Imagine yourself looking into that area of bright white. That space is the place that I call Core. It is not heart space , it is deeper. It is the place where we should reside all the time. It is the space of profound inner peace and pure consciousness.

Now imagine those colourful balls are energetic low vibrating clusters that stop you from being in that bright white state. They block the path.

Those balls are your life experiences which can be positive or negative. We want to deal with the low-vibrating negative ones that dominate our lives.

In Peiec Healing whether you work through the modules or join my Pathway to Peace program we teach you the tools to dissipate and release those colourful balls so that there is a clear pathway home.

We are completely calm when those balls have been dissipated and released within our energetic layered system. Any colourful balls that are there daily will cause unrest in the body and mind. Release them, and the restlessness, pain, anxiety etc disappears and healing becomes more effortless.

Release more of them and you will experience more extended periods of lasting inner peace and more profound healing of the body and mind.

Release enough of them and you step into profound, lasting deep inner peace.

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