In this podcast episode, Anandi discusses the Top 5 things she implemented to accelerate her healing and spiritual growth. What she had to let go of and what realizations she had about what was given from Source to assist her spiritual journey.



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Welcome to the Anandi Sano podcast, and welcome to this episode. Today I wanted to talk about or discuss one of the questions that I hear quite often from people and it relates to what did I do on my path? So how did I accelerate my own spiritual path and what did I do to get to the point that I’m at? And so I just wanted to discuss that as to what I did beforehand. What are the things that I changed and how did I implement that in my life? Because it really came down to implementing a different practice than what I was doing before. So hopefully you’ll be able to relate to some of this because, because I had probably a very similar practice to what a lot of people had or have at this point in their life.
And, and you know, I thought about what I did as I was growing up and I was into martial arts and I really enjoyed martial arts because of the discipline of it, but also the meditation part of it. So I think I was always looking for that stillness within and trying to find it in different ways. But I was reflecting on what I was doing in my twenties and I think you can all relate to this, you know, I remember reading books on things like, how do you increase your psychic powers? And cause I used to watch those shows on the mediums and just wonder how they did that. And I just thought it was amazing. And I thought, okay, there’s something else to life than what we just see and what we know. And I could relate to that because I’d always seen things and I’d always heard things, but these people, you know, were on television. So they were experts in my eyes and I wanted to be like them. I, I want to be able to do something like that. And then I think it was still in my twenties or even in my thirties that I, you know, I got into the crystals and I didn’t really know that much about them, but you know, I went to the little shop, the crystal shop and picked up the ones that were pretty and carried them in a little pouch and I put them in my, in my pocket.
And I don’t know if life really changed and maybe it did and I was so unaware of it. Everything has a vibration and frequency. So I know now that, you know, maybe it did bring something to my life, but it certainly did shift the underlying anxiety and pain that I had and self-doubt and self-worth issues that I had all throughout my life. And the sense of not belonging anywhere and being the black sheep of the family and thinking so differently to others. And I didn’t know, I didn’t know how to find other people that were like me in a sense. I think you may all relate to this journey that so many of us go on as we’re younger because we are searching for something because we don’t truly understand ourselves and we don’t actually know what we are looking for. And then of course, then I started reading different books, you know, and I would read Buddhist books and I would read books from the Dalai Lama and Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Toll you know, his book Power of Now and a New Earth. I remember, I think I read The New Earth first and that made no sense whatsoever. But I do recall sensing something from the book
And that I read it and it was gobbelty gook, but there was something about it that made me want to continue reading it and now understanding the power of words and everything else, that it was probably creating a shift within me. And then I think including back in Buddhist practices and that obviously came from when I was doing, you know, martial arts and I did traditional martial arts. It wasn’t for sport that for me it was trying to get those moments, I guess, that I felt in the temple when I was very young in Japan when we lived there. But it was always a searching and not knowing what I was searching for. And I hear that from so many people that they don’t actually know what they’re looking for. And then we grasp things outside of ourselves to hope that it brings something to our lives. And then it starts getting confusing because we have all these things, all these different things and there’s so much information out there. And I think I started getting confused as well, going, well, maybe I’m not doing enough. You know, maybe there must be something different because this is not doing anything and now I’m reading about this and now I have to be mindful of these things that could potentially hurt me. And because I was already always in a protection mode, I found that really difficult. And it’s like, so there’s stuff out there that I need to be careful of. And
I think it made me want to withdraw from my path. And I’d always had this underlying issue with religion. And I know a lot of people that come and work with me have had a background of being raised in a particular faith or religion and for some reason, whatever it has been, have shut down a part of themselves because something happened. And their belief in source, God, universe, what whatever we call that was something they withdrew from. And I know I had that as well. I don’t ever recall calling Source, source or God, I never used the word, I didn’t want to use the word God because for me, I always thought going to church was because, or I didn’t wanna go to church because I didn’t think I was good enough that clearly there was something about me. You know, my father left when I was young. That was probably my fault, you know? So going to church for me was like, oh my God, I’m gonna get struck down because that’s, that’s what people say, right? So for me, it was never wanting to address that, never using that word because it was too hard for me to step into that space and what I believed and what I thought I knew. And so I never ventured into church. I remember going to church when I visited my, my cousins from one Easter when we were living in Germany and they went to church and my brother and I had to go along
And I remember we were in one of the back rows and I couldn’t sit still and probably I didn’t wanna be there. And I was playing with one of the Bibles and I dropped it on the floor during prayer and it was a very loud bang. And I just wanted to have the floor open up and swallow me. And so for me, I, I guess there was something I was fearful of, I think, and I, that always stuck with me and always that sense of not being good enough. And one of the biggest things for me was always how could God allow all these horrible things to happen in the world? And I know when I was a paramedic and I was a paramedic for over a decade, I used to ask myself that all the time, particularly when it came to traumatic accidents or ones that involved children. And it was, it, I think it was in those moments that I, maybe I disconnected even more from myself or, you know, back then I, I called it the universe really I would, I would never use that word God, because I saw, maybe saw it as separate.
I’m not even too sure, but it was like if that higher power was this gracious entity person in a murder commerce, how could all those things be allowed to happen? And it really affected me. It really affected the way that I perceived life. And I think part of that was part of the reason that I also disconnected from life and I guess myself because I saw so much trauma when I was in the service that it skewed the way that I looked at life. And it was really only when I had to leave the service because of a knee injury that it was probably 18 months or so. It took me about 18 months if not longer, to try to get myself to look at the world in a different way. Cuz all it saw was anger and hostility and pain and the negative side of life. And it really skewed the way that I saw the world and I saw people And so trying to find myself in amongst all that, I didn’t want to have anything to do with God. And it was interesting when this work was first given, the word source was used
Because it was a word that I’d never used. So I think then it allowed us to accept the work more readily because of the word now as I’ve obviously been, you know, healing so much and stepped into that space. It doesn’t matter what word I use because it’s ultimately all the same thing and my understanding of the world and source God universe is very different. So I just thought, I just wanna quickly discuss that because it gives you a little bit of context as to where I came from on my journey. And I know that so many of you can probably relate to that in some way. And it’s when we reflect back on life and what has happened to us and how we’ve been treated or how we’ve treated ourselves, that we can gain a bit of a more of an understanding that that calling
That is within you and it will always be there at times. It will die down and disappear depending on what you’re doing in life and what’s occurring for you. But it will always be there. And that calling is the calling from source, God, universe, whatever you choose to call it, for you to come home. And it’s in that coming home that you truly start to understand the world and you start to understand yourself and you start to accelerate your spiritual path. It doesn’t mean that life is going to be super simple, that you’re just going to float along, but it’s gonna change the way that you respond to life, the way that your body responds to illness or an accident, how you react to your family and friends. It changes your life. And so I wanted to talk about the, the top five things that I did to change my path earth.
And this was after, you know, I had got really heavily into meditation and doing sound healing and doing Buddhist work and Buddha chanting, all that sort of stuff. I started getting into yoga, did Chik and this all came about after my breast cancer diagnosis. I knew I had to do something beforehand because I had chronic fatigue for like over five years or something. And I was just burning the candle at both ends and I was just pushing myself cuz I thought I needed to be better. I thought I needed to prove my worth by going up the corporate ladder. It was about pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing. It was always about doing for others, particularly in Buddhism, it’s about building up merit and then sending merit out into the world. And so again, I started losing myself in amongst all that because I’d been so well trained as a paramedic to always do for others.
And I always thought if I do for self, then I’m selfish. It has to be about others. And so I didn’t care for myself, so to speak. And I found it so hard to give to self, to spend time doing stuff for myself because I guess I didn’t think I was worthy. Even with meditation, I remember, you know, I’d be sitting in meditation for maybe 20, 30 minutes and then all of a sudden there’d be something within me that started getting edgy and going, no, you’re wasting time. You shouldn’t be doing this. You’ve got stuff to do. Why are you doing this now? And it affected everything. That’s not to say that meditation and everything that I did didn’t create a change. It did, it didn’t bring me a certain amount of peace in my life. I know I was less reactive, but it didn’t go deep for me and that was my journey.
Other people may have different experiences, but all I can talk about is my pathway. And I know so many students that have come through resonate with that because they’ve had a similar experience. So I was doing medi every single day. I was meditating in the morning. I was meditating at night when I was driving to work and I used to work in the city. So it would take me around about 45, 50 minutes to get to work in the city. And during that time I would play Buddha chanting music in the car for 45 minutes and I would be chanting army tark and there’s a certain way of doing it. So I would be chanting that all the time because that build up merit. And supposedly it also shifted my karma cuz I thought I was full of karma, right? So part of the thing was that, okay, so karma was there that clearly I have a lot of stuff because, you know, I still had pain and anxiety and this and that and certain thoughts.
I’m clearly not a good person. So I need to practice and practice and practice and practice and have I done enough? And I recall sending an email to one of the Buddhist teachers that I was following online. I didn’t think she’d ever respond, but she did. And I, she asked me to list what I was doing in my practice and I read it, you know I remember bringing that up a couple, couple years ago to read the email that she, that I’d sent and I was like, I cannot believe how much I was doing. So I was doing the I’d get out of the car when I parked in the city. And even on the way walking into the, my business building that was on the main street on Hay Street no, so St. George Terrace, I was budha chanting the whole way there at any moment that I could get in my day, I was budha chanting when I was, when I, when I came home, obviously on the drive home, I would be listening to Buddha Buddhist talks, I’d be Buddha Chanin when I was making dinner, I was Buddha Chanin when I went to bed, I would do, you know, my, my, my prayers and I would send merit out into the world.
And I remember the email that I got back from this teacher was like, well, you know, I know you, you said in your email that you want to be able to attend this monastery, whatever, but maybe you haven’t built up enough merit to get there. And I remember reading this email and being absolutely devastated because of the words that she wrote. And it’s like, how much more do I have to do to be able to create change within my life and within me? And I remember, I think it was after that email that I actually started pulling away from those teachings because it made me feel so less than, it’s like, look how much I’m doing.
But the changes, obviously the changes did kind of happen, right? Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have ended up where I am now. So I was building up merit <laugh>, but in a different way. So I reflect back on that. I didn’t see that at the time, but I see it now to everything that you do does build on something. But then I was still searching, I was still searching for the thing that would be able to take away the nightmares that I was having and the overwhelm that I was living in and the anxiety and the body pain and my gut issues and all that sort of thing. And I wanted to be in that space that I saw Buddhist monks. I wanted to be in that space. I wanted that space that I thought me being me could never have. I didn’t think I was worthy enough. I didn’t think that I had done enough good in my life to be there. And so when the teachings started to be given in 2000, at the end of 2016, it was more 2017, I was still doing meditation, I was still doing yoga and Chik. But I had to back off on that because when source filled me with
His grace in 2012, my, when my father was passing,
I started feeling that flow of source through me 24 7. And I didn’t know what it was. And part of it also I think was that kundalini awakening that was occurring within me. And as I progressed, as the energy got stronger as source flowed through me 24 7 and I couldn’t switch it off, I found that when I was doing yoga or I was doing [inaudible] because they also raised vibration and the movement of energy through the body, I couldn’t cope. My, my nervous system went into absolute overwhelm and overdrive and I couldn’t cope. My body just literally broke down. And so I had to back off on those practices. But I wanna talk about the top five things that I did on my path to accelerate my journey and to create the most dynamic shifts within me that help me step into the space that I live now.
And the first one, which some of you may be quite surprised at, was that I stopped my meditation practice. And why did I do that? Because it didn’t feel right anymore and I wasn’t, when I look back now, I wasn’t directed to do it. So I literally remember not being able to meditate anymore and going trying to get into that space of meditation and you know, with your thoughts and your breathing and all that kind of stuff. And it just wasn’t working anymore for me. And it was like sos God was saying, let’s put that to the side because I’m going to show you something new. And so I know for many of you that you have a meditation practice and I’m not saying to stop it. I would never tell anybody to stop what works for them, but I’m just giving you my game plan basically that I was shown by source.
So that was the first one. I stopped my meditation practice, I did not meditate anymore. And people will say yes, but when you’re sitting out, you know, in the garden or whatever else, that is a form of meditation because you’re going to quiet. I totally agree. But I didn’t sit down to meditate. I did not include breathing practices anymore. I literally let that all go. The second thing that I did, and I just mentioned it earlier, was that I cut back on the yoga and [inaudible] practices. Now if you are, you know, yo yoga teacher or you do yoga, I’m not saying to stop any of it. I’m certainly not saying that it won’t work for you on this journey. I’m just letting you know what I had to do for myself because I found that it doing too much of it was actually a negative thing for my body because as it was accelerating and the energy and the frequency and vibration was accelerating really quickly for me, I couldn’t doom too much of it.
So that was the second one. And the third thing that I did, because I was obviously a really slow learner, was that I started implementing the peak healing teachings that sourced God showed me as a daily practice. When this all started, I didn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t understand the work that I was being shown. I didn’t understand that I needed to do it in the moments where things started to rise and I talk about the rev meter because we’re always in that heightened state. Yeah, I remember for example, maybe you’re, you are, you are always at a level three and then it tips you really quickly at a level five, as the rev meter goes up, we never really down at a zero and meditation never got me down to a zero. It just maybe went down to a two and that felt peaceful, right?
So, and what peak was able to do was take me down to a zero. But it took me such a long time to figure out that as I was feeling a shift within myself as that rev meter was going up, source was always saying, now go into your layers. And I was like, I don’t wanna do it Now you get caught up in that overwhelm because it’s addictive. It’s something that you know, but source is like go into your layers now. And so when I learned that going into my layers allowed me to go back to zero is the moment that I realized that this work was something incredibly special.
And so for me, I started implementing it as my daily practice. Not just I’m gonna do it in the morning and do it in the evening. I did it when the need arose, when I felt something shift within me. And then I realized that those moments that were shifting within me was source God offering me a moment to heal. And that took me a long time to get my head around that. And the healing that was happening was because those energetic life moments were rising up through the layers and expressing themselves in my physical vessel, in my mind, in my reality. And so when I got my head around that to go one plus one equals two cause and effect, my layers are starting to rep, you know, to bring something up that needs healing in this moment. Therefore my rev meter is starting to go off because it’s expressing what’s happening in my layers. And so as I went and worked in my layers and released the energetic charge that was there, my rev meter went back to zero and my nervous system calmed down and my body relaxed and the pain shifted, or I was getting a sore throat or runny nose or whatever else. It all disappeared again. And so I had to learn the hard way cuz I didn’t know what was going on. But as I implemented the teachings as a daily practice for me and a way of life, that is when my life completely and utterly changed.
And the other teachings that started to be given as to how to work on the physical vessel was given because our body needs to also be able to match the change and shift that is occurring to us energetically in the layers. And so what I started to realize was that I’d been given in the these tools by God to be able to change and heal and accelerate my spiritual path. And then I was able to teach others to do what I’d been shown. And without a doubt, peak is the fast track for people’s healing and spiritual journey. And I’ve, I can say that without any hesitation because it is the truth. I see it time and time and time again in the people that do the work. So the fourth thing that I used, which took me a little while to get my head around was I started to use my YouTube healing videos. And I remember that I created the YouTube channel initially for my students. And I was doing healings online for, initially it was small groups of students who wanted to have healing, right? And so then I would record them and then I realized that the energy bandwidth that flowed through that was still there.
And then I marveled at that and went, how can that even be? And so I started to do more of these online healings and record these videos. And then Source said, use these videos or teach your students to use these videos as part of their spiritual and healing journey because it has information in it, it has a bandwidth of source in it that they will be able to access the further they go on their journey. And it’s so true. I go back to some of the videos that I created three years ago and I’ve played them and just gone O M
I did not feel this bandwidth of information and light and source in this back then because I wasn’t able to access that bandwidth of healing because where I lived, right? Or how much healing I had done. And so Source literally directed me to create that YouTube channel to start helping people and my students on their journey. And then I remember being at an event, I think it was one of the North Perth town hall events where I did a group healing and it was over a hundred people in the hall. And at the end of it I remember saying to Chris and going, you know, I give and give and give and give and give, but where am I in this equation? I know I receive healing as I’m in that space, but I just wanna be lying down on the yoga mat with everybody else and just let someone else do the work. So I felt like I was missing out be because I was just giving and giving and giving and giving. And I remember that night and I never used to get a lot of sleep because Source was always teaching and guiding and gently reprimanding in a sense as well.
And Source said to me, but the, the videos that you’ve put online are also for you and all of the videos that you film, I am also held. I meaning God, I am also held in these videos for you. And that was massive for me. I didn’t, didn’t understand at all. And so I started using the videos for my own healing because I’m able to access a completely different bandwidth in a sense than many others. And it changed my life so much, so profoundly. And so I understood more and more of what was given and what source God was offering to us. And it was incredible.
And so the YouTube healing videos are such a tool to help people on their journey as they do their own work with Peak, as they connect with like-minded students to assist each other. And that’s why the YouTube videos were given. That’s why the YouTube channel has been given to allow people to create more of a change within themselves to understand themselves more, to understand healing more, to understand their spiritual path even more. That’s why, that’s why that’s there. And then number five, I mean there are lots of others, but I just thought I did the top five or I thought I’d do the top five was that I used the messages from Source and the music tracks. So early on in the piece I was directed by source to take some of the guided messages and to record them.
And I was instructed to create music tracks. And the music tracks that I’ve created took me hours upon hours upon hours. And even when I wanted to create a certain sound and put it into the track, I was told no, that’s not it. I was guided literally by source to create these tracks. And then I also created Sounds tracks where I just literally used my voice and layered the voice on top of each other to create these sound scapes. And they were given for my healing journey to accelerate my spiritual growth whilst I was doing the work in the layers and on my body and my reality. And then I was told, you must share this work. So the music and the written well spoken messages from source and the the vocal tracks that I’ve created have all been created to accelerate our spiritual journey and our healing.
And within those tracks there is the bandwidth as well from Source. And I use them every day. I haven’t stopped using them because it’s something that source has given to me for my ongoing spiritual path. And it’s created such a change within me and it deepens the state of presence that I live in. And there are more tracks that I now need to create because I’ve been pushed into creating more because it’s the next step. And there are quite a few of them on YouTube as well. That’s why they were uploaded to YouTube so that people could use those for their journey as well as an assistant for them to create dynamic change within their life and to also help their spiritual growth. But the one thing that Source keeps telling me, and I always impart that on my students, is that they have to do the work for themselves. If they wanna go on this pathway, if their goal, and we shouldn’t be reaching for the goal, it’s about the journey to be able to accelerate your pathway as far as you can go in this lifetime. Then the tools of peak healing have been given for that.
And they are new tools. It doesn’t mean that anything that was already given previously is any less than, but these are new tools for these times. And if you can learn the tools for yourself, apply them in everyday life so that they become a way of life, your life will change, your path will change, your reality will change. And why wonderful thing that we have now is that we have this community that has grown where you have like-minded people that are able to assist you. So, so many people go on their spiritual path and they have a spiritual awakening or kle awakening and they have these massive high and lows like I did, I didn’t have anyone on this journey, but what I was shown is that the highs and lows of the spiritual journey are actually the life moments that are coming up in the layers of self.
And so if you can do the work for yourself or you can get someone else to assist you whilst you are also doing for self, it becomes a far calmer journey and you have less peaks and troughs as you go through and on this path. And it’s taken me a long time to understand this and that everything that source has given to us or to me on this journey I can share with you. But again, the biggest thing is to do for self and to have the tools for self. So those were the five things. I stopped my meditation practice, I cut back on my yoga and [inaudible] if you don’t have an issue with, you know, energy going completely crazy through your body, then just keep doing what you’re doing. If you enjoy your meditation practice, just keep doing what you’re doing. All I’m letting you know is what I did for me.
That really accelerated my path. I started implementing the tools and the teachings that source showed me. I used my YouTube healing videos and any of the videos even, you know, watching the video that was uploaded whenever it was yesterday I think, which was from the night with a nandi and seeing the bandwidth that flowed from that video, I’m like, wow. It was just wow. And so the Night with a Nandi is such a huge opportunity to also for, for people to expand and push their pathway and to grow and to understand that that moment or that place of stillness is available to them. And that’s really what I’m trying to show people when I sit with them in that space to go. You can go so much deeper than you could have ever imagined. There is a place so much deeper than the inner piece that you think potentially is inner piece.
And it’s just wonderful. So I’ve used my YouTube healing videos and I also use once the healing videos that I’ve done for Healing Nights online Healing night videos. Mm, yummy, yummy, yummy. That’s all I can say. And then I used my messages from source and music tracks that I’ve also created and there was lots of other things. You know, there was my diet and other stuff that I did, which I’d like to talk about as well at some point, cuz I think that’s really important for people who are on their journey as well and who are really accelerating their path, but have the need and the will want the knowledge, I guess, to be able to help their physical vessel as it creates a lot of change as well. So I hope you got something out of this episode and if you can relate to it, because it is a wonderful journey. It is a journey of self-discovery and it’s a journey of such wonderful growth and it’s really beautiful to be able to reflect on how far you’ve come and honor self and honor who you are and know that you are this most beautiful and worthy person that has been placed on this planet for a reason.
And that is, that is truly, truly wonderful. I really wanna start delving really deeply into the questions that people have so I can help you on your path. But if you want to explore the teachings that I’ve been given, then please reach out and have a talk to us. Where are you on your path? Where would you like to be? And is what I do a good fit for you? For some it may not be and for others it is. So I hope you have a wonderful day. Make sure that you look after yourself, make sure that you have a self-care routine and take time for you. And thank you for being here and we will talk very, very soon. Many blessings.



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