Body Pain, Fatigue and Irritability

Can you you relate to these?

➡️ Feelings of fatigue, low energy, sluggishness, decreased motivation, poor concentration, and a general sense of being “shut down” or disconnected.

➡️ Increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, rapid breathing, heightened anxiety, restlessness, and difficulty relaxing or falling asleep

➡️ Mood swings, irritability, emotional reactivity, and difficulty managing stress or handling intense emotions.

➡️ Body pain and stiffness

➡️ Feel overwhelmed by everyday challenges or have difficulty finding emotional balance.

➡️ Digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, stomach pain, constipation, or diarrhea.

➡️ Overly sensitive to light, sound, touch, or smell, leading to feelings of overwhelm or discomfort in certain environments.

➡️ Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or having restful sleep.

➡️ Vivid dreams or nightmares and wake up feeling unrefreshed or fatigued.

These symptoms listed above are like the smorgasbord of symptoms that my students have when they finally land on my doorstep.

And, to be perfectly honest, that’s where I was when I first started the work that I do now..but throw a little complex PTSD in there as well which dialled up the volume on everything.

Looking back I really have no idea how I coped with life.

Did I actually live life or was I just trying to get from one moment to the next and feel ok, feel safe.

What was feeling ok? Was it a moment where my rev meter was down to a three instead of an eight and that felt ‘good’?

Was that why I decided to immerse myself in meditation, sound healing, Buddha chanting, yoga, qigong, energy healing etc etc so I could ‘feel’ something different?

Something that I perhaps innately knew was good for me?

But these things were also a struggle. It felt like a short reprieve and then it all kicked in again. So I learned to be more consistent in my practices and things changed.

I was still experiencing lots and lots of symptoms and any time I backed off on my practices , things would get worse again.

Then things went totally haywire when my father passed, I had that moment with God whilst on his deathbed and I got diagnosed with breast cancer.

I had however managed to heal my severe chronic fatigue that I had had for many years so that was a bonus.

That moment with God exploded my world even further as all the symptoms listed above amplified.

Now I know it was the beginning of an awakening. What is known as kundalini awakening.

It went on for years and I continued trying to do all the things, including food, supplements etc etc etc etc to try and figure it all out.

And then Source/God showed me the work that I do now and teach to others…and wham! The pieces fell into place.

The calmness…o..m..g…the calmness that I started to experience!

Not the false ‘shut down’ states that I see so many people in.

But a calmness where my rev meter went to 0 and stayed there !!! It was like…what is this world?????????

And then it would scare me because it was unknown.

Would I be safe? It feels so foreign. Will I be in control????

When I realised that my PTSD had virtually vanished within 3 months I knew that everything was changing.

I was doing what people called ‘healing’ . I never identified with my ‘trauma’ or my stories. I thought trauma was what I saw as a paramedic.

So I never thought that I had to ‘ heal’ from anything. Stuff happens and you move on.

And maybe that’s why God showed me this profound and miraculous work of peiec healing. I didn’t like to talk about my stuff and rarely revealed any part of myself to anyone.

So often I hear people say ..I don’t have anything to heal , I had a good upbringing and had no trauma. Yet they experience the symptoms listed above. And they keep looking…

And what is peiec ? Peiec is energy healing..unlike anything else that is out there.

And it was given so you can take an active role in your own ‘healing’ but also have a community around you when you can’t assist yourself.

And that list from above starts to disappear and you find this state of being wirhin you that is balanced, conscious , self-aware and with an inner peace that you can’t even describe.

And from there, life truly begins.

And it’s not for the lucky or the few, it’s for you too.

So when you are ready, and even if you’re scared, walk with me. But you have to take the first step. It will be ok.

Many blessings

P.s The list above are the symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system. Of course there could be other underlying issues causing symptoms.

Spiritual Growth and anger

 In this new video, Anandi talks about anger and how we react at any given moment. Does your anger and annoyance cause a disconnect within yourself? Are you able to be gentle with yourself to help your spiritual growth? When was the last time you became present and gentle with yourself and your very being that is the creation of Source? Your body. Your spiritual growth needs to come from a place of gentleness for you to heal and thrive.

Transcript of the Video

How often do you get angry in a day

How often do you get annoyed by the slightest thing

What is it within self that causes you to react

Is it truly the other person that didn’t fold the washing properly. Is it the other person that took too long to go out to the car?

What is it within us that we have such disdain at times for the people around us that we supposedly love. And yet when you are by yourself and it’s in the moments that you feel the quiet within you and you allow a gentleness to come to the fore

That is the moment that you start being you

It is how we touch the moment, it is how we breathe into the next moment, it is how we step into the next moment that counts

And it must be a place of gentleness because, in gentleness it speaks from the inner self

It doesn’t mean that you can’t be fair but firm

But you can have a gentle firmness

When was the last time you were gentle on self

When was the last time that you gently touched your body

When was the last time you became aware that you have a body that is a miracle

Or are you just constantly striving and lost in the next moment

When was the last time that you recognized that your hands is the most amazing things that have ever been designed

They move they feel they see

They bring to life the internal expression of self about what you create in this world

How do you touch life

Is it with Force or is it with gentleness

Do you touch life in a restrictive state maybe a couple of fingers. Or do you touch life instead with your whole hand

Touching life with your whole hand is an expression of self

I can touch a life with a gentleness knowing that at some point if I put my hand out I may get hurt

But I still do

I still touch with the gentleness because I understand the depth of who I am comes out in everything that I touch in everything that I see potentially everything that I feel

There’s a reason that we use different parts of our hand for different things and even the movement of the hand, movement of the hand can instill fear, or it can be a caress

How do you touch life

When was the last time that you actually touched this body of miracles and expressed your gratitude

This thing that carries you everywhere

This beautiful creation that was given to you as a gift in this lifetime

It carries you

Yet so many of us don’t want to because we think we have another day. I’ll do it when

I remember when I was working with the lady and she had damaged her hand. It was her left hand and she came to see me

I was just talking with her and she explained to me what had happened to her but she always sat with the one hand over the other

And we were talking for a while

And I said you do realize that you don’t like your hand right

She said what are you talking about

I said you’re hiding your hand from the world

You don’t want that hand to be a part of you because it is failing you in a sense

Every time that you hide your hand, every time that you cover it

You are telling yourself that you are not good enough. You’re telling part of Yourself part of the beauty of who you are that it’s not wanted.

She didn’t want people to see that she had an issue with her hand

And so part of her homework

I said you need to give your hand a pamper day

Don’t worry about your right hand you’re going to give your left hand a pamper day

So you’re going to do the nails, you’re going to do whatever you’re going to do whatever you need to do. Don’t worry about the right one just do the left one

And I remember this lady, she had issues holding thing,s she had numbness she had discoloration on her hand

And the next time that I saw her was probably about two or three weeks later

And her hand was probably like 80 percent improvement

And then she said to me I realized at some point I had to do the same thing for my other hand

It was as soon as she started to give thanks to the hand and literally, in a sense integrating it back into the whole is when her body started to heal

As soon as you push away part of who you are

As soon as you speak to yourself words that will only hurt

You will damage itselfAnd so many people say oh but we’re not the body we’re beyond that. Unfortunately this is the body that is allowing you to have this experience in this life

And so it’s important to go on this journey in life with a body that you respect and honor.

When was the last time you felt what your body feels like and with that comes a knowing and understanding of who you are

How I went from flashbacks to calmness

During my years of having complex PTSD, over a decade, I struggled being able to regulate my nervous system. It used to fire up but then I really struggled to come down from that heightened state. It was like I was constantly living with an underlying anxiety, my thoughts would never stop and I would get sick quite often.
We know that the stress response closely aligns to our wellness, how we cope with life and how to we interact with our surroundings, situations and interactions.
Great things happen when we are able to regulate our nervous system, when we become parasympathetically dominant. Our breath is full, slow, and deep. The digestive system works well. The body can focus on repair, including reduction of inflammation, tissue repair, and hormone production. Subjectively, people feel fully present and alive.They have energy to get through their day, and they can stay calm and present in challenging situations.
During my long period of dealing with my PTSD, and probably for most of my life, I definitely had major issues in being able to regulate my sympathetic nervous system. After I was provoked by something, how quickly and smoothly did my system deactivate? Ummm, it felt like never. Was I still bothered by small events hours or days afterward? Ummm….yes!
So my life became like a washing machine, stopping every now and then to rinse and soak before it started its tumbling action again. Eventually I tried meditation, qigong, buddhism, sound healing, bringing awareness to my body and my thoughts to try and calm and control my responses. It helped but that underlying anxiety never truly went away. The negative thoughts and self talk never truly went away.
And then in 2016 Source showed me the energetic layers of self and that low vibrating energetic life moments, which you could describe as the equivalent of every life experience, sit in these layers of self and are triggered to rise to the surface in any given moment.
Once they rise to the surface they trigger the body and mind and then the nervous system responds.
What I was shown was that as this change in the physical vessel started to occur , Source showed me how to energetically work within my layers and calm and release these low vibrating life moments. The moment I started doing that, my thoughts ceased, my nervous system regulated, my body started to heal and I instantly became calm. I was stunned by the results.
In working in this way, by going into my layers the moment I felt something arise, and calm and release the energy that was there, I was able to heal my debilitating PSTD in 3 months. The wonderful other side effect was that my body started to heal as well from long standing issues and I was able to step into a space of higher consciousness and vibration.
I became more present and as I kept releasing these energetic life moments from my layers a stillness and peace became the underlying state. As I healed and had a greater capacity to be aware of when things were shifting within me, I was shown deeper life experiences which would normally have sent me in a downward spiral, but this time it had less of an effect. For as soon as it arose I was instructed to release the energetic component of it. Instantaneously the heightened effect of that memory disappeared but I was able to observe it with a calmness. There was no need to discuss it, to delve into it, it just was. It was something that had been, something that did not have a hold on me anymore.
Source told me that one needs to be able have a tool and the ability to downregulate the stress response in the body and mind before going into highly stressful material.
In other words, I was told that you should never go into material that’s overwhelming, because overwhelming inherently means it’s bigger than your capacity to deal with it. So instead of the issue resolving, more symptoms arise. The way around this was to first support the capacity for downregulation within the physical vessel. Then, only after this “ calming system” was on board, was the more difficult material or what I call , life moments, released through the layers, one bit at a time.
And so after a while I started to empty my cup of those things that kept my life bound. I started to vibrate at a higher frequency and one day the calmness and stillness and peace became a permanent fixture in my life. And the beauty of it all was that it was not a lengthy process of having to delve into my past and re- live my trauma. I had been doing that my whole life anyway, but once I released that energetic component of these life moments everything changed.
It is this system that I offer my students and clients. I teach them exactly what I was shown, in the exact order so that they too can step into peace and wholeness. I am now able to facilitate change in others. I am able to shift life moments, create deep healing, raise your consciousness and bring a calmness to your physical vessel just through my state of being. It is like you become entrained within the higher vibration and your whole being is able to shift its state into wellness and peace. It is wonderful to watch as this occurs in people.
I am also able to offer all of what I was taught by Source online and the shifts in people have been truly amazing and humbling to watch and it is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
What I feel now and the space I live in is something that I wish for all.
May peace wraps its arms around you and carry you home.
Many blessings