Physical, Emotional, Intellect, Energetic and Core

What does Anandi Sano teach? What was she shown by Source to help her through her journey of awakening, that led at one point to the complete healing of her PTSD within a period of three months?

Anandi teaches that energetic life moments fall onto our energetic layers of self and in turn this flows out into our reality creating dis-ease, pain, anxiety, overwhelm and the list goes on.

For example, someone may have said something unpleasant to you and the words and the energetic components of the words fall into your layers creating a life moment (or energetic cluster).

As soon as this energetic cluster falls onto your layers, complex threads will start to snake out looking for other life moments already present deep within the layers.

These life moments will have a similarity of some sort to the life moment that has just occurred. It could be a similar situation, similar words, similar emotion or similar story or energy.

These threads attach themselves to other life moments creating a complex spider like map of life moments that flare up the layers. Once the life moments are ‘active’ or flared up, the erratic vibration of the layers flows out to our physical vessel creating emotional states and pain and dis-ease.

Anandi Sano was shown how to quickly and easily access and find the life moments so that they could easily be calmed and released energetically. It was by following this process that she started to heal, not only in her physical vessel but across all of who she was . Her flashbacks ceased, the anger disappeared, the anxiety disappeared and her life was then filled with peace, calmness, presence and joy.

The wonderful thing about peiec is that anyone can learn how to do this for themselves and for others. 


The Sano method has been to assist your  awakening and peiec is the tool to assist you in your awakening process. Many who have experienced a profound awakening have fallen into the dark night of the soul and many are left in a state of confusion and upheaval in their life as they don’t know how to shift out of it.

They find themselves overwhelmed and feeling lost as their bodies try to assimilate this new way of being. This can last for many months or years without the right tools and support.

The Sano Method has been given as the modern day fast track to healing in the totality of self to reach a state of enlightenment. This allows the awakening journey to be more gentle by being able to control the process far more easily and gently. By being able to release the life moments that are the major contributing factor in causing overwhelm, pain, dis-ease, anxiety etc in your life, peiec assists the energy and shifts that occur as you open, heal and transform.

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