their journey, we can all relate to struggling with those negative emotions, you know? And those negative emotions can include feelings of anxiety and depression, anger, frustration, guilt isn’t guilt and absolute beauty that can literally ignore at you day and night. And you make decisions from that place of guilt and then that holds you bound as well. And that feeds back into the feelings of disconnect that you have because you can’t express what you want for your life because someone in your life may be holding you back or may not understand what you want to do and how you want to do it and say that you can’t do it. So these negative emotions also build up.
This feeling of disconnect also builds up. We lose ourselves in a sense, and these emotions may be really difficult to manage and will definitely interfere with spiritual growth. I think when we are so deep in it, we’re so deep in these negative emotions, which as I’ve explained before, are really a charge, an energetic charge that is in our layers of self. And when I talk about layers of self, I don’t talk about um, the aura or the layers that are in, in yoga or anything like that. There are specific layers of self within peiec and that’s what peiec stands for. The physical, the emotion, the intellect, the energetic and core. But these are not the mind, the heart, the physical vessel. They’re energetic components of who we are. And so if you can imagine these layers, like
Layers a cake and within those layers we have energetic, low vibrating clusters of energy. I’m not gonna say that they’re memories because then people will think of it as something else, but it holds every moment. So people talk about memories as being this thing that happened. This is the story that I had. What we failed to realize is that in each moment that we have, there is more than just the conversation. There is more than just the eye contact that you had with the person or the way that things were said or the way that you physically responded to something in that moment. There is also the colors of the environment that you’re in. Every single object that is in that space with you in that moment is also in the energetic layers of self within what I call life moments. So they’re not just a memory, it is far more than that.
And everything holds a charge. So when we have these feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, guilt, and we feel disconnected from self, the reason why we feel that way is because of these energetic clusters, life moments that are vibrating within the layers of self. And often they sit in the mud and they’re just waiting to come up. And as soon as something triggers them, they come up through the mud so to speak, and they present themselves and they start vibrating away. And this vibration is the thing that activates the body and the mind causing the feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and frustration. Now if you were to take those words away, if I did not know or I’d never heard of the word anxiety, depression, anger and frustration, if I could present to you the vibration and frequency of that, it would be easier for you to understand what it does to your mind, your body and your reality.
So it’s not necessarily negative emotions that we are dealing with, but it is a low vibration which is expressed in a certain way by your body, your mind, and definitely your nervous system. You can understand then how you yourself can start feeling disconnected when you are vibrating at this low vibration and frequency because that is not who you are in the depth of who you are in the core of self. You are an extremely high frequency and vibration. But we block that off with a wall, so to speak, because we live in the lower layers of self. Yeah. So that may be a little bit hard to grasp. But when we are in pure presence, when we are in totally in the now, not even thinking about where we are now, but being in core or being in presence, being in the now is actually being in core spanning the energetic layer of self and being in the physical, which means in the body the other layers, which is the physical vibration, the emotional and the intellect layers which are not heartened mind are calm.
So you could imagine those layers just being undulating like a beautiful lake. Yeah, they’re not like the crashing ocean that goes on. If we were to use that analogy, you could imagine that your feelings of anxiety and depression and anger and frustration and guilt are like the crashing waves of the ocean hitting the sand. Imagine that being there in your layers, in your energetic layers every single day. And that sensation of crashing of the waves causes the physical vessel, your body to express it in a certain way, which we then have named anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, guilt, sadness, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So as we go on our spiritual path and our spiritual growth, we wanna try and change that so that as we become more calm and create more space within ourselves and calm down the nervous system and calm down the thoughts, we can start getting rid of those negative emotions. And on my path I really struggled with those negative emotions and self-talk of not being worthy enough and not liking myself and the way that I looked, what probably everybody else has as well. Even though we think that this is purely our own
Self talk, that surely nobody else feels like this. Cuz you look at someone else and you go, oh my god, they’re really attractive or this and that, or oh my god, they’re so good at that and you can’t reflect and go, well I’m really good at that as well. No, we have to berate ourselves and part of that is because we’re feeling disconnected to self. So for me, struggling with those negative emotions was something that I battled with and I was very, very quick to anger because I didn’t actually want to feel because that was part of my disconnection from myself. Cuz if I was vulnerable or if I opened myself up, someone was bound to hurt me, somebody was bound to leave, somebody was bound to talk badly about me behind my back. And so it was self perpetuating and that was something that as I did the work with peiec started to shift actually really, really quickly because as I was calming and then releasing the energetics of everything and releasing the charge around these life moments, these negative emotions started to lift.
And the way that I thought about myself changed and it wasn’t, it wasn’t me sitting down and self-reflecting or self-analyzing. This just happened naturally as there was more of an energetic shift and a calmness within my layers and more and more was energetically released, it just became a natural thing. And so when I was able to reflect on moments in my life that may not have been positive, there was no negative emotion that was attached to it anymore. And so these moments that had held me bound started disappearing, not because I worked through them, it’s just because they didn’t matter in a sense anymore because the charge was gone. And that was amazing for me and my life and my growth because the anger and everything else can just hold you bound. It can stop you from spiritually progressing. And that is such a huge factor on people’s journey.
I think they get so caught up in that. The third one that I wanted to talk about was feeling stuck or stagnant. And this can refer to feeling like one is not making progress on the spiritual path or that your growth has plateaued and it can be accompanied I guess by a sense of boredom or a lack of motivation. And for those of you who’ve just started on the spiritual path, this will be definitely something that’s going to hit you and it may come out of nowhere. Or if you haven’t been consistent in a practice and you stop doing it for a while, then this lack of motivation starts kicking in because our old self, like our muscle memory, wants to kick in again and tell us that that is the right way. That our old way is something that we know that we are comfortable with and that we should stay with that.
And stuck for me was I had been doing all these things and I think one of the things that we do as humans is that we like to put lots of shiny things in a basket. And what I mean by that is that we have a nibble of something and we learn a little bit and then we throw it away and then we try something else. And I know for me that taking a bite of a particular apple, but they’re not delving deep enough into that, I think was part of the reason that I started feeling stuck. Or maybe I didn’t really understand the teachings or I didn’t resonate with a teacher or I didn’t have time or I wasn’t consistent. Maybe I got a little bit lazy, maybe I didn’t see enough progress, but then I didn’t know what progress looked like. I didn’t know if I’d been making headway.
I didn’t have anybody really to go, you know, every time this happens then you react and I see you going through this cycle of continuously doing this when that happens. And it would’ve been really good to be able to have a teacher that could talk you through that and go, wow, you can see what I can’t see for myself. And that’s one of the big things that I really wanted. And I guess I started looking for that teacher to go, I need help with this. I feel really stuck. I don’t know if I’m making any progress. I’m, I’m probably am, but I don’t know what this progress is meant to look like. And so on my journey, it was something that really started to frustrate me and I didn’t know where to look. And so I think then those moments of feeling stuck and stagnant started to get bigger and bigger and bigger.
And then the lack of motivation would kick in. And I think sometimes because the practice was so repetitive and maybe, you know, like chanting or whatever else or reading scriptures, it was like this repetitive thing over and over again. And clearly from what I know now, I definitely wasn’t in the right space. I wasn’t in the deep space of myself where chanting or reading scriptures would’ve been very, very different. It maybe was just like an intellectual exercise, I just keep having to do this cause I wasn’t told anything else. I wasn’t told that you need to connect with yourself first before you do any of this. You know, it’s not just the act of chanting and hope that something changes and maybe people did say it and I didn’t listen. So there’s so many different things on this journey where we sabotage ourselves. But then I think if we don’t have guidance and a lot of people will say, you don’t need a teacher, you don’t need this and you don’t need that. And you know, to be honest, I think, I think you do. I mean I don’t know why it is in spiritual teachings or spiritual practices that people have such a distaste for teachers. Whereas if you look in personal development or you look in anything else, any, any course that you’ve done, any program that you’ve done, the teacher has the knowledge base, they’ve come from somewhere. So in a sense they are your guru, right? And guru just means teacher.
But in self-development, or even if you were going to do, I don’t know, in, I don’t know if, if you were do medicine right, you were gonna become a surgeon, maybe a brain surgeon. The person who teaches you is literally your guru. They have been there, they done that, they’ve seen all sorts of brains, they’ve operated on all sorts of brains and they can teach you and they can guide you. And that is the same in the fields of spiritual development. And maybe a lot of people have an issue with it or very hesitant because they’ve heard so many things about people not being honest or truthful in this field. And for me, I think on my journey, that was something that I was always very, very wary of.
And it’s a shame really isn’t it? Um, because I think then that stops people’s progress as well and it gives them an excuse I think as well it may give them an excuse. So the next one after that is lacking direction. And I think I touched on this just now, this can refer to feeling unsure about what your spiritual path should look like or feeling lost or confused about which practices or teachings to follow. And that was a, a big one for me. And I’m just reflecting back and even within Buddhism, you know, there, there are lots of different types in a sense. And I tried quite a few and some of them just did not resonate and others did a little bit more and you’d think, oh they’re pretty much be pretty much all the same. And I guess it’d be the same in in other religions as well.
And you could say that for anything, you know, it could be having a PT and the PT does things completely differently to the one that you really liked who has gone on maternity leave or has gone on holidays somewhere. So for me, going on the spiritual path, I got utterly confused with what I should be feeling, what should I be doing? What are the signposts to show that I’m actually progressing? And if I don’t feel those in the way that maybe they were described in a book or somewhere else, does that mean I’m not doing enough or that I’m not good enough? I know I got to a point where I started feeling incredibly confused about what I should follow, what I should be incorporating. And like I said earlier, it seems like there is this common practice of just doing lots of things and it’s like you can do lots of things but you are the master of none.
And so how can our spiritual progress accelerate when we are constantly eating off different plates and you never taste the meal in its totality off one plate and you’re mixing it with, you know, there’s a bit of curry here and I’m gonna have a bit of spaghetti over here and then I’m gonna have a bit of fish over here and then I’m going to you know, have a bit of cake at the same time and your mouth is trying to distinguish all these things and it can never quite understand what it’s actually eating. There’s such confusion but it seems like pupil’s paths are not progressing the way they should because they’re constantly looking for the next thing.
And it could also be is that we live in a society where we like instant gratification. And nowadays if you want something you can pretty much have it straight away. Spiritual growth is not like that. Spiritual growth is not linear. Spiritual growth is a journey and it’s an unfolding of who you are and it’s in that unfolding of who you are that you come to realize who you are and the power that you hold within you and how you respond to the world. And that’s the beauty of it. It’s not the end point of enlightenment. We may have never reached that, but it’s that forward progression on our journey of revealing ourselves to ourselves. And that’s the point of it. And so if you’re continuously flitting from one thing to the next, of course you’re gonna start feeling lost, of course you’re gonna start feeling confused. And particularly when you start mixing things together, right? It’s like making a cake and you’re making a cake and then all of a sudden you’ve decided to put in, you know, some curry powder or something or you’ve started to put in, you know, some, I don’t know, spaghetti bologne sauce into the cake mix.
The teachings that have been given over the centuries to help with spiritual growth have been given in a certain way. And I always say that, that the purity of teachings and I can only reflect on the teachings with peiec because I already see it now, the teachings that have been given in the past, whether it is for meditation or for energy healing or for
Yoga have been diluted because we know that when a person tells somebody else or gives a teaching or something else and they are not the principal teacher of a modality or a technique, as soon as it is passed on and someone else teaches it or someone else explains it to someone else, those teachings are tainted. How do I know this is because with peiec what I teach is what has been given by God. I have not changed it, I have not changed the wording, I have not changed any technique in the way that it’s been given. But when I hear other people explain it, they’ve already tainted the teaching because they explain it in their own way or change the way they teach it ever so slightly. So the technique is never the true technique anymore.
And so over time we have these teachings that have been diluted. And so in a sense, do they lose their power? Do they lose their efficiency? Do they lose their intent perhaps? But then if we start mixing that with other stuff together, it dissolves or dilutes it even more. And so I think that’s the thing that has been as these teachings get handed down, and you have to think about it, if I were to do a talk about peiec, and this has happened right with with Chris, I’ve described something and I’ve taught something in the way source God has told me to teach it, then when I’ve described it to Krys and she’s written it down, she’s written it down in a completely different way because her understanding of it was different from what I told her. And so I reflect back on teachings that were potentially written down from the initial master of whatever was out there and maybe they weren’t able to write and someone else wrote the teachings down, were they then already tainted in a certain way? And that’s a horrible word I guess, but how were they written? Did they reflect exactly the way that the master taught them?
And the more that I’ve taught peiec, the more that I’ve had this understanding of going wow, the teachings of anything that has ever been given, unless it was written word for word for word. And even then when somebody reads it, they can interpret it in their own way. Once they’ve done that, they tell someone else, it doesn’t become the original teaching. So we sort of digressed a little bit, but I thought that was really fascinating cuz I’ve been thinking about that a lot. And in that sense, do we really understand the full teachings of what has been given? Because if they’ve been passed down over maybe centuries, how much of the true teaching is actually left and how much have they been adapted from less, say from from eastern culture, how much have they been diluted from the original teachings?
And so maybe we start feeling lost and confused because we are not seeing the results because we are not getting the depth of the teachings for me. And I’ve only just reflected on that. And also there are so many practices out there and everything is valid, everything has been given for a reason, whether it is positive or negative, everything has been given for a reason. But there’s so much stuff out there and there’s so much noise that it’s really hard for us to focus on one thing and the next shiny thing comes up and we go, Ooh, that looks interesting. And it’s hit all the key words to make me, you know, have an emotional response to it and I’m gonna try that now but seems to be human nature. But we get lost and then we start feeling confused and then we start losing our way on the spiritual path. Now that was a very long explanation about lacking direction, but I think you get my point. The next one is with dealing with past issues, some people would call it past traumas, but the things that have happened to us in our past or even in our present can create obstacles on the spiritual path as it may be difficult to fully connect with yourself or others
While you are carrying the weight of unresolved emotional pain. And it goes back to the struggling with the negative emotions that I was talking about earlier. How can you fully connect with yourself and others when you have these waves crashing within you all the time and there’s no quiet lake or those moments of the quiet lake are when you’re at the beach or in at holidays or on holidays or your partner’s gone away f o again or you’re by yourself for a little while. All this low vibration literally drags us down. It makes us feel like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. It’s like walking through mud and we need to understand that that is a low vibration but it’s something that we can shift. But again, we need to be consistent and that is one of the hardest things that people have because they’re constantly jumping from one thing to the next.
The next one is struggling with self-doubt or self-criticism. So negative self-talk and self-criticism are definitely barriers to spiritual growth as they can create a sense of unworthiness or a belief that you are not capable of achieving spiritual progress. And I guess that goes back to feeling stuck. For me there was huge self-doubt and there was huge self-criticism. And in the last podcast I spoke about, you know, my my Buddha Chanting practice and how often I meditated and how much I just did and did and did and did. But it came from the wrong space within me. And then there was the self-doubt and then there was the self-criticism that I wasn’t doing enough and I wasn’t achieving enough and maybe I should do more and, but if I did that thing, maybe that would do it. So there was constantly me beating myself up for not being good enough or believing that with all my karma cuz we’re all filled with karma that I couldn’t achieve spiritual, that I couldn’t achieve spiritual progress, that it was purely for other people that were more lucky than I was. And that is something that
So many of us struggle with. It’s negative self-taught as soon as something becomes a little bit hard and particularly on the spiritual journey, right? And I’ve talked about this before, it’s not just about growth. You cannot have growth 24 7, 365 days a year. You just cannot do it. And so as soon as life becomes a little bit hard and you may be going into a contraction phase or something happens in your life, so many people give up or they go, oh it’s gotten too hard, it’s gotten too hard, I’m having, I’m having the wobblies or something’s happened in my life, this doesn’t work. But they never realize or they can’t see it. That as you energetically shift and start releasing those low vibrating life moments in the layers of self, you are never going to go back to the place that you were before.
It’s just physically impossible unless of course you start abusing alcohol or drugs or whatever else. But as we progress when there is a speed bump or we hit a wall, we automatically think that it’s the end of the world. We, we just seem to do that as humans. So instead of berating yourself and going, you know, it doesn’t work, I’m gonna stop this, I’m gonna do something else. I always say to my students, all it is is life moments in your layers that have come up if you can’t see them for yourself. Cuz the analogy that I give is when you’re in those moments of, in the mud so to speiec, it’s like you are just driving on street level and all you can see are the lights and the traffic lights you, you are not able to fly in a chopper and get a bird’s eye view of everything that is going on in your layers. And so what I tell my students is that when you start feeling like that, you feel like there’s a hand break coming, coming on and, and you’re going to going in the self-doubt or hitting the wall, you need someone else to be able to get into their chopper so to speak and see what is going on. They can see the lights of the city, whereas you can’t see that all you are doing is just driving a street level and everything looks dark.
So that is such an important thing cuz as soon as you start doing that, that negative self talk and the self-criticism starts to disappear. But in order for you to do that, you also need to have community because the spiritual path
Is so hard to do on your own. And what I love about Peiec is that it’s able to balance out those highs and lows. So very quickly, and it took me a long time to figure that out, that it was given to accelerate our spiritual path and to balance out the highs and lows even of kini awakening and kini awakening. Everything that you’re experiencing in the physical vessel, the overwhelm and everything else that’s going on, it’s because the life moments are coming up in the layers of self to heal. And so if we can go in or we can get somebody who does the work to go into our layers and to release that, it calms everything down. It’s magic. It’s absolutely magic. And the next one is balancing spiritual practice with daily life. It could be challenging to find a balance between spiritual practice and the demands of daily lives, such as work, you know, family and you have social obligations.
And I think for many we start out and we are literally driving that car and we are going from first gear and we hit it into fourth and we are going at a hundred miles an hour because it’s a new thing. It excites us. We sense changes within ourselves and it’s those times we make time for ourselves because it’s a new thing. And then we find that things start encroaching. I mean obviously particularly if you have kids and have young kids and you have family, you need to give time. But having your own practice is so important so that you can maintain more of a balanced emotional state at work for your kids, for your partner, for your pets, pretty much everywhere.
And there’s always this thing about having to do for everybody else where if you don’t do for self, you’re gonna run out of energy and then you’re gonna start feeling stuck again. Then you’re gonna start lacking direction, you’re gonna struggle with self-doubt, all your past trauma or things are going to literally come up and create a reality for you that you don’t want to be in. And then you start taking that out on everyone around you, your people at work, your boss, your coworkers, your partner, your children, your friends, your animals. And then you become more and more disconnected from self, you become disconnected from you. You become disconnected from the people that you love. You become disconnected from the universe, from source, from God. Everything that you were searching for and wanting is are the things then that you disconnect from. And so in a sense, everything then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Ugh, I knew that wouldn’t work. It’s not for me. I don’t, I don’t believe any of that spiritual stuff. So it’s balancing the spiritual practice with daily life is so important. If you can only do 10 minutes, then do 10 minutes. If you have to get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and work through your layers, then you do that because source in that moment knows that you’re giving to self, you’re giving to source God, but you are also giving to the world and the global consciousness. It can start there. If that is all you are able to do and to begin with, then start there. As things start shifting for you, you will be able to create more time for yourself and over time you will be able to set better boundaries for yourself as well. Particularly if you have maybe a partner that is not supportive, you will find that you will get a voice because you will find that you will need to and want to speiec up for yourself because that is also part of your path and part of your journey.
So the spiritual path and spiritual growth is about healing, but in such a different way than what people believe healing is. Healing is not, oh you know, I didn’t have any trauma in my life. Um, so I don’t think I have anything to heal. Healing is about growth. Healing is about understanding ourselves. Healing is obviously also about potentially healing things in our bodies. Everybody has something. So if you don’t like using the word healing, just use growth because there’s always growth. This journey never ends. It is never about an end point. It’s about the unfolding of the path
And becoming you. The gentle version of you that is able to speiec out the gentle version of you that is able to be creative, the gentle version of you that is able to live life in a very different way and in a way that you want to live because it aligns with who you are. So if you start addressing these struggles that I’ve just talked about, it’s very likely that you’ll become motivated again to pursue your spiritual growth and find the support and guidance that you need to overcome these obstacles. So I hope this episode has given you something to think about and definitely go back and listened to this podcast again and maybe think about what roadblocks that you have put in place for yourself. What excuses have you made? What things have you put into your life that has stopped you from going on the journey for yourself in this lifetime? And for me, the spiritual growth is about how far can we get in this lifetime until the moment of the last breath and that we can have spiritual growth whilst we still have the demands of daily life. And you will get to a point where you’ll find a balance in that and then you’ll find that your life will completely change. Cuz as the growth within occurs, then the growth outside of you occurs as well. And then that flows on to everybody in your family. And it’s beautiful and it’s why we are here. Thank you for being with me here today and we’ll talk very, very soon. Many blessings.



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Moving through the stages of Spiritual Growth


In this new video Anandi discusses moving through stages of Spiritual Growth,

Spiritual growth is not a linear process. It’s more like a spiral, where we continuously move through different growth, contraction, and rest phases. Each phase has its own unique purpose and challenges and serves a purpose in your growth, consciousness and evolution.


Many blessings today we’re going to explore the stages of spiritual growth and why they are so important. The spiritual journey is not a linear process it’s more like a spiral where we continuously move through different phases of growth contraction and rest. Each phase has its own unique purpose and challenges.

So let’s start with the growth phase. This phase is characterized by intense learning and expansion of our awareness and understanding.  It can be both exhilarating and challenging as we push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and in new ways of thinking and being but as we move through the growth phase it’s important to remember that our body and mind needs time to integrate these changes, This is where the contraction phase comes in

During the contraction phase we may experience periods of introspection, reflection and consolidation of our learning. This may feel like a time of withdrawal and a withdrawal from the external world but it’s really essential for our growth and transformation.

And then there’s the rest phase which allows us to integrate and assimilate all our learning. This phase is all about rest, rejuvenation and reflection. It’s a time to consolidate our gains and prepare for the next phase of growth. Each phase of the spiritual journey is important because it allows us to work through various layers of our energy which affects our consciousness.  The shift in energy, vibration and frequency is not always aligned and may require different levels of attention and work to integrate and harmonize external factors such as our environment, relationships and life circumstances also influence our progress on the spiritual journey. That’s why it’s important to approach this journey with patience self-compassion and a willingness to surrender to the process.

When we go through a growth phase our body and mind may experience a variety of changes as we integrate new awareness and higher levels of energy and consciousness. This can be overwhelming, which is why taking time to rest and integrate is crucial. To support myself on this journey I’ve always used the techniques of peiec healing to balance out the highs and the lows.

During the rest phase we can reflect on our progress and integrate the changes on a deeper level. It’s a time of rejuvenation and renewal where we recharge our batteries and prepare for the next phase of growth. Remember that the spiritual journey is not a destination it’s about the journey itself. Each phase serves a purpose in your growth and evolution. Trust the process and allow yourself to flow with the natural cycles of growth and contraction.

To support the integration process engage in practices that help you find balance within your body, your mind, and your energetic system.

Meditation, yoga, spending time in nature are really wonderful choices. On my journey I’ve always used the teachings of peiec healing that were given to me by Source to assist myself through the continuous cycles of moving through those three stages of growth contraction and rest.

Peiec allowed me to quickly balance out any periods of highs or lows and assisted my body to quickly integrate the changes that were occurring. It has allowed me to connect much more deeply with my inner wisdom and cultivated a sense of calm deep inner peace and clarity that supported the integration of new consciousness.

Most importantly be gentle and compassionate with yourself during this process. You may experience ups and downs as you navigate the various stages of growth and integration. With time and patience a spiritual practice such as Peiec and a willingness to embrace the journey you can fully and gently integrate the shifts in Consciousness that occur on your spiritual path.  May peace wrap its arms around you and carry you home. Many blessings

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What is blocking You?

What is blocking You?

Imagine yourself looking into that area of bright white. That space is the place that I call Core. It is not heart space , it is deeper. It is the place where we should reside all the time. It is the space of profound inner peace and pure consciousness.

Now imagine those colourful balls are energetic low vibrating clusters that stop you from being in that bright white state. They block the path.

Those balls are your life experiences which can be positive or negative. We want to deal with the low-vibrating negative ones that dominate our lives.

In Peiec Healing whether you work through the modules or join my Pathway to Peace program we teach you the tools to dissipate and release those colourful balls so that there is a clear pathway home.

We are completely calm when those balls have been dissipated and released within our energetic layered system. Any colourful balls that are there daily will cause unrest in the body and mind. Release them, and the restlessness, pain, anxiety etc disappears and healing becomes more effortless.

Release more of them and you will experience more extended periods of lasting inner peace and more profound healing of the body and mind.

Release enough of them and you step into profound, lasting deep inner peace.

Messages from Source – Willingness is key to the Healing of Self

Messages from Source – Willingness is key to the Healing of Self

In this episode, Anandi talks about the Messages and teachings that were given from Source/God on this unique pathway. She reads out one of the Messages describing how Anandi should teach others what she has been taught and what it takes to learn to heal ourselves and others. A fascinating listen!


Transcript of the Message from Source
First teach of the beauty of self is the place to begin teaching in the healing of another. This has been given to those who wished to learn, yet it has not become a truth for all. It is a struggle, a contradiction of self, a war between the intellect and the emotion, and the connection to the energetic has not been during this contradiction.

To teach of the standing in the energetic and the physical and connected to Core is needed. This takes practice and is seen as not an easy thing to do, for all rely on the emotion and the thoughts and beliefs to find the substance and foundation on how to stand in this place. This is not a place of thought nor is it a place of emotion, it is a standing that begins in the energetic, connected to Core and then doing what must be done in the physical.

First teach how to stand in this place. Show how to calm the emotion and the intellect, so that one can stand fully connected to Core and the energetic without contradiction. It is a place of calm and stillness where the emotions and the thoughts are stilled by the truth that flows from the connection of the energetic to all that is.
To teach this, take each through the layers, let them feel the vibration of each layer, and note the change as each layer is felt. Ask of the feeling, ask of the vibration, and map its frequency.

Some will not feel but will say that they do, as the need to be as the others will be greater than the truth of what is. Some will see in part, few will see in full. This block is created when the beauty of self is not fully accepted and allowed to flow across all of self.
To remove this block you must again teach of the beauty of self, of the letting go of the thoughts of what has been and the emotions that are familiar and comforting, and allow the energy to flow carrying the truth of what is for each.

Teach of the open hand, of the release of what is known and the allowing of what is given to sit freely in that open hand. It is when the hand is closed that all is withheld and the energy does not flow.

There will be some who believe they stand in this place, and have been healing from this place. What has been has been the intent of thought to do so, and not the openness of hand to allow all to flow. Some will say but I have seen the layers of others and felt the energy of such. The question to ask, is have they truly seen the layers of self, and sat in each allowing the energy to flow to calm as had been taught.
Some will say yes, I have done this, and yet you will know from the density of the layers that this has been the desire to do rather than the doing as such.

When you teach, teach with a gentle authority, to heal self first be the foundation of true healing. This must be the place that is embraced and understood. It is not a striving or perfection; it is an acceptance of what has been and what will be, and a willingness to release all that has been and embrace all that will be.
It is in that moment that the release begins. It is not an act done physically nor does it hold understanding or a method or modality. In essence it is the beginning of empowered thought.

First one must understand the need to heal self, and understand the drive to heal others. For some the healing of others is as a penance for what has been for self, it is seen as a must do, for in the doing they will be forgiven or released from what holds them bound. This is a false truth, founded on a lack of understanding of the true flow of healing from Source. It is truth that when holding the flow for others self is also healed. There must be a willingness to heal self before the flow is held for others.
A willingness to receive the touch of another. A willingness to free the emotions, and bathe them in the truth of the beauty that is. A willingness to free the thoughts and beliefs which restrict and bind and feed the emotion with the ‘less than’.

This willingness is key to the healing of self. There is a moment of release when all is held in an open hand, where the desire to be more than what is felt, known and understood is ‘greater than’. It is from this place the healing of self begins and all is aligned.

It is in the alignment of the layers to the truth of Core and the connection to Source that true healing flows.

Teach of this alignment, of the rising and lowering of the vibration in each layer and the connection of the life moments from the layers to each and the vibration of such.

As you have learned, also teach.

It is the understanding of the connection of the layers and the flow of energy between across and through, that understanding will begin.
Teach of the release of life moments. Let each first see these for self.

As you have been shown, teach from this place.

Some will see with ease, others will struggle. Some will say, yes I see, yet they see nothing. Others will say I do not see, yet they see with an intensity that fills them with fear. Some will refuse to see as the intellect contradicts what is being taught, and blinds the eyes of the energetic to what is.

There will be some who will not and cannot stand in this place. They are bound with beliefs and thoughts that contradict and refuse to free the energetic to move in such a place. Teaching of the release of the life moments cannot be given when this refusal rises. This one will ask for healing, will plead to have their eyes freed and open to see. It is not your place to do this, it is given and the one must receive the truth of what has been taught and give to self that truth. It is in the giving to self of this truth that the eyes are opened.

There will be some who wish to stand in this place for the experience to do so. This is not a place of purity, it is one filled with self and the ego of self.

Healing of self and others is not a place for the experience of the flow of energy or the physical or emotional response to the flow. The response from the physical and the emotions is pure when the there is no expectation and no yearning for the experience of the energy. There is a willingness to feel nothing and to see nothing.

A willingness to be, without expectation or demands. When there are demands it is not healing that is sought, it is the desire to have what has not been given.

When teaching this, there will be tears and anger, confusion and accusation. Stand as you have been shown and allow these to flow without a challenge. It is the release of those emotions that will begin the acceptance of what has been given and then there will be a giving to self.

Then teach of touch. Of the need for the purity of touch as a healer. Teach that touch is the acceptance of the one seeking healing of the healing that is to flow. In the recoil or the rejection of touch is the rejection of the healer and the healing offered.

It may be the touch of the healer is not held the purity of healing, rather it is a touch to comfort, to ease the one seeking healing. This touch is not a pure touch, it is one carried on the needs of the healer to ease the unease felt in the emotion that flows from the one seeking healing.

The touch of the healer to the one seeking healing is the connection of the energetic to the energetic. It is not one of the physical to the physical, nor is it to calm the emotion. It is to say to the energetic, open to receive all that is being held.

This can be done without touch when the one seeking healing is in a place of openness and willingness to receive.

Then teach that touch is not always in the physical.

Words are touch, thoughts are touch, the connection of the energetic to the energetic is touch, and as such the physical will feel, respond to, and experience as if touched in the physical.

Give time to experience this to those seeking to learn. To feel the touch of another in the purity of touch, where all is open and free, without restraint and not held in the emotion or the intellect.

Teach of the three fingers and the third eye, to open the one seeking healing to receive when willingness to receive has been shown, yet there is a block and the energy does not flow freely.
Teach to do on self first, then with the purity of touch on another. Give time to speak of this experience, and then to move through the layers and see and feel the shift in the vibration when this is done.

Teach that this can be used to open the one seeking healing, to move the energy and to release the blocks that are held. This touch opens the intellect and the emotion, freeing the energy that contradicts that entwines with it. It is then the life moments can be released and calmed.

Let each do this for self, so that the experience is known and understood. Once understood, as you have been shown, teach to calm the layers of another. It is not the sitting in the layers of another or the walking through the layers of another. First one must do this for self and be familiar with the energy and vibration for self.


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The Different Levels of Peace

In this episode, Anandi talks about the different levels of peace and the state of no breath which occurs at her Night with Anandi Events. She also discusses a broad range of topics from healing, how we learn, to a person’s spiritual progress.


. ieciec(00:17):
So first off, I just wanted to thank everybody who came to Friday nights. I think it was Friday night, wasn’t it? Yes, Friday nights a night with Anandi. Wow. Wow. It was, it was so good being in that space again. We hadn’t done well, we hadn’t done that format before. When we had previously held those nights at the North Perth Town Hall, it was pretty much everybody, you know, lying on a yoga mat or something and snoring for over an hour. But it was, you know, over these last couple years that source was saying these need to be done in a different way because people need to understand the teachings and there’s power in the words that are being spoken. And people need to be able to understand that the stillness that is created is not created by sound or breathing or anything else.
And so on Friday night and like, you know, my students know people have, have been to events with me before I go in without like, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Right. So that’s the fun of it really. And it was just an opportunity to allow what needed to come out to come out. And it’s always such an interesting place of Ober observing myself in a sense as to what comes out, what source once people to hear. Yeah. And it was just fascinating feeling the room shift and speaking, but at the same time being shown and asked to work on those two people that they may not have known each other, but work on both of ’em because there was things going on for those two people that was very similar or being pulled across the room to work on, you know, someone’s body or someone’s organ whilst I’m talking.
So for me, I mean that’s how I teach anyway and that’s how all the techniques in peiechealing have been given. There are over 50 now that have been given in regards to healing self. And you can use everything on yourself in peiec. And that’s the beauty of it. You can heal self, right? And at the same time, you can also use those to heal others, but it’s in that flow of the energy and God source, whatever you choose to call it, him, her that this incredible energy flows. And it’s been there since I don’t even know how long anymore. And everything is just amping up. It’s all escalating, it’s increasing. And it was so interesting on Friday nights to go, I don’t, I don’t know how this is meant to look. I don’t, I don’t know going forward I had been shown having a few massage tables in front of me and working on those people, but just because they’re on the table doesn’t mean it’s just for them, but it’s also potentially someone in the audience.
We didn’t get an opportunity to do that because the space was too small. We were outta space and it was a little bit like Bali, it was quite warm <laugh>, I have to say. But wow. Completely and utterly. Wow. And the stillness that descended on people and they were pulled so deep into that state of no breath, you know, I call it no breath, you’re still breathing in a sense, but it’s so slow, it’s so shallow. At some point it actually disappears. And I know some people get a little bit concerned about that and I know I’ve had people message me to, I don’t, I don’t understand what you mean by no breathing. You know, that really scares me because, you know, when I was in my past relationship or past life, I always held my breath because of whatever was going on around me. And that’s very different. That’s very, very different. When we go to that place of utter stillness, utter stillness within, it’s not a peace, right? There’s different levels of peace, but there’s such a stillness within that. Literally everything disappears. And on Friday night I could see it shifting and changing and people sinking lower and lower.
And so many mentioned that they became aware of it when I asked them all to breathe. And I said, I want you to take a deep breath in for me. And it was in that moment that they realized that they were in that stillness state. And for me, I call that like the state of enlightenment, self-realization, probably more enlightenment, right? Because it’s that state of utter, utter peace, connection, oneness. And that is a state that I try to teach people within peiec healing, not to force them into that space or the state, but it’s through the work of peiec healing that as we energetically shift things within our body and also within the layers that we start experiencing the stillness state for longer periods of time. And so I found it beautiful that source wanted people to understand in that space that it’s not about bringing people to that state through sound or breathing or whatever else we have, but it can be purely through entrainment in a sense that if someone is in that state, that they can slowly bring about that state to others as well. And I always joke because you know, you could be talking about anything. I could be talking about, you know, rubber duckies in a bathtub. And my students can attest to that, those who work with me. But I could be talking about anything.
And it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about. It still drops you deeper and deeper into that state. But it’s wonderful to be able to do it in person, in a venue where you’re talking about random things in a sense. It’s never random because it’s always guided by source. But it’s so fascinating to see the shifts and changes and the dropping and the ceasing, the slowing down of the breath of the heartbeat of the nervous system. And then it gets to a space where everybody becomes one and it’s like a coherence. Yeah. And it’s such, such a beautiful space to be in, and it’s the space that I want people to know that is available to them. And it’s not something that is outside of yourself. It’s not something that you, you force.
It is something that is there that we just need to uncover and unlock in the most gentle way, in the most gentle way. We don’t hype up our nervous system to try to break through something to bring up the traumas. I don’t like using that word, but the things, right, so that we can break through it. For me, in the past that would’ve never worked because I was already in such a heightened state. I didn’t know I was, cuz I thought that was normal. But I didn’t need something else to push me further into a heightened stage to try to bring something up or through. I needed something that was gentle. I needed something that had, would peel back the layers for me to understand that I didn’t have to be strong or hard or push myself to the edge. To be able to find that gentleness within me where I could be myself.
Where I didn’t have to have this facade where I didn’t <affirmative> and have to lie to myself all the time in a sense. And so it was really wonderful to see people on the Friday night leaving and then, you know, we’ve still been receiving messages going, I still have this no breath state. I don’t understand it, but that is the way that we are meant to live. That is the state of presence that I’m trying to get people to understand and to teach them how to get there through peiechealing. So it’s been such an amazing journey and being able to do that event on Friday just sort of showed me where potentially this, these events will take us, will lead us to, and I’ve always had this vision of having thousand, thousands of people in an auditorium all being brought into that stillness space in the space of no breath.
And what healing can happen in that space. Cuz the healing that happened on Friday night was just unbelievable. The things I could see in people’s bodies, how they shifted was just incredible. And I give such thanks to source God for directing it all, being the conductor. And you know, peiec is not about, and what I do is not about religion. I’m not, I’m not religious, but it’s teaching us, teaching us that we have this thing within us that everybody can achieve. And we just have to get rid of the roadblocks that stop us from getting there.
And we don’t have to try and break ourselves in the process. We don’t have to try and push ourselves so hard that we don’t feel good enough. I think so many of us need a gentleness within our lives because we don’t have that every day and we can’t give that to ourselves. And so what peiec healing is trying to do is trying to change the face of healing. And for people to understand that with simple ways of doing things energetically we can shift things to bring that in a stillness state that starts to last longer and longer and longer and longer and longer.
And that’s the beauty of this work. And you know, we get asked all the time, you know, is it like this or is it like that? And do you do movement stuff? Do you do breath work or do you do work with the chakras or do you work with the meridians or you know, do you do symbols or do you call in, you know, masters and this and that or work with an entities? We don’t do any of that. We, we don’t know that has ever been taught. And as I was going through my stages of healing and as source was showing me this work, I tried to Google what was going on for me because I thought I was going, Craig, Craig, like seriously, Craig, Craig and I was always shut down completely and utterly shut down from researching anything else. So I guess that it could maintain its purity because it’s a new way of looking at things.
It’s a new way of understanding life. It’s a new way of healing in a sense. So, you know, we’ve had a lot of calls with people and it’s been fantastic that people wanna seek a little bit more clarity about what they can do for, you know, their own journey and which pathway is right for them. And so I really want to thank you for those for those of you that have booked in a call with Chris and Chris has been with me since the beginning. She was the very first person that was ever layered as we like to call it. And then everything went from there. But we’ve set the website up in such a way that it gives people different entry points and peiec has always been the journey about healing self, right? And most people always come to peiec initially for either themselves or someone or family member.
But we’ve always said to them, it’s also really about you. And people go, but I have nothing to heal. And it’s like, but healing is also about self growth. I’m not saying you have to come to peiec because you don’t have or you have trauma, right? It’s not about trauma, it’s about healing and self growth. Where can you end up in this lifetime? Yeah, the growth, the growth of self energetically. And we all, we all have a responsibility to do that for ourselves. So don’t think that you have to come to pick to fix something. It’s not about fixing anything, right? It’s about shifting the energy and growing that, making it vibrate at a higher frequency than your reality changes in response to that. So what we are trying to do is create entry points for different people. And the first entry point, it’s not necessarily you can go at different entry point, but we just thought we would put the module one, which is the foundations online, but also in person so that if you’re overseas and you can’t travel to where we are, you can still learn it online.
And module one is literally what I was taught and shown to get rid of my post-traumatic stress and my anxiety. So module one will teach you the foundations of energy, the flow of energy, how to understand it, how to feel it for yourself, go to that space of core, which for me is that space of inner inner peace. Yeah. It’s not the heart space, it’s deeper than that. But then you also get shown how to find your own layers of self. And this is not the aura, this is nothing like that. This is completely separate. And also how to work in your own layers. Yeah. To bring about really rapid shifts, but also we show you how to work on others. So module one and you know, people go, oh, module one then you know, I have to learn so much more. If you only ever learn module one for yourself, you have a really, really strong toolkit for yourself and your family.
Yeah. I need to make that really, really clear because it’s super, super powerful. We don’t leave you high and dry. It’s literally teaching you everything that I was shown. So module one, I don’t know what else to name it, right? It’s always been module one because that’s how I knew how to teach it from other stuff that I’ve taught. But module one is not just the basics of going, I’m gonna teach you about energy, give you a book and then you’ve gotta do it yourself. It’s not like that module one is literally the online component teaches everything that we taught in person over the two days. And it gets you to be involved in the practical side of things. We’re very, very hands-on in our teaching. Everything is really practical and hands-on because it’s not about just learning, it’s about getting people to understand the power of themselves.
Yeah. And that you can help yourself but also help others. And so we’ve got the module one and remember we’ve got the module one in Perth on the 25th and 26th of March. The places are filling up for that. If you are not in Australia or in not in wa and you want to be live streamed into those two days, then please email us or sign up and then email us and then we can live stream it in. Because the module one is also about teaching you to work online. Now you do not have to be in person to work with with anyone and all the techniques in peiec, whether they, you see us working hands on the body can be done on yourself but also off the body. Right? There is no limit to what you can do when it comes to energy work. If anybody says that you have to do something on the body doesn’t understand energy work because energy work is more powerful when you are in a state of presence and you are able then when you’re in a state of presence to do anything that’s on the body, off the body, you do not need to be connected to the body of the person in front of you to get the changes.
And we prove this over and over and over again in some of our workshops are advanced healing workshops, which is literally students that have done courses with us come to Advanced Healing Workshop and we just wait.
And then new techniques are given, given literally over the two days I am literally teaching as it’s coming down and we show time and time again like shifting energetically the sacrum. Yeah. When it’s particular lady had, I think she’d fallen off a horse years ago and she continuously had issues and then we were shown particular sequence of moves and one of the students working on her was saying, Anandi I don’t know if this is right, but I can feel the sacrum is completely outta whack. Like it’s pointing off to the, to the left. And I said, let me have a look. So literally the, the pelvis or the sacrum goes like that, but energetically it was going off that way. And so I taught her literally this is what we do, just do this. And literally as we straightened it, the person felt the shift.
Now you can’t make that up. Yeah. The person wasn’t even aware that I had spoken to this person about it and there was a physical shift, physical response in the person as that happened. So if you understand energy and you have a teacher that understands energy, they will be able to replicate all those things off the body, off the body. But it all comes down to your state of presence and your knowing beyond knowing. Yeah. So we were taught in the last workshop in the advanced healing workshop about the brain plans as well. And that wasn’t on the body that was off the body, but the brain starts to shift and starts to realign. And it was absolutely incredible to see the sense of focus and the change within person. And now some of these students who’ve been, who were present at that workshop have used this on clients online and they’ve had significant shifts.
And so what I really wanna show people is that energy work doesn’t have to be on the body. You don’t have to touch the body. Yeah. And even if you had a person in front of you, if you just gently wanted to connect with them, you don’t have to stand over them. You don’t have to connect your heart to their heart or be in entrainment. If you are being brought into a state of presence, the connection is already there. And often it’s even more powerful than if you were to think about, I have to be connected to this person because a sense of doubt will then potentially creep in. So when you’re in a state of presence that energy flows, the bandwidth expands. So what I mean by bandwidth is that if we are not in a state of presence, and I talk about all the colors of the rainbow, right?
So as, as you’re in presence, you literally can run the bandwidth of the rainbow. But if we are not in presence, we run maybe two or three colors and running that sounds sounds wrong, but you’re getting my drift, right? The bandwidth does this, yes, you’ll still get change. Yes, you’ll still get healing, but the healing won’t necessarily be complete for that person or you’re just completely focused on fixing the thing. Right? Whereas when we’re in presence and that bandwidth is really wide, whatever flows to that person goes far beyond what we can imagine. And then that healing becomes complete because goes deep within the layers but also deep within the physical vessel. Yeah. And so if you were working with someone and you still had this thing about I need to connect to the physical vessel, I need to put my hands on or just be off the body. If you feel the need to connect, then just gently touch. That is all you need that all that gentle touch. And it doesn’t even have to be pressure, it could just be you touching sets up the connection.
We do not need to be touching the physical vessel to create dynamic healing. We don’t need to touch our own body to create dynamic healing. Although when we are sitting in presence and we do the work with peiec healing, it’s always coming from the state of presence first and foremost. Because what, what we wanna do is open up that bandwidth. Yeah. So when you heal yourself and working on yourself, we want this bandwidth to be as wide as possible. So as much healing that can come through can come through that bandwidth. Not what we are thinking about and not what we are feeling, not what we are expressing. And that’s why in peiec we don’t come from a state of heightened, we don’t push it. Yeah. We don’t push it because then the bandwidth does that. We wanna come from a space of presence, of stillness first and foremost. So there are no boulders in the way for whatever needs to be brought down. And I’m not saying calling anything down, we don’t call anything down. It’s just sitting in that bandwidth of source. And from there we do the work. So our primary focus is always to be in presence first. And I always say that doesn’t matter how, how long people or students have been with me, I’m always like, don’t forget to go to core.
Because in core that bandwidth does that automatically, your nervous system calms down, your brain shuts off, and then you can work through the layers or work through the body or do you know, one of the 50 techniques which does so many different things as well to support what’s happening in the layers. As we work in the layers, the body starts healing and shifting and all these other techniques that were given were to allow the physical vessel to heal even more rapidly. And yes, whenever we do the work, it will affect the meridians, it will open them up, it will open up the chakras, but we do not use what other techniques use peiec is just given this peiec. Right. And for me it’s the beauty of that, of getting people to understand that being in gentleness, which is ultimately in source space, the expansion of is the place where we can lead to when we do the work. And that goes back to Friday night’s healing or Friday night with Anundee is getting people to understand that that space that they’re in and quite a few people are still in that space, is the space that we are meant to live in. Where the mind is calm and in between the words there’s nothing. Yeah. So things that you do then rise from a state of presence, not from a state of reaction.
And the same goes for the nervous system. It’s completely calm. So even when stuff is going on around us, this is still regulated. The nervous system is still regulated and that is presence and that’s what we aim for within peiec. And that’s the thing that brought me into a state of presence. There was nothing else. And it was so simple in a sense. I didn’t have to talk to myself. I didn’t have to relive my trauma, my memories because they just came up energetically. Yeah. That’s maybe some thoughts came up in my head when those life moments came up. But I learned that if I didn’t focus on that, it wasn’t about the stories, it wasn’t about my stories, it was about releasing calming initially when you’re in module one, calming the dense things that are in the layers to dissipate the low vibrating energy and shift it into a higher vibrating energy. And then the body in the mind and the nervous system and your soul changes.
And I found it so healing in a sense because it was like I don’t have to relive my stuff. I don’t have to break myself and push myself to the limit to try to break through and bring something up because all that’s really doing is heightening my nervous system. But it’s not, it’s about being gentle. We don’t have enough gentleness in our lives. And I’ve said this before, I don’t know if I would’ve accepted these teachings had they been harsh, had they been pushing me to such an uncomfortable space because I was already in one. Right. And most of us are.
So it’s been such a interesting journey. Anyway, back to, so that’s the module one. So if you’ve been thinking about it the spaces are really filling up now. So we are gonna be thinking about potentially closing that off soon because it’s really important for us to give a a lot of one-on-one time for people as well so that they get it. And then we also put the module one to three online for those people that maybe you wanna learn a little bit more. And so module two there are about 11 or 12 different techniques. And then in module three there’s a little bit less cuz you have the seven part sequence of releasing life moments. And that is like insane, right? So when people think modules, it’s not just like, oh, there’s a couple of things, it’s full on. Like there’s so much information.
So that’s, you know, if people can’t come to workshops or they’re overseas or they want to dive a little bit into the work of peiec, then that’s a great way to go as well. But we also have the, the five day intensive coming up in June. And if you are looking for healing or if you are looking at delving really deeply into the teachings at peiec, then it’s a great, great place to be. It’s full, like it’s full on. I’m not gonna deny that the healing that happens in that space is just mind blowing. And in that space we get access to module one to four, right? So we’re trying to next step, next step, next step, right? So module one three, like I’ve just explained, module four is starting to work more on the human body and do like body jiggle and we’re doing this and that.
There’s a whole bunch of stuff and I think, I can’t remember how many techniques there are in that. But the beauty about the five day intensive, and it used to be seven days, but we’ve taken it down to five because we want people to learn module one and module two, which has got that 10 to 12 things in or whatever before they come. So the thing that we found with the balance between online and in person was that getting people to come to the in-person space with knowledge has been an absolute game changer because so many people go, oh, I just wanna learn in person, I just want to learn in person. And we’ve done that for years, right? But what we’ve found is that people can only take on five to seven bits, five or seven bits of information at a time. And if you have ADHD or you get bored really quickly in class, you know what that’s like.
That’s maybe one or two bits of information and it kind of goes in one ear, in one eyeball, one comes out the other, right? And the next thing you write in your notes and it’s not anywhere or anything as to what we actually explained. So what we found was that doing things purely in person, even if you had notes, people interpret them in a completely different way. Yeah. And so many people have different ways of learning your either visual, your auditory or your kinesthetic. And so if we were teaching something and your, your kinesthetic, which means you like to smell, touch, feel, you need to go away first up and replicate what you learnt, right? And then potentially the audit, the the, the visual person may have forgotten what they saw in order to replicate it when they swapped over, right? So people go, I need to learn a person, I need to learn person.
The thing is, we’ve been doing this for years now and for me it was always about how do I create this so that people can replay and relearn and understand so that they remember the techniques as they have been given not their own interpretation because the beauty and the strength lies in how it’s been taught. So when we were pushed into creating online modules due to the pandemic cuz we couldn’t fly anymore, it’s now brought this beautiful space of either learning completely online and we teach everything online as we would have in person. So I teach everything on Chris, I teach first, then I show how to do it on Chris. So you can also do it on yourself or someone else. But now, because we can go back to doing things in person, we now call it a hybrid, a hybrid way of learning.
You can still do everything online, absolutely. You can even get certification completely and utterly online if you wanted to or if you wanted to go on your own healing journey, you can do that as well. But the hybrid version, which is also module one in March, is you learn online some of it online and then you come and you learn more in person. Because in that space, particularly if you want to go on that healing journey, it’s really important to be able to get feedback in saying that, I’m probably gonna confuse people in my Pathway to Peace program where people get to work with me. That’s pretty much the only place you get access to me except for my absolute consciousness program. People get access to me and able to ask me questions on their journey. And so the Pathway to Peace program is a self-healing journey, but also that spiritual growth, self-development where you get access to and we’ve pulled techniques from all the different modules.
We’re up to module seven now and put them together and it creates this program for people who want to go on their self-healing journey but want access to myself and Chris. So that’s been super powerful. But if you are wanting the healing experience or you’re wanting the hands on experience to say you ne never really worked on people or you just wanna be in that space where the energy flows and sources there and it’s just incredible space, then maybe the intensive is for you. So I probably confused everybody now, but I’m trying to explain this the best I can. And then I need to clarify for people that people who said, but I don’t wanna become a practitioner. And it’s, it’s twofold. If you want to come on your own journey for yourself and your family or just for you, then any of the modules, any of the programs can be done just for yourself, for your healing, for your spiritual growth, for your self-development.
If you want to do certification, if you already are a massage therapist or a coach or a psych or whatever else and you want another tool on your belt, then we have the certification program, which is modules one to five, but also includes the intensive. Yeah. Whether you live stream from overseas or somewhere or you come in Perth person with us, that is part of it. But we also have a business component where we help you to grow your business to become the best practitioner that you can be. I’ve been in business for quite a while now. So I teach you my skills and how to become the best practitioner. How do you get your name out there? How do you keep clients? How to, you know, how, how to get people to talk about what you do so that they come Results driven has to be results driven, right?
So we have this beautiful smorgasboard of options for people. And I’m really excited about what is to come creating, you know, shifts for people that they have not potentially experienced before with other stuff that they’ve done or they’re wanting to go one step further or they want to explore their spiritual growth with me and Crystal. And then you can do that as well. You don’t need to have any knowledge of anything to come on the Pathway to Peace program that is an application only. You need to do a call with Chris. And we keep that a very small container because it’s very, very personal, it’s very close-knit family. But the changes that occur in people across all the modules doesn’t matter. What they do is is just so wonderful to see. So wonderful to see. So I hope that clarifies things a little bit because we’ve had a lot of calls with people going, I don’t know which programs for me but have a chat with Chris.
Each person is so different. Each person’s so different as to where they want to be, what are their goals, what’s right for them. Maybe peiec’s not right for you. Yeah. Maybe you are very entrenched in a sense in a lot of the other stuff that you’ve learned. And it may be really difficult for you to potentially lay some of that to the side and go, I’m just willing to walk into this by putting things to the side and just exploring this new way of learning. Some people find that really, really difficult. And so we say just, just stay with what, you know, if that’s been working with for you, you don’t need another tool or a tool belt. Yeah. And maybe this tool is not the right tool for you. So we are very transparent with that because I want to maintain the integrity of this and it’s really important for me for people to see the fit. Yeah. That it is the right thing potentially for them. And even if they only ever do module one and IT source has this wonderful way of saying that even if people just do module one,
It allows me maybe to give them as much as they need in this lifetime for the next thing. And that really made me sit back and go,
How true is that? And that is even potentially a night with a Dundee, right? Is that people may not do anything else. They may not ever see me again, but I always equate that flow, that bandwidth to let’s say a monetary value. And that if I can bring them to that stillness estate just once, how do I know Source is not going to give them a billion dollars? And that is what they need in this lifetime for them to move to the next thing. And for me, that’s an absolute honor. And what I was shown now, it changed things again for me to go, it is really important for us to have these as modules so that people can take a bite of the cake as much as they want to. And maybe in that space they will receive everything that they need to receive. Cuz that’s what source wants, not what I want. And that’s huge. And that’s huge and it’s powerful because I go into that space and I see things and I get told things about people, but it, it is of no consequence. I don’t focus on it. I don’t go, oh, there’s that lady over there and she’s got, you know, kidney issues, I’m gonna focus, get rid of it or whatever. It’s, it’s not even that I’m shown and I, and I just step away from it, right? Cuz in a sense it’s greater than all that. It’s greater than that illness or the disease or whatever else is there.
And so being able to be in that space with anybody, even on my courses online, to get them to understand that this is bigger than themselves and that is ultimately why Peiec was given. Peiec – people evolving in every country.
Why was it called Peiec? I don’t know. But no one can pronounce it. We used to call it PK cause I wouldn’t how to pronounce it. But anyway, but I just thought, again, I didn’t know what I was gonna talk about. But hopefully this, you know, gives you a little bit of clarity as to if you’ve jumped on the website. But like I said, if you want to talk to Krys, and you might not talk to anybody else but Krys, because like I said, Krys has been there since the day dot, she’s seen my changes, she’s seen the information come down live. She’s been in every single workshop, event, everything. So when you’re talking to Krys, you’re speaking to someone who understands all of it. And from, you know what Krys and I talk about, it’s we wanna honor you. So we are never going to say to you, oh, just come, just come because it may not be right for you.
Your journey. Maybe you continue what you’re doing and that’s all you need to do, right? Or some people just go, I just want to go on the self-healing path and work with Anandi and Krys in the Pathway to Peace program because that’s lifetime access. I’ve taught access, which is amazing, right? So I don’t know what you want for your life. I just want you to have this incredible piece that I feel and that people who came to a night with an 90 woman, potentially you felt off the YouTube channel to know that if you do the work, you can have that. But you need to do the work. You can’t just allow other people to do it for you or my YouTube channel to do it for you. Cuz if that goes down, if YouTube goes down, right, you need to be able to take yourself into that space by calming or releasing or yes, you can put a shout out.
And that’s the one of the big things in our community that are really push and push and pushing push. You cannot do this alone. And we have this wonderful community that people post something and go, Hey, I’m having a really off day. Can someone just connect with me? 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes? And it all shifts instantaneously. And you’re back to that even keel. And that’s healing. Healing is about community as well. And that’s what we’ve really always pushed in, in peiec, that you can’t do this alone. You can’t do this alone. So it’s really, really, really, really important.
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