Jan’s Testimonial

That was the most amazing retreat!! Thank you just isn’t enough to express how I feel, the experiences, the healing and the healing yet to be recognised. So much gratitude to you Anandi, Source and Krystle. It really is an honour to be able to share this space and receive what is given while in this space.

Belinda’s Testimonial

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Anandi – as ever, there are simply no words sufficient to convey how deeply appreciative I am of all that you do and all that is given…
This weekend has been absolutely miraculous and joyful – the most beautiful and profound blessing imaginable… 
I know I will feel bereft tomorrow, but
will look forward to welcoming a new level of peace and acceptance as it unfolds.
Every beautiful blessing to you…

Karen’s Testimonial

Thankyou so much for the giving, healing, companionship, information, and connection – to myself, others and Source. I get it now! Healing is not for the faint hearted and even though I question it at times – something makes me go on. If there wasn’t this support and family around me I’m sure it would be a lot harder to continue so I thankyou for the push – indirectly from Source lol. It just amazes me how multi talented you are Anandi so that your life experiences really are a one stop shop for all we need. Krys you rock too beautiful soul.. Even though I got slammed along with my family this time I think Source knew I needed this to wake me up a little.I obviously asked for it! I will be processing for awhile from this one but I can feel and sense the changes coming. So much gratitude . See you on the flip side! 


Elaine’s Testimonial

Hooley Dooley . What an epic healing retreat. Thank you for bringing so much Anandi and source and thank you Krys for everything you do 


Adie’s Testimonial

Bless you both and thank you for all you have shared and given. Am
sure all will be revealed in the days to come.
Kia kaha, Ka kite ano


Sandra’s Testimonial

Thank you, Anandi, Krystle and Source. 
I feel like the retreats just keep getting better and better. So much gratitude for the healing. Loved being apart of this very special retreat.
Everyone in the group has been wonderfully supportive of each other and it has been an absolute pleasure to be apart of. Thank you everyone



Karen’s Testimonial 

Thankyou so much once again Anandi for this special and unique experience. So many blessings to you for making this possible

Nancy’s Testimonial

Thankyou so much once again Anandi for this special and unique experience. So many blessings to you for making this possible

Jen’s Testimonial

What an incredible three days (plus the 7 days prior)!! Just wanted to send a big shout out and thank you to Anandi Sano and Source. This was just amazing. Your ability to hold space, send your energy to all of us, create the most amazing music as well as taking us on an amazing healing adventure while healing our land, was epic!!!
I cant thank you enough for all of the healing and shifts I have received. I am sure they will continue deeply for some time.
From feelings of deep peace to feeling emotionally overhwlemed and experiencing intense physical shifts the three days were brilliant. I just love every aspect of this wild healing adventure.

Amanda’s Testimonial

Thank you for everything that you’ve done and thank you to Krys too. It has been an incredible experience, one of pure appreciation and enjoyment that I will cherish and respect. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you, thank you, thank you….many blessings 

Jemma’s Testimonial

I’m going to be processing long and hard after this one. Thank you!
What an amazing experience this was.

Elaine’s Testimonial

Thank you for everything, so much gratitude words can’t even express. I was thinking how am I going to write about this one? I don’t even know if those words exist to the capacity it needs to be…

Ana’s Testimonial

This retreat has been so gentle and nurturing for me, easy to accept what was given. I am grateful for what was given by Source, Anandi, Krys….everyone. Despite not seeing anyone in person I still felt connected to everyone I am curious to discover changes sometime and excited to continue my peiec journey. Actually my nose pain has nearly gone, my blocked and runny nose that started on the first day has disappeared. Apart from that no heavy reactions , only a few tense moments. Source probably went gentle with me this time for good reason.
So interesting to hear the variety of experiences but to know we all get what we need, enough to keep processing for a while.
The mandalas were such a lovely way to focus, experiment, observe and be creative. I used to do them long time ago.
Thank you again 

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