When we are talking about growth and transformation we need to talk about change that is empowering, liberating, filled with purpose, and with the joy of life and living. In order to move from a place of disempowerment, acceptance is the key.
Here are some key steps that I encourage you to take on your journey and in any given situation.
The first step is Recognition.
That is, recognising something needs to be different, that you are not happy or content with where you are, and you desire to move to a more fulfilled place within yourself.
Acceptance follows recognition.
Accepting what you discover and embracing it fully. Acceptance is the key in all change, growth and transformation. I always use the term – calm acceptance. It is from a place of calm, that acceptance is easier to embrace. Then the next steps must be taken. One must remember however that acceptance without an action, brings little change.
The next step is Evaluation.
This is the step where you consider if the words, thoughts, actions, circumstances, decision etc are supporting you. Do they give you what you want, do they lead and guide you to that place, or do they tear you down and take from you those things that are yours? Evaluate what is happening, and consider if there is need for change, release or calm.
Awareness follows Evaluation.
It is this step where you become aware of where those thoughts, actions or life moments sit in the layers and what they ‘bring’ to that layer.
Next we move to a place of calming the layer or releasing from what is holding or restricting you and your life.
Application is the final step.
After completing the first four steps, we decide on a new action or response, and step into a new reality.
Acceptance is the key as we explore the layers of Self. Acceptance is embracing all of who you are. Acceptance is embracing what is, with an expectation of what will be. It is an empathetic response to self in acknowledging where we are in that moment, with a belief that we are not bound and restricted in the moment.
Peiec healing is really quite simple. It is accepting that change comes when we address all the parts of Self. That we hold pain, trauma, joy, happiness in all the layers is part of the recognition and acceptance that is needed as you continue your journey of healing and spiritual growth.
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