I was asked the other day if I knew where thoughts came from. To me,  with the work that I do, it is actually quite a simple concept.

Thoughts are the projection of what is occurring in the layers of Self. You’re probably asking “What does she mean by that?”

If I initially explain it from the point of view of someone being present and still, where there is no thought, no rise and fall of the emotion they will be perceive any object , conversation, ineraction, circumstance from a balanced and calm state. When I look at that person there are no negative life moments in the layers of Self and the layers are flowing calmly. They will preceive a pen without any thought . It just is. The mind is still. The body is still. The energy is soft and flowing gently.

Now, if I were to give the pen to someone else, just by showing them the pen will potentially trigger the rise of dormant energetic life moments in the layers of Self. As they rise to the surface the experiences that are held in these life moments will be picked up by the mind and brought to life.  In a sense the mind is the projector screen of the different life moments that are coming up through the layers. The life moments are not linear in nature. They don’t follow a time line of certain things that have negatively impacted you.

Any word, action, object , thought, sound etc can trigger a life moment that may not have anything to do with the actual event or circumstance. It could just be a similar colour, a similar look ,or maybe a similar shaped obejct that was taken from you at some point in your life.

Our layers will bring up life moments that have any sort of similarity to them. Some may seem so benign and irrelevant but our layers will bring up any life moment that it thinks is relevant.

So from just looking at a pen you could all of a sudden start feeling irritable , your mind starts racing about different things, and you start playing over in your mind what happened two months ago with a certain person. The more life moments arise, the more life moments are triggered in the layers of Self, the busier our mind becomes.

However, If we were to go energetically into the layers of Self as these life moments arose and energetically released them, the mind very quickly goes quiet and still. There is nothing to project onto the cinema screen.

As we release more and more life moments from our layers of Self we are easily able to stay in a space of peace and calm, the mind is quiet and you are in the Now. That space in a wonderful space to be.

I will talk about this some more in some of my future posts. Where the space and peace we create in our layers, creates the perfect environment for the mind to be used as tool for creativity and innovation.

Many Blessings

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