Messages from Source – Willingness is key to the Healing of Self

Messages from Source – Willingness is key to the Healing of Self

In this episode, Anandi talks about the Messages and teachings that were given from Source/God on this unique pathway. She reads out one of the Messages describing how Anandi should teach others what she has been taught and what it takes to learn to heal ourselves and others. A fascinating listen!


Transcript of the Message from Source
First teach of the beauty of self is the place to begin teaching in the healing of another. This has been given to those who wished to learn, yet it has not become a truth for all. It is a struggle, a contradiction of self, a war between the intellect and the emotion, and the connection to the energetic has not been during this contradiction.

To teach of the standing in the energetic and the physical and connected to Core is needed. This takes practice and is seen as not an easy thing to do, for all rely on the emotion and the thoughts and beliefs to find the substance and foundation on how to stand in this place. This is not a place of thought nor is it a place of emotion, it is a standing that begins in the energetic, connected to Core and then doing what must be done in the physical.

First teach how to stand in this place. Show how to calm the emotion and the intellect, so that one can stand fully connected to Core and the energetic without contradiction. It is a place of calm and stillness where the emotions and the thoughts are stilled by the truth that flows from the connection of the energetic to all that is.
To teach this, take each through the layers, let them feel the vibration of each layer, and note the change as each layer is felt. Ask of the feeling, ask of the vibration, and map its frequency.

Some will not feel but will say that they do, as the need to be as the others will be greater than the truth of what is. Some will see in part, few will see in full. This block is created when the beauty of self is not fully accepted and allowed to flow across all of self.
To remove this block you must again teach of the beauty of self, of the letting go of the thoughts of what has been and the emotions that are familiar and comforting, and allow the energy to flow carrying the truth of what is for each.

Teach of the open hand, of the release of what is known and the allowing of what is given to sit freely in that open hand. It is when the hand is closed that all is withheld and the energy does not flow.

There will be some who believe they stand in this place, and have been healing from this place. What has been has been the intent of thought to do so, and not the openness of hand to allow all to flow. Some will say but I have seen the layers of others and felt the energy of such. The question to ask, is have they truly seen the layers of self, and sat in each allowing the energy to flow to calm as had been taught.
Some will say yes, I have done this, and yet you will know from the density of the layers that this has been the desire to do rather than the doing as such.

When you teach, teach with a gentle authority, to heal self first be the foundation of true healing. This must be the place that is embraced and understood. It is not a striving or perfection; it is an acceptance of what has been and what will be, and a willingness to release all that has been and embrace all that will be.
It is in that moment that the release begins. It is not an act done physically nor does it hold understanding or a method or modality. In essence it is the beginning of empowered thought.

First one must understand the need to heal self, and understand the drive to heal others. For some the healing of others is as a penance for what has been for self, it is seen as a must do, for in the doing they will be forgiven or released from what holds them bound. This is a false truth, founded on a lack of understanding of the true flow of healing from Source. It is truth that when holding the flow for others self is also healed. There must be a willingness to heal self before the flow is held for others.
A willingness to receive the touch of another. A willingness to free the emotions, and bathe them in the truth of the beauty that is. A willingness to free the thoughts and beliefs which restrict and bind and feed the emotion with the ‘less than’.

This willingness is key to the healing of self. There is a moment of release when all is held in an open hand, where the desire to be more than what is felt, known and understood is ‘greater than’. It is from this place the healing of self begins and all is aligned.

It is in the alignment of the layers to the truth of Core and the connection to Source that true healing flows.

Teach of this alignment, of the rising and lowering of the vibration in each layer and the connection of the life moments from the layers to each and the vibration of such.

As you have learned, also teach.

It is the understanding of the connection of the layers and the flow of energy between across and through, that understanding will begin.
Teach of the release of life moments. Let each first see these for self.

As you have been shown, teach from this place.

Some will see with ease, others will struggle. Some will say, yes I see, yet they see nothing. Others will say I do not see, yet they see with an intensity that fills them with fear. Some will refuse to see as the intellect contradicts what is being taught, and blinds the eyes of the energetic to what is.

There will be some who will not and cannot stand in this place. They are bound with beliefs and thoughts that contradict and refuse to free the energetic to move in such a place. Teaching of the release of the life moments cannot be given when this refusal rises. This one will ask for healing, will plead to have their eyes freed and open to see. It is not your place to do this, it is given and the one must receive the truth of what has been taught and give to self that truth. It is in the giving to self of this truth that the eyes are opened.

There will be some who wish to stand in this place for the experience to do so. This is not a place of purity, it is one filled with self and the ego of self.

Healing of self and others is not a place for the experience of the flow of energy or the physical or emotional response to the flow. The response from the physical and the emotions is pure when the there is no expectation and no yearning for the experience of the energy. There is a willingness to feel nothing and to see nothing.

A willingness to be, without expectation or demands. When there are demands it is not healing that is sought, it is the desire to have what has not been given.

When teaching this, there will be tears and anger, confusion and accusation. Stand as you have been shown and allow these to flow without a challenge. It is the release of those emotions that will begin the acceptance of what has been given and then there will be a giving to self.

Then teach of touch. Of the need for the purity of touch as a healer. Teach that touch is the acceptance of the one seeking healing of the healing that is to flow. In the recoil or the rejection of touch is the rejection of the healer and the healing offered.

It may be the touch of the healer is not held the purity of healing, rather it is a touch to comfort, to ease the one seeking healing. This touch is not a pure touch, it is one carried on the needs of the healer to ease the unease felt in the emotion that flows from the one seeking healing.

The touch of the healer to the one seeking healing is the connection of the energetic to the energetic. It is not one of the physical to the physical, nor is it to calm the emotion. It is to say to the energetic, open to receive all that is being held.

This can be done without touch when the one seeking healing is in a place of openness and willingness to receive.

Then teach that touch is not always in the physical.

Words are touch, thoughts are touch, the connection of the energetic to the energetic is touch, and as such the physical will feel, respond to, and experience as if touched in the physical.

Give time to experience this to those seeking to learn. To feel the touch of another in the purity of touch, where all is open and free, without restraint and not held in the emotion or the intellect.

Teach of the three fingers and the third eye, to open the one seeking healing to receive when willingness to receive has been shown, yet there is a block and the energy does not flow freely.
Teach to do on self first, then with the purity of touch on another. Give time to speak of this experience, and then to move through the layers and see and feel the shift in the vibration when this is done.

Teach that this can be used to open the one seeking healing, to move the energy and to release the blocks that are held. This touch opens the intellect and the emotion, freeing the energy that contradicts that entwines with it. It is then the life moments can be released and calmed.

Let each do this for self, so that the experience is known and understood. Once understood, as you have been shown, teach to calm the layers of another. It is not the sitting in the layers of another or the walking through the layers of another. First one must do this for self and be familiar with the energy and vibration for self.


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