What in the world is that image? To you it may just look like a tightly packed bunch of spheres. To me it is a representation of what I see in someone’s energetic layers of Self. I can see them when you’re physically infront of me or even if you’re speaking to me on the phone.
They move, shift and change. The energetic life moments appear and disappear as you speak, listen, think, act, react, feel. There may only be two life moments at one point when we interact and in the blink of an eye you will have ten. It is an interesting way to perceive the world.
As you engage with the world and yourself your energetic layers of Self bring up energetic life moments. They can either be positive or negative. For most of us we consistently have life moments that rise to the surface and create unrest within our mind, physical vessel and reality. It causes our minds to race, our nervous system to be in constant overdrive and our body becomes unwell. What happens in our layers reflects what happens in our external world.
When we are able to calm and release these energetic components of ourselves everything changes. The mind becomes quiet, our nervous system regulates, our body heals and our reality and life shifts. This shift can happen within minutes. As we start to live with space and calmness in our layers our spiritual growth rapidly accelerates. We are able to hold larger amounts of energy because it flows unhindered and we are able to live in presence.
So when you next interact with me don’t think about what I can see in your layers think about the opportunity that you have for me to release them. Better yet why not let me teach you how to release them for yourself.
As so many are saying.. “This is what I have been searching for”.
Many blessings
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